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Shama Jade is a collection of Brazilian yoga jumpsuits and active wear created by two strong women. With the love of yoga, fitness and fashion Shama Jade.

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  • A Moment with Ramy Brook Designer Ramy Sharp

    07/08/16 ,via Daily Front Row (blog)

    Ramy Brook's idea of a wear-everywhere wardrobe has proved to be a serious hit with women from all walks of life—top bloggers included. At her flagship in New York's Nolita neighborhood, designer Ramy Sharp and Insta stars Lindsi Lane and Jessi Malay 

  • Wimbledon: Costumes from the tennis court

    06/24/16 ,via Livemint

    from the late 1970s, Venus Williams' lace dress on court, Katharine Hepburn's high-waisted shorts (she was the first to reject skirts as a tennis player in 1940), tennis legend Chris Evert's collaboration with Tail Activewear for the tennis apparel

  • Joe Wicks on weight loss and world domination: People smash themselves in the gym, but you can't out-train a poor diet

    11/21/15 ,via Daily Mail

    'We just laugh at it,' he smiles, 'but some women do get a bit cheeky: “He can give me a HIIT session” and “Why don't you lean on me for 15?”' They plan to start a family, says Joe, but not until he's got the book launch out of the way and the house

  • TOM UTLEY asks: How can I make my darling baby boy (aged 24 1/2) leave home?

    04/28/16 ,via Daily Mail

    How my heart burst with fellow feeling for the Italian father who took his 28-year-old son to court in the hope of forcing him to get a job, but ended up being ordered by the judge to carry on supporting him. For those who missed yesterday's story

  • Urban Outfitters Disappoints, but Analysts Still See Some Upside

    06/10/16 ,via TheStreet.com

    I tried on a jumpsuit prominently displayed front and center in the store. The sales associates were helpful and said they hoped I would be coming back to buy it. Overall, Anthropologie had far more customers than the Urban Outfitters store I visite,d

Joe Wicks on burden loss and world domination: People smash themselves in the gym, but you can't out-train a poor diet - Daily Mail

The 15-another video jumps between a wok and the ingredients flying into it. . ‘Lucy Bee – GO ON GIRL. ’ bellows the unseen chef as coconut oil whizzes into the pan. For those of you already conscious with the online output of fat-loss guru and Instagram sensation (@thebodycoach) Joe Wicks, this will be identifiable as a beef stir-fry. If not, listen up. Joe is just about to away with over the world – and sculpt you the perfect body while he’s at it. Even though I’ve brought Joe to a smart café in London’s Fitzrovia, he’s sticking to water. ‘I don’t really do hot drinks,’ he says apologetically. With approximately half a million followers on Instagram and many more on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest combined, Joe talks of posts, likes and retweets with the enthusiasm a financial trader would reserve for stocks and bonds. It all started five years ago in the London suburb of Surbiton. The then 25-year-old adverse trainer (using the moniker ‘The Body Coach’) ran boot camps in the park, frequented by yummy mummies. His goals were modest: having conquered Surbiton, Joe planned to swell to nearby Richmond. During quiet times when he was struggling for business (sometimes in winter he’d cycle the six miles to Richmond for a session and no one would constitutional up), he posted fitness and nutrition tips on Twitter. ‘I was just having a laugh but then I started to build a following and I was getting a lot of comments. What became patent was that Joe’s clients’ flab problems weren’t down to lack of know-how in the gym, but rather ignorance in the kitchen. Over and over he heard tales of calorie-restricted diets that delivered little-term results but rarely led to the kind of sculpted physique the client wanted. ‘I was training people three or four times a week but their bodies didn’t change because you can’t out-instruct a poor diet,’ he says. ‘People know how to smash themselves in the gym – it’s the nutrition they don’t get right. Having gained a sports science inchmeal at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, Joe knew that eating too few calories sends the body into starvation mode in which it begins storing as much fat as possible. ‘But I would see clients eating under 900 calories a day, exercising ardent and at a loss as to why they weren’t losing body fat,’ he says. ‘I decided I had to show people that they could exercise smarter, eat more and lose body fat. In early 2014, Joe began posting 15-number two videos of his recipes and workouts on Instagram with the hashtag Leanin15. The clips showed his followers how to cook nutritious, quick meals which, along with his passionate workouts, promised to melt fat. What set Joe apart from other trainers posting online was his cheeky chappie persona. Joe’s stock of catchphrases – ‘Midget trees’ (broccoli) and ‘Whack in the Lucy Bee’ (add coconut oil, Lucy Bee being a trade name) – interspersed with liberal use of the words ‘bosh. ’ quickly had him dubbed the Jamie Oliver of the Instagram generation. His Mediterranean sizeable looks (inherited from his half-Italian mother) and killer biceps don’t hurt either. ‘He’s Russell with muscle,’ enthuses one follower. The genuine Joe, however, is more subdued. ‘When I’m being The Body Coach I’m me, but turned up a bit. People love a bit of “bosh. ” and “wallop. What followers. Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

TOM UTLEY asks: How can I remodel my darling baby boy (aged 24 1/2) leave home? - Daily Mail

