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DIY Fitness Inspired Clothing | #fitnessfriday

Here are some fun, simple DIY's for to add to your workout gear. Also, be sure to let me know down below about doing some "fitness vlogs" for fitness friday on.


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Puma Girls Activewear Tank Top 2 Layer Mesh and Spandex Top Hot Pink Medium Puma Performance Tank Top: Puma's Youth

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  • Kickstarter-Funded Epidemia Designs Debuts First Collection

    DALLAS, July 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Epidemia Designs, a mission-driven women's activewear line created by medical student Lizzie Cochran and funded via Kickstarter, launches its new line of science-inspired designs this month. Cochran created the

  • Photo: Instagram/@carbon38

    07/07/16 ,via Well+Good

    But before January 2013, when Caroline Gogolak and Katie Warner Johnson launched what was then dubbed the “Net-a-Porter of fitness fashion,” the now-booming luxury activewear market was in its infancy (and barre classes were still filled with girls in 

  • Gogglebox favourites Steph and Dom on the key to a happy marriage

    09/13/15 ,via Daily Mail

    Lil' Kim brings daughter Royal Reign to the VH1 Hip Hop Honors where she receives a sweet kiss onstage from pal P Diddy · Davina McCall showcases her super-toned figure as she models Tesco's latest gym-wear campaign Face and figure of F&F's latest

  • Poo chart reveals what's normal and what could be a warning sign of cancer

    03/28/16 ,via Daily Mail

    We're all obsessed with our bowel movements - but have you ever considered what they're trying to tell you? Blood in our stools is the tell-tale sign of bowel cancer, while changes in appearance can be a sign something sinister is up. Now experts have

  • A bedtime glass of milk can ruin your child's teeth

    08/10/15 ,via Daily Mail

    Angela Debley took her son Fin, then eight, to the dentist for a check-up, confident that he'd be given the all-clear. After all, Angela, an admin manager from Bracknell, Berkshire, was a self-confessed 'health freak' who was always careful to give her

Gogglebox favourites Steph and Dom on the key to a pleased marriage - Daily Mail

Dominic Parker says it was lady-love at first sight. ‘I remember thinking: “She’s me with a vagina. ’’ announces the perma-tanned star of Gogglebox in his crashingly fashionable accent as he recalls the moment he met his wife Stephanie in 1996. . ‘It was quite obvious that she was a keeper. Stephanie gives a theatrical flinch, causing her copious jewellery to rattle. You’re so weird. When I ask them if they are still in love at 50 and 49 respectively, they both coo simultaneously,. ’ And yes, they do hold hands practically constantly. It’s one of their ‘rules’. The Parkers are sitting in deck chairs overlooking their vast walled garden in Sandwich, Kent, reflecting on their 17 years of integration. It’s nearly three years since they became famous as Steph and Dom, the ‘posh’ B&B owners from Gogglebox, Channel 4’s ingenious observational show that turns the cameras on ‘quaint’ British families as they watch TV (and which has just returned... Scarlett Moffatt, the pneumatic wit from County Durham – it’s the Parkers who have proved the breakout stars. And now they are sharing their trade-mark of squiffy wisdom with a no doubt grateful nation in their new book, Steph & Dom’s Guide to Life. Their prodigious gin-and-tonic consumption, unreserved commentary (Dom: ‘Sex is like air really. It’s only important when you’re not getting any’), and evident delight in one another’s company have made them everyone’s favourite grand couple. In the first series they fell off the sofa laughing. They’ve been accused of hamming it up for the camera as the series has progressed and their celebrity has grown – Steve Coogan recently asked them for selfies at a TV celebration – but they’re just the same in real life. Although we meet a little early in the day for G&Ts (they do both get through a fair number of Marlboros, though), it doesn’t take long for the badinage to kick in. . ‘We’re just having a laugh, but then again, that’s exactly how it’s been with us... ‘We’ve been doing the Steph & Dom show privately since the day we met. And now they’re going multimedia. Steph considers that the asset of a book is that you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to – and actually, if you read one etiquette manual by reality TV stars this year, you could do worse. There’s a useful tip from Steph on anecdote weaken and Dom’s recipe for Long Island iced tea. There are forthright opinions on separate bedrooms (essential), education (they send their son, 14, and daughter, 12, whose reclusiveness they fiercely protect, to boarding school), and hunting (Dom considers it a ‘fabulous hobby’ but only slaughters... Never lie to each other. Don’t panic if you have a lad argument. Never use the ‘D’ word (ie, divorce). Enter all rooms holding hands and laughing and saying how great everything is. And farting is in no way not hilarious. Would anything embarrass them. ‘We don’t get our bits out in public or do anything embarrassing in that sense,’ says Steph. Source:

Poo map out reveals what's normal and what could be a warning sign of cancer - Daily Mail

