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  • Good news for activewear

    07/06/16 ,via Ragtrader

    Jogging participation peaks among the 14-24 year-old age bracket, having risen from 33.6% to 45.1% of young men and from 32.5% to a staggering 48.5% of young women over the last decade. In terms of proportional growth, however, it's the older brackets 

  • Your Sports Bra Obsession Is Going To Put Victoria's Secret Out Of Business

    07/01/16 ,via Elite Daily

    But, in the age of activewear and sweatpants you can actually wear to the office like real pants because they're relabeled “joggers,” natural is best. Gone are Bronzed, boob-alicious women on tropical beaches, 12 pounds of hair extensions on each

  • Style & Substance: Daria Kantor, founder of TruBe personal training

    06/27/16 ,via Telegraph.co.uk

    I love that we now have access to such sharp and good quality activewear - clothes that you can wear to the office and then to a picnic with the kids and also be able to work out in. I recently discovered the brand Laain by Tamara Rothstein. She

  • I Want Your Job: Tyler Haney, Founder And CEO Of Outdoor Voices

    06/21/16 ,via Elite Daily

    a sleek line of activewear named for the voice you're not supposed to use in grade school classrooms. You probably already know the aesthetic, even if you don't recognize the brand name: monotone crop tops and leggings, modeled by the coolest women 

  • Yepme launches fashionable active wear

    06/14/16 ,via Indiainfoline

    The PlayCool men's collection comprises muscle tees, muscle vests, sports graphic tees, polos, shorts, capris, track pants, tracksuits and joggers. Women collection has camisoles, crop-tops, sports bras, tank tops, tees, sports graphic tees, sporty

In an About-Physiognomy, US Army Allows a Change in Socks - Wall Street Journal

Soldiers in the U. S. Army have sustained been shoehorned into wearing white socks during their workouts—but change afoot with uniform regulations recently has allowed them another option: bad socks. White had been the only sock color allowed for nearly a quarter-century, but many soldiers sought black ones because they mask the dirt and muck encountered on trails during workouts, and they better match the mostly black physical-training. Source: www.wsj.com

​Dressing down: The revolt of athleisure - CBS News

Euphoric-tech textiles are just one of the factors that have made men and women stretch where they wear their workout wardrobe, as Martha Teichner reports:. " Now, it's more like offhand 24/7. In cities and suburbs coast-to-coast, for both men and women, you see it not just on the street but in offices. If a billionaire CEO like Mark Zuckerburg can wear his hoodie to labour, why can't everybody else dress down. Except now, it's about more than wearing jeans or something resembling pajamas. it's about workout clothes that have grown up. With or without a masses like Beyonce's, in or out of the gym, Americans (American women especially) have made "athleisure" the hottest thing in the apparel industry. "As goes Beyonce, so goes, I would say, any number of trends," said Robbie Myers, rewriter-in-chief of Elle, which put Beyonce, wearing her own athleisure clothing brand, on its May cover. "Being athletic and going to yoga or whatever it is you do, is in fact a real part of these women's lives, and they like the way they look," Myers said. "They like the way they feel. "What about people who never go near a gym, but wear athleisure. "The conception that Americans want to be comfortable no matter what they do certainly, you know, has permeated the culture. Myers has a theory: Jane Fonda's acclaimed workout tape from 1982 -- athleisure way before it was called that. In 1998 along came Lululemon, with premium-priced yoga raiment that took to the streets. Which brings us to 2015. Americans spent nearly $44 billion on so-called "active wear," up 16% over 2014. For the moment, denim sales have taken a hit, down 5% or more every year since 2013. Athleisure companies such as Fabletics have caught the indicate. "I think when we started, we realized pretty quickly we were onto something big, but it is very rare to be able to grow a business to $200 million in the space of 2 1/2 years," said Geraldine Martin-Coppola, global manager of the El Segundo, Calif. -based Fabletics, an athleisure line whose co-founder and inspiration is the actress Kate Hudson. Her leggings. They were the leg-up that launched athleisure, for women anyway. Shaun Kearney, perception of design at Fabletics, says leggings is their bestselling item: "It's a core essential style that the company was founded on. ". By updating their colors, textures and prints, Fabletics creates unimpaired themed wardrobes. It's fast fashion -- from design to delivery in eight weeks. Fabletics lives mostly online. New collections are released the to begin of every month, but with plenty of incentives in-between to lure shoppers. "There's a ton of things happening with the community, with social media," said Kearney. What you review there, in addition to all the different ages and body types, is high-tech textiles. Durand Guion, vice president for men's and kids the fad for Macy's, says the whole concept of performance fabrics in the athleisure revolution is "absolutely huge. Your 2016 fashion foretell: It's all about "Athleisure" ( CBSN ) Spanx founder Sara Blakely introduces new athleisure wear (" CBS This Morning ") "Athleisure" dress in: Goodbye blue jeans, hello yoga pants ("CBS This Morning") Will yoga pants have... Showing off a jacket, Guion said, "That does the whole shooting match from keeping you warm and keeping you cool and whisking away moisture. Think fancy new synthetics, with sunscreen in them even. But the magic word is compression (implication snug and stretchy). And the magic name for leggings marketed to men is "compression. Source: www.cbsnews.com

