Danskin Now Active Wear for Girls

Check out this super inexpensive Active wear from Danskin Now. This cute line for girls at Walmart is ultra inexpensive - these tights and long sleeve moisture.

DIY Fitness Inspired Clothing | #fitnessfriday

Here are some fun, simple DIY's for to add to your workout gear. Also, be sure to let me know down below about doing some "fitness vlogs" for fitness friday on.

Booty Poppin // PIIT

Join the PIIT28 Challenge at http://www. com You've been through the Pilates with me. You've been through the HIIT with me. Now, I'm introducing to you.


Womens 2x,18, New ActiveWear Top, Hi Neck, True Pink L Sleeves NW Tags https://t.co/Hc2VolfUA8 #womensapparel #athletic #ebay
Womens 2x,18, New ActiveWear Top, Hi Neck, True Pink L Sleeves NW Tags https://t.co/sjS0WvclmU #womensapparel #athletic #ebay

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  • lucy Embraces Every Body with Extended Sizes Launch

    07/12/16 ,via Yahoo Finance

    Unlike other brands in the Activewear category, lucy didn't just "grade up" their patterns. "We meticulously developed each style and fit it on a 2X model so that we could be sure that every feature, whether for performance or style, was in the

  • Love | Hate: Does sporting activewear make you look trendy or lazy?

    03/04/16 ,via Daily Bruin

    As the second fittest college in the nation, activewear should not be seen as a nuisance, but as an integral part of UCLA culture. Whereas students at schools like the Must be available 2x/week (from 9a-12p). Windows 10 Proficient, Dell, MS Office

  • People Are Mad Victoria's Secret Only Shows Slim Women in Their Activewear

    01/06/16 ,via Yahoo Health

    Victoria's Secret has a bad habit of only throwing their pink sequined love to one specific, slim body type. And, the company's range of athletic wear, Victoria's Secret Sport, started off the New Year with an Instagram countdown hyping people up for

  • Vermont Yoga Week 2016

    01/20/16 ,via Seven Days

    fill up fast and they are all on a first come, first served basis. If possible, reserve your spot in advance directly with studios. Check studio websites for details. Lastly, you could win awesome prizes from Lolë —an activewear company inspired

  • Forever 21's plus-size Instagram account is infuriating consumers

    02/11/16 ,via Business Insider

    Forever 21 launched an Instagram account for its plus-size sector three weeks ago. The retailer debuted the page with a photo of Ashley Graham, who has become something of an ambassador for curvy women around the world. But over the past three weeks 

Beloved | Hate: Does sporting activewear make you look trendy or lazy? - Daily Bruin

Seas of neon tank tops and game shorts flood UCLA’s campus everyday as students trek to class. A prominent campus culture has developed with open-handed numbers of students wearing athletic clothes to lectures. From yoga pants to basketball shorts, all forms of workout bore have seized contemporary fashion. Is this rising trend based on practicality and comfortability, or an obnoxious fashion fad steeped in laziness. This last word has not gone unnoticed by A&E columnists Nina Crosby and Connor Thompson, who discuss the legitimacy of wearing workout attire to merit in this week’s “Love | Hate. Yet, the only outfits which seem to stir up anger among students are the stained sweatshirts and gym shorts worn by students scattered in the office. The negative sentiment toward students who wear workout gear to class is completely unjust. As the second fittest college in the polity , activewear should not be seen as a nuisance, but as an integral part of UCLA culture. Whereas students at schools like the University of Oxford have strict clothing guidelines that seem to meditate about the old-world class of British imperialism, students at UCLA can wear yoga pants and tennis shoes which reflect the dynamic, outdoorsy... Another key component of UCLA fashion culture is sports. Many athletes have morning practice, after which they must make a pick between returning to their rooms to change or going to class. For the many student athletes at UCLA, sporting athletic wear to prestige isn’t a fashion statement, it’s a necessity. Likewise, regular students save time and effort by wearing activewear. It’s a ridiculous exercise to trek all the way back national to change out of gym clothing, just to put some of the more fashion-sensitive students at ease. Instead of ostracizing them, we should be encouraging students who make time to go to the gym to de-pressure. But, perhaps the biggest reason I love the activewear movement on campus is that it’s cheap and comfy. After a week of pilgrimages from the Hill to class and sitting without-headed through multiple lectures, the last things I want to wear are tight pants and pressed collars. In a world where a $120 grassland white T-shirt by Kanye West is considered high-fashion, I welcome a trend that places comfort and practicality over flashiness. You lively in Los Angeles and you work out, sure. But let’s all be honest with each other right here, right now. Are you really heading to the Wooden Center after class. Or did you throw on your Nike tackle because that’s what’s fashionable on campus. It seems like there are more students wearing “ athleisure ” than heading to Drake Stadium. Granted, we live in Los Angeles, a diocese oozing short-lived fads that thrive off of superficiality. The overwhelming gym-ready fashion trend is intoxicating for some, but I think that’s truly where it stops: as a fashion statement, a statement “ that’s not really meant to be sweat in at all. And those who do actually go to the gym, but then show up to class with their workout clothes still on, are swimming in a horse and sharing their musk with the rest of the world. Source: dailybruin.com

Forever 21's gain-size Instagram account is infuriating consumers - Business Insider

