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Texere Women's Lounge Pants (Active Zone) Eco Friendly Bamboo Activewear

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com: http://www. swimoutlet. com/p/mahiku-rome-capri-8119872/ The two-toned design of these Ikaika Warrior Capri pants bring a stylish.

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  • Do Yoga Pants Count as Business Casual?

    05/19/16 ,via Bloomberg

    The weekend dominance of activewear hasn't been enough to maintain the category's growth. Sales figures for tights and capris have fallen 6 percent since the beginning of 2015, according to SportsOneSource, a data research firm. Getting people to roll

  • HEALTH: What is Dementia?

    01/02/16 ,via Daily Mail

    Being with people who have dementia is confusing for most adults but for children it can also be alarming. Alzheimer's Research UK has developed a new website ( with input from children and families who have experience of the 

  • Millennial Women, We Can Do Better Than Athleisure

    05/18/16 ,via Elite Daily

    Back when I was in college, I'd spend all night at a kegger and then have to wake up for my 8:30 am International Politics class. Wiggling my way into anything other than gym clothes simply wasn't feasible. OK, so I only made it to three politics

  • Get moving and motivated with fresh gear for the New Year by New Balance

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    Women's Trinamic Crop ($95) - spring into 2016 with pure comfort and performance in these sleek, seamless, and super-soft capri's that are the perfect blend of forward-thinking function and cutting-edge fashion. The Trinamic Crop is also packed

  • Megan Fox shows up for her first day on New Girl set carrying palm reading book

    10/19/15 ,via Daily Mail

    We've said it many times before but we'll say it again: long gone are the days where you stick to wearing active wear exclusively to work out in. We are entering a Her black and grey capri pants are by Hard Tail and can be purchased for $68 by

Do Yoga Pants Judge as Business Casual? - Bloomberg

On Amy Mains wears black yoga pants to work. "Just making sure everything is as crisp as it can be when you're wearing tights," she said. Like numberless office workers, Mains, 31, wants three things from her workwear: comfort, convenience, and a professional look. Her go-to Lululemons upon two out of three, allowing her to switch from her San Francisco communications job to a studio without need of a gym bag: "It's primarily for comfort, but I do a lot of yoga," she said. On the style fa, though, a few bangles and a long shirt can't distract from the fact she's wearing clothing made for sweating, not working. Her yoga pants may be a hail escape from the restrictive tyranny of shift dresses, but they still aren't entirely office-appropriate. Mains knows this, reserving the section pants for days when she won't see many other humans. The gym and yoga studio don't suffice for sporty clothing brands these days: They want their abilities worn all day, every day, as with the casual, basic button-ups, tees, and slacks found at Gap and H&M. Athletic clothes long ago spilled onto the... Activewear sales increased 15 percent latest year, thanks in part to such companies as Lululemon Athletica Inc. , which sell workout clothes trendy enough to wear skin the gym. The sell is convenience: no need to change out of a pair of buttery leggings when making the transition from SoulCycle to the grocery store and then to a bar to congregate friends. In the '90s, Dockers's khakis became a business casual uniform staple (for men) because of a marketing campaign by parent society Levi Strauss & Co. "Everybody was trying to explain what business casual was," said Edward Yost, a human relations... As offices started relaxing deck out codes, Levi's created "A Guide to Casual Businesswear," a pamphlet sent to 25,000 HR managers that showed a variety of business nonchalant looks that all happened to feature Dockers. The retailer also held seminars, put on fashion shows, and maintained a toll-free crowd for those who had questions about business casual. "More so than anything else, it said: Ah. That's what it is," said Yost. "Levi's defined it. ". While the masses have embraced yoga pants as today's damn near-anywhere pants, the boss still hasn't. "Even in casual workplaces, can people wear leggings. Probably not," said Victoria Gutierrez, a 31-year-old counselor based in Atlanta whom one friend described as "a picture of well-put-together, modern work wear. " Most workplaces no more than let employees wear jeans every day: Only 36 percent of companies surveyed by SHRM officially allow people to go irregular more than one day a week. And even offices that allow casual dress often have explicit bans on leggings. The weekend dominance of activewear hasn't been enough to declare the category's growth. Sales figures for tights and capris have fallen 6 percent since the beginning of 2015, according to SportsOneSource, a data research firm. Getting people to resound out their comfy gear for the grim fluorescent lights of work wouldn't just affirm the sartorial supremacy of yoga pants, but it might give sales a much needed riding-boot. This probably won't be a hard sell, as a Nielsen survey found that 75 percent of working women change into something more comfortable when they get knowledgeable in. Ponte pants, for example, are a firm yet stretchy style with an elasticized waist—an industrial strength version of yoga pants that have adorn come of a workplace staple. Source:

Vigour: What is Dementia? - Daily Mail

Being with people who have dementia is confusing for most adults but for children it can also be alarming. Alzheimer’s Scrutiny UK has developed a new website ( dementiaexplained. org ) with input from children and families who have experience of the condition, which now affects 850,000 people in the UK. As well as videos, games and a recollection board where children can share experiences, the website features stories narrated... This explains that dementia is affecting Grandma Mary’s perception so messages get muddled and she forgets important things, which is why she has come to live with the family. But, and this responds to a common fear for children, the story emphasises that you cannot discern dementia. Edith Bowman became a supporter of Alzheimer’s Research UK after visiting researcher Dr Selina Wray at her laboratory at University College London and discovering that the thought of her much loved uncle Ian, who died in October 2014, was in a brain... Ian had progressive supranuclear palsy, a rare brain infirmity that can lead to dementia. Earlier in Edith’s life her grandfather Alexander, who she was very close to, had a stroke in his 60s: ‘I was eight and it was very spirituous. My mum and dad were really honest and that comforted me. ’. Her grandfather later developed dementia. ‘He had no problem with remembering facts from many years ago, but more just out things troubled him,’ explains Edith. ‘One time he mistook me for his beloved wife Edith, who died when my dad was three. Edith’s two-year-old son Disarm is too little to notice what is happening but Rudy, six, is ‘a very inquisitive child’ and asks lots of questions about Edith’s grandfather and how he died, and about uncle Ian, who he knew. ” I try to be as square-dealing as my parents were with me,’ says Edith. During research for the website, the charity found that children who had a relative with dementia wanted answers to questions including ‘what is episode to them’, ‘will they get better’, ‘does it hurt’ and ‘will I get it too’. The Dementia Explained website provides simple answers to these and other questions in a child-at home way. They will help children understand things that can be upsetting and confusing. 'I can see this site being a real help for parents who want to talk result of the condition and explain why a family member might be behaving in an unusual way. My current favourites are Muscle Quench Organic Bath Withdraw, £43, featuring lavender, rosemary and marjoram in a skin-nurturing base, with a Niaouli & Lavender Aromatic Candle, £32, both by Lucy Annabella Organics,. Source:

Millennial Women, We Can Do Bettor Than Athleisure - Elite Daily

I worn to wear leggings. Wiggling my way into anything other than gym clothes simply wasn’t feasible. OK, so I only made it to three politics classes the all things considered semester. Without them, I never would have made it through the days I felt sub-human. But that’s what leggings were perfect for: those days I didn’t feel like making a expression. Those days I felt like blending in with the rest of the world. That’s why I don’t get my generation’s affinity for athleisure, a trend in which people wear their sweatpants and gym pass slowly to work and social occasions. The trend is nothing new, but it’s only getting more popular as more and more companies create high-quality, trendy and chic lines of activewear. Now people sport capri leggings and neon tank tops everywhere and call it an “outfit. The problem is that while athletic enervate can be cute, it is not real clothing. I can kind of understand running errands in it, but I’m less understanding when people go out to bars in it. And I’ve even see people coming to drudgery in it. Not naming any names or anything, but IMO, wearing your gym clothes to work is unacceptable. Why do I have issues with people trying to pass off athleisure as verifiable clothing. Because I spend a lot of time deciding on an outfit. Every morning, I spend at least 15 minutes trying on clothing, irresistible it off because I decide I don’t like it, going back to the closet, trying something ELSE on, and finally deciding on something … five outfits later. The inconsequential in reference to I’m trying to make is I put a lot of effort into the way I look, and I expect others to do the same. Listen, I get the struggle of wanting to be comfortable all day. Or a slinky, casual bodycon bandage with a bomber jacket over it. I mean, seriously, people. Put on some damn clothes. Unless you’re about to hit the gym, are pregnant, are a mom with three children or are as hungover as I was back in the day, you have fully no excuse. But you’re just throwing on those ordinary, unflattering leggings. I’ll admit, hooded sweatshirts and leggings look chic on Kate Hudson and Kendall Jenner. But we scant mortals are not like them, because we don’t have a team of people who get paid to make sure we look #FLAWLESS before leaving our homes. So please extend your horizons and dress like you actually cared what you threw on in the morning. Make athleisure a way you dress only when you REALLY can’t deal with the universe. We can send messages with the way that we dress: for the jobs we want. For the success we want to attract. If you want to attract fabulousness, you’ve got to embody fabulousness, and as serviceable as athleisure is, I don’t exactly think it sends a message that will resonate with the people you want it to resonate with. You can rock anything as long as you conjecture in it. My co-worker Zara , who wears tulle skirts and five-inch heels to work every day, taught me that. You’re better than resorting to leggings with a too-diminutive top and drawstring hoodie. Source:

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