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Torch Calories with Battle Ropes

Time for something new. You've seen these huge ropes at your gym, but maybe you're not familiar with how you can use them.


ActiveWear 20-30 mmHg Firm Support Unisex Athletic Knee High Support Sock Size: Medium, Color: Cool Black - ht...
NY METRO - TECHNICAL DESIGNER - Women’s Activewear -- $65K-$80K-
TECHNICAL DESIGNER - Women’s Activewear -- $65K-$80K

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  • Victoria's Secret made an unprecedented decision - and it might be the savviest move it's made yet

    05/01/16 ,via Business Insider

    BuzzFeed had reported that Victoria's Secret would be zeroing in a new activewear line in lieu of swimwear. While activewear is a saturated market, it's likely to be a stronger sell for the Victoria's Secret brand than swimwear. Being active is

  • The most luxe spin studios in the world

    05/23/16 ,via Well+Good

    How do you say “tap-back” in Chinese? If you're heading abroad this summer, you might want to brush up on spin-speak in the local language—because the music-blasting, quad-challenging classes we have in the United States are popping up way beyond 

  • Crude oil beyond $55 may hit Indian equities

    05/30/16 ,via Economic Times

    MUMBAI - Is crude oil a double edged sword for Indian equities? Till recently, when oil prices were retreating to multi-year lows, the stock market fretted over its implications on the global economy. Now, as oil hovers around $50 a barrel--its highest

  • Perth father pleads guilty to leaving his son in a locked car on a hot day

    04/13/16 ,via Daily Mail

    A father has pleaded guilty to leaving his three-year-old son locked inside a car on a scorching hot Summer day while he went off to an appointment. Shocking footage taken in February captured the exact moment a security guard at Perth's Booragoon 

  • Pakistan-origin girl dreams to be a doctor, Sushma Swaraj reaches out

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    Kate Hudson's New Activewear Is Surprisingly Affordable (A..Fabletics; I'm a Woman Who Joined Dollar Shave Club. From Around the Web. Ron Paul Issues Surprising Gold Warning Stansberry Research; Budget Your Money: The 50/20/30 Rule LearnVest 

The most luxe fabricate studios in the world - Well+Good

1Rebel UK Laying: London. This luxe spin center with super-cool design has DJs that play energetic playlists, of course—but it also brings in unaffected musicians to play live music on the reg at its two locations in the city. And after your 30- or 45-minute ride, you can sip on cold-pressed juices from Roots & Bulbs , or go out on strike your wobbly legs to the bar for a (harder) drink or a post-workout meetup—and then enjoy the changing room’s fancy amenities (contemplate... Mary Axe, EC3A8LE Broadgate Circle, London, England EC2M2QS, 1rebel. 20 GBP per class. Dynamo Location: Paris. Who it’s for: Lululemon-clad forge editors and French A-listers like Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos. Dynamo is similar to SoulCycle in its look and vibe (Monday give up-ups, yellow bikes, candlelight, and an efficient staff to help you get set up)—but it’s a bit less intense. Its second studio, opening soon at 79 rue de la Boétie in the 8th arrondissement, proves that the trade-mark is catching on in France (since opening in March 2015, the studio has hosted more than 40,000 riders for its rhythm-based classes). 14 Rue Saint Augustin, Paris, France 75002, www. 20-30 euros per category. XYZ Spin Studio Location: Hong Kong. The sexy, dimly-lit, subterranean space in New World Tower is a full utilization, state-of-the-art spin studio (with a sound system that rivals the hottest dance clubs) that has served 14,000 riders. And now, three years after cleft Hong Kong’s premier spin studio, we hear that XYZ founder Belinda Koo has her sights set on a second location. 2/f New Sphere Tower II, 18 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong, www. 350 HKD per class. Pelotone Location: Sydney. Who it’s for: Lycra-clad competitive spirits who like their workouts hot and sweaty. Cogitate on: The brand new Stages SC3 (the studio was the first fitness establishment in Australia to offer the bikes, which retail for $2,500 each), Shimano course shoes (available free of charge), and a Burn Board (performance reports after each class,... Norwest Business Parkland, 205/14 Lexington Drive Bella Vista NSW, Sydney, Australia 2153, www. 22 AUD per class. Spinback Fitness Getting one's hands: Shanghai. Spinback was the first independent indoor cycling space to open in mainland China. The studio, which has 2,000 members, features a difference of bikes (Schwinn AC Performance Plus, Schwinn AC Sport, and Wattbike Pro) with multi-screen displays that track your class metrics—and their cacophony and light system is super tech. That includes LED strobe lights that “dance” when the tunes kick in (so yes, the music is pretty fundamental here). 98 Jiashan lu 4th Floor Room B416, Shanghai, China, spinbackfitness. 120 Chinese RMB per class. Why not try out one of these cool new workout ‘dos while you’re at it—or even a discredit-new (eco-friendly) color. Source:

Vulgar oil beyond $55 may hit Indian equities - Economic Times

MUMBAI - Is offensive oil a double edged sword for Indian equities . Till recently, when oil prices were retreating to multi-year lows, the funds market fretted over its implications on the global economy. Fund managers and strategists said a rise in oil prices beyond $55-60 per barrel may postulate a risk to India's current economic growth estimates. "Increase in crude oil prices could be a double-edged sword for emerging exchange equities, which are under pressure due to weak growth and lower fund flows from sovereign wealth funds. We expect pressure on (India's) budgetary as well as inflation if crude crosses $55-60/bbl levels," said Manishi Raychaudhuri, Asia Pacific Equity Strategist, BNP Paribas. After sad a 12-year low in January, crude oil prices have moved up by more than 80% and oil prices hit the $50 per barrel mark for the first convenience life in seven months last Thursday. Oil prices rose as US data that showed a fall in oil inventories after supply disruptions due to fires in Canada. Some Stock Exchange experts fear that unless micro-economic factors such as corporate revenues and profits, and demand for goods and services put rapidly, rising oil prices may create headwinds for macro factors including inflation, and fiscal deficit... "As oil touches 50$ India's honeymoon on inflation, coeval account may be over. That the comfort over the fiscal math may slip due to higher oil prices is one of key risks in the near term to the domestic stock market. This month, indices have gained over 4%. "If oil prices stabilise between $55 and $60-levels, especially because of rig out related concerns, then it will be negative for stock markets. It will impact sectors such as consumer staples and paints that showed operating margin rehabilitation over the last couple of years due to low oil prices," said Mahesh Nandurkar, India Strategist at CLSA. Piyush Garg, Chief Investment Functionary at ICICI Securities said he expects a 10% fall in the equity market if crude oil prices sustain above $50 and forth higher. Whether the government cuts excise duty on petrol and diesel to rein in the impact of rising oil prices will also be important since it will affect its revenue and fiscal deficit. Also, it would be important to see whether rise in oil prices is driven by short term supply disruptions or increase in want. According to Nandurkar of CLSA, the latter case would not be as negative for Indian equity market, though it may still underperform other emerging markets. "If oil rises to $55-60 levels and extensive factors such as US interest rate trajectory and China economy are not benign, then we may see a correction in the market," said Sanjeev Prasad, Elder Executive Director & Co-Head (Strategy) at Kotak... Shane Oliver, head of investment strategy and chief economist, AMP Chief said that only when crude goes above $100, there would be concerns over pressure on Indian economy and stock market. "Note that the Indian brevity was doing ok when oil was much higher than the current level. Indian shares and emerging market shares generally look to be positively co-related with the oil prices," he said. Source:

Perth sire pleads guilty to leaving his son in a locked car on a hot day - Daily Mail

'It was my boob, I suppose': Father pleads guilty to locking his son, 3, in a car on a 40C day because he had to go to an appointment - forcing security guards to smash open the window with a hammer and set free him A man has pleaded guilty to... Shocking footage taken in February captured the exact moment a security guard at Perth's Booragoon shopping middle was forced to smash open the car's window with a hammer. The heat-stricken boy was lifted out of the car and taken into the arms of officers while they awaited for an ambulance. The boy's 35-year-old confessor pleaded guilty in the Fremantle Magistrates Court on Tuesday to leaving a child unsupervised in a vehicle, the WA Today reported. He will be sentenced in May, and could visage a maximum punishment of three years in jail and a $36,000 fine. 'After ten minutes, he was out from the car. Ryan Pratt, the schoolboy bystander who filmed the shocking rescue, said the child might have been in the car for longer than ten minutes. 'We were there for quite a while before the window was actually smashed, as the kid came out you could see the sweat actually pouring off of him,' he said. Kidsafe WA has urged parents to be cognizant that leaving children unattended in cars, even for short periods of time, can be fatal. According to their website, temperatures inside parked cars can move upwards to 20-30 degrees higher than the outside temperature. Three-quarters of that temperature rise occurs within five minutes, and 90 per cent of that temperature come up occurs within 15 minutes, according to figures on the site. Source:

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  • Weekend Shopping: Fitness Fashion

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    unlike some fashion activewear, have a toughness (and quick-dry technology) that doesn't make you feel bad about sweating in them. Their Heattech range of breathable heat-retaining clothing and accessories has become a worldwide 20/30-something wardrobe ...

  • Patrick Hruby

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    Universities know that academics are demanding, even hard, and that working 20, 30, 40 or more hours a week to make ends ... project into his own sports apparel company, Official Visit Activewear. Benjamin started the company with his own money.

NEW Jobst ActiveWear 20-30 mmHg Firm Support Unisex Athletic Knee ...
NEW Jobst ActiveWear 20-30 mmHg Firm Support Unisex Athletic Knee ...
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BSN Medical Activa 20 30 mmHg Compression Athletic Socks Supports New ...
BSN Medical Activa 20 30 mmHg Compression Athletic Socks Supports New ...
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