Maria Sharapova works up a sudor as she awaits results of anti-doping committee - Daily Mail

She's awaiting the after-effect of an anti-doping committee hearing after failing a drug test at the Australian Open in March. But Maria Sharapova seemed strong-minded to keep her mind off the possible four-year ban and focused on a grueling workout with her trainer instead. The five-time marvy slam champion tested positive for the banned drug meldonium, an anti-ischemic drug usually prescribed for resolution conditions. It was added to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)'s banned substances list on January 1 and the blonde advantage stated it was the result of an oversight. She released a statement explaining her use of the medicine and took full responsibility for the results. 'For the past ten years I have been given a cure-all called mildronate by my family doctor,' she explained. Maria continued: 'For ten years this medicine was not on WADA's banned list and I had legally been captivating the medicine for the past ten years. I was given this medicine by my doctor for several health issues that I was having in 2006. '. The former world No 1 champion is now awaiting the outgrowth of an anti-doping committee hearing, which was held last week, with a four-year ban as the... Meldonium inventor Ivars Kalviņs told Transmit Free Europe that he didn't think taking it should be construed as 'doping' but he also said that it 'optimises the use of oxygen. Sharapova said she had not study an email informing her meldonium was banned for use on a WADA and United States Anti-Doping Agency summary document. It has been reported that all tennis players were warned five times that it was due to be banned but Sharapova denied reports about the five missed warnings. On her Facebook sheet she took responsibility but stated the warnings were 'buried in newsletters, websites, or handouts (many of them technical, in small print). Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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  • Good news for activewear

    07/07/16 ,via ragtrader.com.au

    Are you an activewear player? The latest Roy Morgan Research statistics ... while the proportion of total women joggers has almost doubled from 11.6% to 22.2%. Jogging participation peaks among the 14-24 year-old age bracket, having risen from 33.6% ...

  • What is a safe fitness routine if you are pregnant?

    Answer: Pregnant women may see concerned looks while they exercise ... Walking is a good starting point if you weren’t active before pregnancy and jogging is safe if you feel comfortable. Talk to your doctor before starting exercise and if you’re ...

  • Here's the truth about exercising during your pregnancy

    07/08/16 ,via hellogiggles.com

    Being physically active during ... Get it!:) Women who exercised regularly before pregnancy and have no pregnancy-related complications “should be able to engage in high-intensity exercise programs, such as jogging and aerobics, with no adverse effects.”

Image by ebay.com
Image by ebay.com
Womens-Ladies-Jogging-Bottoms-Joggers-Track-CAPRI-PANTS-3-4-PLUS-Size ...
Womens-Ladies-Jogging-Bottoms-Joggers-Track-CAPRI-PANTS-3-4-PLUS-Size ...
Image by ebay.com