How my tenderness burst with fellow feeling for the Italian father who took his 28-year-old son to court in the hope of forcing him to get a job, but ended up being ordered by the estimate to carry on supporting him. For those who missed yesterday’s story, this unfortunate dad — described as ‘making a modest living through writing’ — had been obligated by a divorce settlement to finance his offspring’s tertiary education. The trouble was that the lad (if that is the right word to describe a man of 28) was taking preferably longer about his studies than his hard-pressed old man would have liked. At the civil court in Modena, northern Italy, he argued that his son — who was unnamed, to guard his right to privacy — should at least get a part-time job to start paying his own way. ‘He does not deserve any further financial support, having made no strain to find work to support himself,’ he told the Bench. But the court was having none of it. It ruled that the cinema course was in keeping with the son’s ‘belittling aspirations’ and, therefore, must be paid for by his father. Though this case has been little commented on in Britain, apparently it is the talk of Italy, where it highlights the country’s disturbed with bamboccioni — literally ‘big fat babies’, who never leave home, choosing instead to sponge off their parents. Oh, how I sympathise with that struggling litt, burdened with the financial responsibilities of fatherhood for so much longer than he had envisaged. For as regular readers will know, my wife and I, like legions of other British parents these days, have bred a reasonable few bamboccioni ourselves. There’s an English word for them, or so I learned yesterday (I’m always the last to hear about these things). ‘Kippers’, they’re known as — and, no, this has nothing to do with Ukip or the referendum. To be clear to our sons, the oldest is a former Kipper, having left the nest at 29 — perhaps permanently this time, after several false starts as a pasteboard-carrying member of the Boomerang Generation. As for the second, who was not only in a home of his own but married by 27, he could never justly be described as a true Kipper. This leaves just two sons in home as I write. The younger, at 22, at least has a steady job and some prospect of moving out in the course of the next ten years or so. But as for the other, aged 24½ — whom I won’t celebrity, to protect his right to privacy (though there may be a clue in my surname)... Indeed, I’m bracing myself to have him still on the premises when he’s 50 and I am 87. Employed only sporadically since he socialistic university two years ago, with a degree far more glittering than my own, he shows not the slightest inclination to... I hasten to say that I wouldn’t wish him to, because I cling on to an old-fashioned credence that he’s my responsibility, not the state’s. If I’ve got him right, he doesn’t want to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance because this would oblige him to seek a job. And isn’t there a risk that the flint-hearted Control for Work and Pensions might fix him up with something that wouldn’t fit in with his ‘personal aspirations’, if I may borrow a phrase from that Italian judge. Oh, well, I suppose I should be appreciative that he isn’t billing me for a postgraduate course in experimental cinema at. Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Urban Outfitters Disappoints, but Analysts Still See Some Upside - TheStreet.com

The at-times contentious apparel retailer, known for clothing such as the "vintage" faux-bloodstained Kent State Sweatshirt and shampoo for "suicidal trifle," posted weaker-than-expected first-quarter results after the bell Thursday. The big standout: retail segment net sales are mid-only-digit negative so far during the second quarter of fiscal 2017, according to the company. TheStreet 's Jim Cramer said on CNBC Friday that Urban had done totally well, but now the shares will start reflecting the weak quarterly results, adding that "it's going to hit a Macy's ( M ) , going to hit a Kohl's ( KSS ) ," which all business... Cramer also noted that Urban's results serve as a reminder for the majority of the retail industry that "we are not out of the woods. After visiting an Urban Outfitters stow away in Manhattan's financial district during lunchtime Friday, it is clear to see the retailer offers a wide range of clothes and other home products, like the inflatable pink flamingo for lounging in the tarn. But the store had only a handful of customers, the majority of whom were looking at the sales section and at summer dresses. One family stopped at the perfume branch, noting that the fragrances smelled "so good. Immediately after checking out Urban, I visited the Anthropologie store in Union Square. I followed two mothers propitious after they said they would meet up with their daughters later because the girls did not want to shop at Anthropologie. Once inside, I saw another young mother with her children in tow looking at dresses. The knowledgeable in section was empty, as customers were more interested in sales and the neighboring shoe section. Source: www.thestreet.com

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  • The Online Shopping Experience Is Suddenly Crowded With Jumpsuits. Why?

    07/24/15 ,via Slate

    It is demonstrably neither a dress (“an outer garment for women, having a skirt ... Certainly an active Instagram presence, peppered with shots of her jumping in the air while wearing a jumpsuit. I have the feeling she coordinates with her friends ...

  • Active Backless Criss Cross Star Pattern Yoga Jumpsuit For Women

    06/16/16 ,via pinterest.com

    1909-1911 British Dinner dress at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - I wouldn't be surprised if interest here on Pinterest in British Edwardian dress is on the rise on account of the success of "Downton Abbey" among other things. So for those who ...

  • Trucker accused of keeping sex slaves in semi pleads guilty

    07/01/16 ,via KWES NewsWest 9

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A Utah trucker accused of keeping women as sex slaves in his semi-trailer as he ... saying that the state does not have the authority to limit a woman's reasons for... 'Active shooter' report at military base was false alarm 'Active ...

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