Diagram reveals what's normal - and what could be a warning sign of cancer Bowel cancer is the 3rd most common cancer with 1. 4m new cases a year Scrutinize found only half of us would talk to family about our bowel health Changes to colour or texture... We're all obsessed with our bowel movements - but have you in all cases considered what they're trying to tell you. Blood in our stools is the tell-tale sign of bowel cancer, while changes in appearance can be a indicator something sinister is up. Now experts have come up with a chart which shows when stools are healthy and when you should be concerned. Bowel or colorectal cancer is the third most run-of-the-mill cancer in the world, with nearly 1. 4 million new cases diagnosed in 2012 - the most recent figures to date. Bowel cancer expert, Mr Ash Gupta, created the diagram with private healthcare providers Ramsay Health Care UK, to raise awareness of the symptoms. Fewer than 10 per cent of people diagnosed at the latest produce of bowel cancer will survive for more than five years. 'It is a fact that over 90 per cent of people who develop bowel cancer can be cured if caught betimes - at stage one. However warning signs of bowel cancer are often obvious in stools - and the chart has been designed as an easy guide to kick the bucket for possible symptoms. It shows healthy examples and advises people to check for changes, especially those that last for more than three weeks. Stools that look blackness - or tar-coloured - can be a sign of the disease, with patients advised to consult their doctor immediately. 'If changes in your bowel habits persist for more than three weeks, or if you have noticed blood in your stools, consult your doctor this instant,' Mr Gupta said. 'It is understandable that bowel symptoms may sometimes be embarrassing to be discussed and people may be put off by it, however it is crucial to get them investigated and treated advanced in order to achieve a cure. 'If you do notice bleeding in your stools - or persistent loose stools or increased frequency of stools - there are tests that stress to be done. 'A camera test called colonoscopy - or sometimes even just an examination called a flexible sigmoidoscopy - may be required to diagnose and even upon early polyps at the same time. Cases of bowel cancer are increasing with longer life expectancy. By the age of 50 or 55, here 40 per cent of the population will have polyps on the bowel. Only 10 per cent of them turn into cancer, but if the polyp is removed, so is the risk. The most actual way to reduce the risk of bowel cancer is to investigate any symptoms and take part in screening programmes when invited to. At the moment, only 50 per cent of people run for up the offer of screening, which experts say is... Source:

A bedtime window-pane of milk can ruin your child's teeth - Daily Mail

Why a bedtime drinking-glass of milk can ruin your child's teeth: The lactose in it is a type of sugar and can be harmful at night Angela Debley, 40, from Bracknell, took son Fin, then 8, to the dentist Found he had developed two cavities in his wring... After all, Angela, an admin manager from Bracknell, Berkshire, was a self-confessed 'health freak' who was always careful to give her two sons, Fin and Joe, then three, a healthful diet. 'I avoided giving them sweets in favour of what I believed was an extremely good diet full of natural foods,' says Angela, 40. 'Preferably of fizzy drinks, chocolate and crisps, the kids would have pure fruit juice, muesli bars and granola with... When the dentist needy the news that Fin had two cavities in his milk teeth, which had developed since his last appointment six months before, Angela says she 'felt like the worst old lady in the world' - but she couldn't work out where she'd gone... In fact, it was her children's healthy diet - and particularly their snacking habits - that had caused the hurt. Angela later learned it wasn't just the quantity of sugar that was the problem, but the frequency with which teeth are exposed to it. 'By offering juice, fruit and honey between meals, I was bathing my sons' teeth in sugar and acid. As Professor Damien Walmsley, well-ordered adviser to the British Dental Association, explains: 'Children today snack far more often than previous generations, which leaves teeth under unshakable attack. Last month, a Royal College of Surgeons report revealed that one-third of five-year-olds in England suffer from tooth degenerate, and it is now the leading cause of hospital admissions for under-nines. The report, The State Of Children's Oral Health, found that every year 46,000 children were admitted to infirmary for multiple tooth extractions - almost 26,000 of those aged between five and nine. Professor Nigel Hunt, of the Royal College of Surgeons, blamed sugary foods and drinks, saying these should display cigarette-style warning pictures to highlight the risk to children's teeth. But the problem is certainly not confined to children brought up on debris food, or who aren't taken to the dentist regularly. In fact, dentists say they are seeing more and more children from middle-class homes whose healthfulness-obsessed parents are inadvertently harming their teeth. Dr Rhona Eskander, of the private Chelsea Dental Clinic, says parents are horrified to determine that they have caused their children's dental decay. 'Sometimes sporty children may be given unnecessary sports drinks, which are high in sugar and acids that deface teeth,' she says. 'Health-conscious parents also like yoghurt drinks - but these "healthy drinks" usually contain grand levels of hidden sugars. And while a favourite 'virtuous' snack is the muesli bar, some cereal bars have twice the levels of sugar as a comparable-sized chocolate bar. Source:

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  • Margarita Unveils Active, Spirit and Premium Activewear for Women

    07/12/16 ,via

    ... online place to find exclusive and unique women’s tank tops for their comfortable workout. Women can choose batik tops for more trendy and elegant look from margarita broad range of activewear collection. Margarita Unveils Women’s Long Pants for ...

  • lucy Embraces Every Body with Extended Sizes Launch

    07/12/16 ,via

    lucy®, an apparel brand for active women, will now offer Extended Sizes available in sizes 1X-3X. A variety of lucy pieces including fan favorites such as the Studio Hatha Capri Legging, the Fitness Fix Tank and the Workout Tee, will now be available in ...

  • Active-wear brand Triple Flip measures success on tweens’ positive self-esteem moments

    07/11/16 ,via Financial Post

    Its clothing line has grown to include bodysuits, (modest) tank tops, shorts and “skorts,” hoodies ... donating part of the proceeds to the event. The aim is to reach active girls too busy to hit the mall — and to encourage customers in cities ...

... Womens Seamless Tank Top removable cups Activewear Sports Bras nylon
... Womens Seamless Tank Top removable cups Activewear Sports Bras nylon
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Wonder Woman Batgirl Supergirl Juniors Tank Top DC Comics Licensed ...
Wonder Woman Batgirl Supergirl Juniors Tank Top DC Comics Licensed ...
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