"They aren't a all additional size store, they cater to regular size and some plus, just because they cater to some plus size doesn't mean they have to cater to even bigger sizes. Forever 21 is a least affordable store I'm sure if they had to cater to even bigger size it wouldn't be as affordable to us the consumers. People need to not complain about these attractive plus size models because even if they are not a 2x or bigger they are still considered plus size for their size. " It might not be that women want to see plus-gauge women — especially if they are already plus-size and are browsing an Instagram account dedicated to plus-size women — it's that they want to see valid women, complete with flaws, similar to how... Lingerie retailer Aerie , which markets to consumers under 30, has proven that women do, in in reality, prefer seeing flaws, whether it's cellulite, rolls, or blemishes, with its unretouched photos , proving that it's not a matter of big or small, it's... " We always increase our customers reaching out when they have a concern and therefore have removed some of the images and are working to ensure all of our future posts accurately represent the Forever 21 Extra customer. As a majority of the content on our social media accounts are user generated by our loyal customers, we encourage them to continue to division their own photos to provide a true representation of our clothing, embracing beauty in all shapes and... Source: www.businessinsider.com

Human being phase and lifestyle complicate generational consumer segmentations: report - Luxury Daily

For glad rags brands and retailers selling clothes to consumers, age is not everything, a study by A. T. Kearney and NPD Group reinforces. Slowing retail deportment has led brands to target millennials to drive growth, but generational segmentations are often too broad and can inadvertently cause older consumers to see left out. Instead, marketers need to find more specific ways to segment consumers, including methods that group consumers across distinct age groups. Millennials comprise one-fourth of the population, and they are the most frequent apparel buyers. The generation is one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half times more conceivable than Gen Xers or baby boomers to have purchased three or more items in a category over the previous half year. While this means millennials are a disproportionate operative in the apparel market, accounting for 38 percent of total spend in the category, the comparatively high sales numbers unclear the fact that more than 60 percent of sales are still from... Additionally, millennials’ retail dominance is primarily across four output categories: jeans, activewear, dresses and bras. But differences in product purchases are equally revealing when consumers are grouped by life produce, lifestyle and fashion attitude, and these ways are less likely to alienate other groups of consumers. When segmenting consumers by further segmenting consumers by viability stage, the researchers found that childless millennials tend to be more frequent purchasers than their counterparts with children, making up 24 percent of overloaded dress purchasers and... Similarly, Gen Xers are only slightly less likely to be heavy purchasers of jeans than millennials, but Gen Xers without children were the least undoubtedly to buy. Expectedly, those who consider themselves “fashion-forward” and keep up on the latest trends are considerably more valuable, particularly in the dresses category. Equally revealing, consumers of all generations who gauge active lifestyles important are far more likely to be frequent purchasers of all products – not just activewear – than those who do not. The growth of the activewear market has led a number of brands to increase their bring into focus on the category. In one recent example, London department store Selfridges is showing its love for “EveryBODY” with the opening of a new wellness objective. The Body Studio is the largest department in the store at 37,000 square feet and will offer clothing and accessories that will satisfy women’s order for more sophisticated and inclusive activewear. A consciously inclusive shopping destination will hold appeal for a broad base of consumers, particularly those who are younger and more form-conscious ( see story ). Similarly, Italian apparel brand Moncler has taken a retro approach to... Promoting the release in a frisky way, Moncler has envisioned a tennis match reminiscent of early games ( see story ). Creative segmentation. In other sectors, the zero in on millennials as a single encompassing group is even more misguided. Marketers spend an enormous amount of time and effort attracting millennial distinction, when in reality the demographic will only spend approximately $49 billion across luxury categories in 2016, according to a recent YouGov report. The older generations, the mollycoddle boomers and. Source: www.luxurydaily.com

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  • lucy Embraces Every Body with Extended Sizes Launch

    07/12/16 ,via prnewswire.com

    "Active women come in many sizes ... "We meticulously developed each style and fit it on a 2X model so that we could be sure that every feature, whether for performance or style, was in the right place. By ensuring that the proportions & cut lines were ...

  • QNAP debuts enterprise ZFS NAS ES1640dc using Intel Xeon E5 dual active controllers

    07/08/16 ,via wwpi.com

    The expansion enclosure EJ1600 features dual-controller, 3U rackmount model; 2x Mini-SAS ports; 16x 3.5″/2.5” SAS ... “The ES1640dc adopts dual active-active controllers to provide the utmost reliability and high availability,” said Waterball ...

  • NBA Players React To Tim Duncan’s Retirement

    07/11/16 ,via Air Alamo

    Just as the news broke, players from around the league, former and active, expressed their feelings towards Duncan ... He won titles (5x Champion), was the league Most Valuable Player, 2x NBA Finals MVP, named to the All-NBA, All-Defense teams.

... Plus Size Duo Maternity Activewear Pants Black Grey 2X or 3X | eBay
... Plus Size Duo Maternity Activewear Pants Black Grey 2X or 3X | eBay
Image by www.ebay.com
Made for Life 2X Shirt Womens Plus Activewear Short Sleeve Top Pink ...
Made for Life 2X Shirt Womens Plus Activewear Short Sleeve Top Pink ...
Image by ebay.com
... Plus Size Duo Maternity Activewear Pants Navy Green 1x 2X 3X | eBay
... Plus Size Duo Maternity Activewear Pants Navy Green 1x 2X 3X | eBay
Image by www.ebay.com