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I have an obsession with leggings, so I though I'd share some of my favorite styles + places to get them from. Hope it's helpful, enjoy.

Aenlley Women's Activewear Yoga Pants High Rise Slim Fit tights Leggings Capris Review

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Twin Vision Activewear Women's 12 Yoga Capri Pant Leggings

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    07/12/16 ,via Yahoo Finance

    ALAMEDA, Calif., July 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Known for exceptional fit, performance, style and versatility, lucy®, an apparel brand for active women, will now offer Extended Sizes available in sizes 1X-3X. A variety of Unlike other brands in the

  • Kickstarter-Funded Epidemia Designs Debuts First Collection

    DALLAS, July 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Epidemia Designs, a mission-driven women's activewear line created by medical student Lizzie Cochran and funded via Kickstarter, launches its new line of science-inspired designs this month. Cochran created The

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    In 2014, Lara Mead with husband, Ben Mead created Varley, a London-based activewear line inspired by a vacation the couple took to Santa Monica, California. Two years later, the 27-year-old CEO is running her company from offices in London and Los 

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    But with so many different materials out there claiming to be sweat-wicking, sweat-resistant, moisture-wicking, or absorbent, there's a lot of confusion about what to actually buy. So. what should you be While you won't see hydrophilic listed on

  • How This Early-Aughts Denim Brand Is Keeping Up With Athleisure's Rise

    07/07/16 ,via Refinery29

    While denim is never truly going anywhere, we are, indeed, living in the age of athleisure. There are more options than ever in the activewear space (whether we wear them while being active or not), and even OG denim brands like Levi's are feeling 

How This Premature-Aughts Denim Brand Is Keeping Up With Athleisure's Rise - Refinery29

Don't screw up these super-stretchy blues with jeggings, however. "Many jeggings are so stretchy, you can't get the great character that comes from real denim," Jewell said, noting the difficulties of putting whiskers or abrasions onto a jegging-model material. Another point of distinction: the variety of cuts that can be constructed from B(air)'s signature fabric. "Often, jeggings are so compact and stretchy that you could only do a nautical taut, legging fit, [which is] where the term jegging came from," Jewell said. "The fabric in B(air) is very versatile. yes, my favorite is still a skinny, but it also looks massive in non-skinny fits. B(air) certainly seems like a way for 7 For All Mankind to stay relevant to the leggings-loving masses. "One of the biggest influences [athleisure] has had on consumers is that they now do not be deficient in to give up on comfort," Jewell said. Greater expectations comfort-wise have perhaps made it harder for denim brands to collide. "Let's face it, I don't think that there will be legions of women lining up to wear their sweatpants out to dinner, but they now expect us to deliver on unbelievable comfort without missing a smite on how fashionable they look. These jeans aren't technically intended for heavy sweat seshes, though. "We didn't want to compromise on aesthetic, either — these are jeans, not sweatpants," Jewell said. "We didn't have workouts in self-confident when creating B(air). I'm not sure that I would wear them to a Pilates class, but to each his or her own. The collection officially launches in stores on July 12, but an early report of the line is actually shoppable online now. As for the price points, they're pretty much in line with 7's offerings in general, ranging from $169 to $189. styles comprise skinny, bootcut, straight-leg, and a wider trouser silhouette. While B(air) isn't meant to make your workout garb obsolete, summertime options that'll accomplish covered-up gams feel less tortuous sound very promising right about now. You never want something until you can't have it. So, each week in The Merchandise-Out, we're getting the scoop from your favorite retailers on what's selling like crazy. Source:

Photo: Instagram/@carbon38 - Trickle+Good

The babysit-bending speed of the fashion world’s evolution—one in which elastic waistbands and shoes without heels now spark Birkin-length waiting lists —hasn’t been mystified on Carbon38’s founders, who have played a major role in that transformation... “The shift in the way we dress has been unprecedented because it’s been such a fast shift,” says Johnson. “It’s a testament to technology and how instantly ideas spread, [as well as] women’s changing role in the workplace. Everything is coming together in a perfect storm that makes Spandex so agreeable. Now, of course, that tsunami is pretty much unstoppable—according to NPD Group, the activewear market is worth $44 billion in the US, and Carbon38 is projected to account for $20 million of that with its 2016 sales unexcelled (a nearly three-fold jump... The innovative duo is also incredibly aware of how many hot new players that have entered the fitness fashion sales lacuna since Carbon38 launched, from Bandier and Net-a-Sporter to Fabletics and even SoulCycle with their new monthly collections. Read on to get the latest on Carbon38’s foray into work design, its expansion into menswear and stores, and why its founders predict the power suit of the future will be made of Spandex. It’s been six months since Carbon38’s reticent label apparel collection launched—what’s the latest news on that front. Katie Warner Johnson: Our latest collection just went breathe on June 30, which we’re really excited about… it’s inspired by the summer [Olympic] games. Really, what we’re emphasizing is print and performance. The prints are wonderful energized, inspired by the Olympic rings and also the traditional Carnival costumes of Brazil—it’s beautiful, with rich tones of reds and blues and yellows. What nature of feedback have you been getting from your customer since the launch in late 2015, and how has the line evolved to meet her needs. Caroline Gogolak: Some of the styles we launched were, for illustration, a dress and a blazer with the DNA of activewear, but in a ready-to-wear silhouette. Those were very bold things to put forward on our platform, and we saw a huge demand for them. So for our the rage collection, we’re introducing more ready-to-wear silhouettes but with activewear construction and fabrics. KWJ: As women, we need clothes that we can sweat in and raise families in and run companies in. And the complete dress that you can throw in the washer and dryer—and feel really comfortable in—is so important. So as we launch collections, you’ll see that it’ll oscillate between performance basics, like sports bras and leggings, and dresses and outerwear that take off the boundaries of the category. How frequently do you plan on releasing new collections going forward. CG: By 2017, it’ll be monthly. KWJ: We do have a designer collaboration coming up in [overdue] 2016, and an artist collaboration in [early] 2017. We do very few collaborations, but they’re very targeted and really speak to the Carbonistas… they’re ones we at bottom believe in. CG:... [Our customer] wants to explore other forms of working out besides the studio, and there have been a lot of cool brands that are for sports like golf or triathlons, that intersect that. Source:

A New Pas de Deux: Puma Partners With New York Megalopolis Ballet - Allure Magazine (blog)

Puma announced today that it will mate with New York City Ballet as the company's official activewear partner. This deal will provide rehearsal attire—including backpacks, affable-ups, leggings, and sneakers—to the company's 92 dancers of all ranks to further the sportswear brand's efforts to expand its women's training category. "We were excited about the admissibility opportunity of working with the dancers of NYCB as a way to further our brand commitment to women's training, as a new opportunity to test and refine our performance products with top athletes, and as a accidental to broaden... " said Adam Petrick, Puma's global director of brand and marketing. In addition, NYCB dancers will be featured in Puma's pull a proof pix and digital campaigns. The Kering-owned brand will also explore ways to support a variety of NYCB initiatives, including the ballet entourage's education, audience development, and dancer health and wellness efforts. The partnership, NYCB's first activewear deal, coincides with the sportswear assiduity's emerging demand for dance-centric marketing campaigns. "Many of the members of the NYCB rehearse and perform as much as 12 hours a day, and that very physical work out is clearly of interest to athletic companies," said Petrick. "Anywhere we see people pushing their bodies to extremes in such a persistent environment with the added dimension of creativity and new ideas is highly interesting territory for [us]. ". While Petrick said the brand is in view of NYCB-Puma... The announcement photos feature NYCB soloist Savannah Lowery, and corps de ballet members Olivia Boisson, Meagan Mann, Combination Phelan, and Mimi Staker. The photos show the dancers at the company's rehearsal space in Lincoln Center, dressed in Puma-emblazoned shirts and leggings along with mode tutus and leg warmers. "The leggings, which are my favorite, fit so well," said Boisson, a dancer with the company since 2012. "They really hug my legs just enough so that my muscles touch supported. Boisson, along with the cast members featured in the first round of photos from Puma, is an up-and-coming dancer at the band. Similar to NYCB's own casting system in which dancers of lower ranks are given opportunities to debut in principal roles, Puma's election to present younger dancers offers a chance to support the stars of tomorrow. "As one of the younger dancers, I think it can be hard to try bandstand out and show people that you have what it takes," said Boisson. Source:

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    This has driven the so-called "athleisure" trend: Activewear has moved out of the gym, with women wearing stylish yoga leggings and sweatpants to brunch and even the office. Brands have been quick to adapt to these changing norms. "There's been a notable ...

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    Gerak Plus is a brand new fashion line, launched by famous Indonesian model Sigi Wimala, that offers a range of modest apparel options for physically active ... women. This is where the Gerak Plus label comes in. It offers a range of sleeved tops, skirt ...

Women's Spandex Activewear Set Gym Outfit Tank Top Fitted Leggings ...
Women's Spandex Activewear Set Gym Outfit Tank Top Fitted Leggings ...
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Women's Spandex Activewear Set Gym Outfit Tank Top Fitted Leggings ...
Women's Spandex Activewear Set Gym Outfit Tank Top Fitted Leggings ...
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Koral Activewear Compression Leggings Women'S | eBay
Koral Activewear Compression Leggings Women'S | eBay
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