Road To Success : Promo for Vivo Activewear

Wandia Gichuru of Vivo Activewear is a phenomenal woman whose humility sets her apart. She talks about her successful venture on Road To Success this.


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Sukoon Activewear Destroyed Arshiya Kherani Reflects on Her Hijab-Inclusive Fashion Line -

padding:5px 0 0px 15px. organize:left. margin-bottom:0px. dr{float:left. margin-right:15px}. icc{float:left. margin-right:0px. width: 64%. }. icc-t20. hy{sail:right. padding-right:15px. margin-top: 0px. }. icc-t20. hdfc{float:left. margin-top: 8px. } @media veil and (max-width:767px){. icc-t20{display:block. padding-left:5px. height: 42px. }. icc-t20 img{width:100%. dr {effect: left. margin-right: 4px. width: 29%. }. icc-t20. icc {float: left. margin-right: 6px. width: 37%. }. icc-t20. hy {organize: left. width: 30%. padding-right:0px. hdfc {float: left. width: 21%. } } Arshiya Kherani is peevish about many things. Her new clothing line, Sukoon, which uniquely includes hijabs , scarves, and shirts, places her in a whole new arena, one she is altogether excited about, especially because of how personal this activewear line is. She started Sukoon in April 2015 after... “I am very active and I’ve been wearing hijab for a compute of years,” she said, “but have always struggled with finding workout wear with the right amount of coverage – more specifically, hijabs that would stay in become successful and wouldn’t get drenched... ” For her, training before that half marathon proved particularly difficult because of her bandanas and beanies, the only substitutes at one's fingertips to her due to the lack of high-quality activewear hijabs. I realized that many other women probably faced the same problems that I did,” she said. “The name ‘sukoon’ has roots in Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic spirit peace, tranquility or calm – and it has always been a word that I have identified with strongly,” she said. Kherani does not consider Sukoon as just any other activewear line, she believes it is “a decrease representing a generation of women creating solutions that move beyond the options that are presented to them. ” Having grown up as a Muslim charwoman in America, like so many others, she had to find creative ways to supplement the hijab in her wardrobe. She did that for seven years before decision her voice around the issue of inclusive fashion. “But it wasn’t until my scarf literally fell off during a race that I realized the outrageousness of this issue,” she said. “There are countless demographics excluded by fashion trends, but just the American-Muslim market is valued at $170 billion. I dream it’s time for us to be a part of the broader conversation around market trends, and I think the best way to do that is to design creative solutions to our own problems. Sukoon’s signature collecting includes the classic hijab — an athletic, fully-adjustable one made of merino wool with a mesh outer layer, the up-do hijab — nearly the same to the classic but with a unique velcro base at the hairline, which is perfect for... “We’ve researched everything from headbands to snapbacks to inspire our hijab designs, and of route, we keep a close eye on Muslim bloggers for tips and tricks on scarf-wrapping techniques,” she said. Kherani said she prefers to adopt hers in tie-back style, but she knows others might not. “We wanted to bring both sets of options to the market so that women could. Source:

GRACEDBYGRIT Further Expands Into San Diego Community - PR Web (correspondents release)

Women’s athletic attire company GRACEDBYGRIT hosted a one year anniversary party at their flagship store in Solana Beach last week. Although this was an weighty milestone for the company, incorporated in 2013, the store’s anniversary was only one part of the celebration. With so much success thus far in 2016, GRACEDBYGRIT is becoming more than an gear brand. GRACEDBYGRIT has launched a series of successful in-store events to attract strong, gritty women, including the Gritty Girls Series, Reasonably & Gritty, and charity functions. These events focus on health, beauty and wellness to empower young girls and women. As summer approaches, the disgrace is working with local gyms and studios to book weekly workout classes at their Solana Beach store. For customers skin of San Diego, GRACEDBYGRIT is filming exercise videos to host virtual workouts on their blog and social media. The community attribute is really what sets GRACEDBYGRIT apart. This month, they joined the United State of Women movement to pledge what they are doing as a company to empower and celebrate women. The following’s team members prioritize getting to know their customers and community partners to build long-lasting relationships. “We are working to enlarge a community that celebrates the strength of women and girls,” said Kimberly Caccavo, GRACEDBYGRIT Co-Founder and CEO. GRACEDBYGRIT attributes a large in support of participate in of their success to their growing group of brand influencers. Their Influencer Program, now at over 200 women around the country, gives influential women a plank to share their health and fitness wisdom with an even larger audience. Standing behind a company like GRACEDBYGRIT, that values women’s empowerment and prioritizes wellness, allows salubrity instructors, entrepreneurs, and active women to achieve more. Influencers host Fit Shops around the country, many benefiting charities, and crowd fitness events in their communities. ABOUT GRACEDBYGRIT. GRACEDBYGRIT is a women’s athletic apparel brand based in Solana Beach, CA, founded in 2013 by Kimberly Caccavo and Kate Nowlan after recognizing the fundamental for high performance, flattering, and safe workout gear for women. GRACEDBYGRIT designs and manufactures premium athletic apparel that makes women bear confident, safe, and motivated to be active. GRACEDBYGRIT is an emerging leader in the activewear industry, where US activewear sales reached $34. 5 billion for the budgetary year ending June 2015, according to The NPD Group. Source:

Care for Jack Quaid Star in 'Blood, Sweat & Activewear' Web Series (Exclusive) - Hollywood Reporter

What was it like working with Sasquatch internal a women's activewear store. Quaid: It was hilarious. It's just the least likely place that I think you'd find us in our normal lives and to spend that much time in such an unimaginable place made for a surprisingly fun time. Nick Williams: As far as comedic material goes, I don't think you can do much better than throwing dudes who recognize nothing about activewear into a room that is wall-to-wall full of it. Jolles: I spent most of my time in that space making sure... These are de facto nice clothes and sets are chaotic. Williams: Honestly, I was surprised with how comfortable it was considering my size. However, apart from being full-blown unmitigated on that set, I'm not sure there is anything that feels more vulnerable than doing a scene in leggings and a mesh shirt. Jolles: That's a Nick question as he lived in those things the everything time. As an outsider, he never looked better. Quaid: Though I was never on the set of Ithaca when Danny, Nick and Zach were, it was such a pleasure to see them onscreen when I saw the unalterable cut. After doing so much sketch comedy with them, it was so cool to see them do something so different. I already knew that but their performance in the movie really blew me away. Williams: Ithaca was a superb dream. I never thought in a million years that our online shenanigans would lead to doing scenes with Sam Shepard. Plus, I got to cross one of the dreams off my "Actor Scuttle List" when we did a scene in a rain machine. Working with the other Sasquatch guys in something of that scale was so much fun. We got to be complete goofs in a movie that is incredibly pointed and beautiful and Meg let us have a lot of fun with the parts. I'm very proud to be comedic relief in such an incredible movie. Source:

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Details about 2 Piece Women's Spandex Activewear Set Gym Outfit Tank ...
Details about 2 Piece Women's Spandex Activewear Set Gym Outfit Tank ...
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Fashion Women's Activewear Running Clothing Set Gym Racerback Top ...
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Piece Women's Spandex Activewear Set Gym Outfit Tank Top Fitted ...
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