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Shakti Activewear Men's Cropped Pants

View product details: http://kiloo. us/skimus/2/com/B00MTFS55Q/detail Okay we'll admit it it's not often we see guys wearing a calf length pant.


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    It started out with a black poly dex tight that evolved into different silhouettes, different lengths, different stories and novelty fabrics, pockets, waistbands — so that's a massive category that's hugely evolved. What's interesting, now, is to

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    But before January 2013, when Caroline Gogolak and Katie Warner Johnson launched what was then dubbed the “Net-a-Porter of fitness fashion,” the now-booming luxury activewear market was in its infancy (and barre classes were still filled with girls in 

  • Say yes to yoga pants

    07/03/16 ,via Western Herald

    The bikini portion of the Teen USA contest, which seemingly draws attention from men everywhere, has been removed from the competition and has been replaced with an athleisure portion. The purpose of swapping out bikini's with active wear has come 

  • The 15 best 4th of July sales you should shop this weekend

    07/01/16 ,via Time Out New York (blog)

    Lolë: Need new yoga pants? Coming right up! Take 40 percent off select items from this activewear brand (but please let there be yoga pants!). Billy Reid: Men and women can score an extra 25 percent off sale items in-store with the code Happy4th.

  • London Men's Wear Shows' Top 10 Moments

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    With a schedule in flux and a surge of fresh questions around the future of men's wear fashion weeks continuing to make the rounds, it was left to Craig Green, winner of the BFC/GQ Designer Menswear Fund prize last month, to prove why London remains a

'Bachelorette' Recap: Don't Cry for Derek, Argentina - PopCrush

This event of The Bachelorette was one of the campiest episodes of The Bachelorette that ever happened, yet still managed to be dull in stretches. There are EIGHT MENT LEFT at the top of hour 1. Chris Harrison tells the contestants that for the earliest time in Bachelorette history, there will be a second two-on-one date —meaning not two but three people are definitely going home this week. “Entertain don’t let it be Wells,” I muttered to myself at this news, even though as a friend said, Wells seems like he “might be there on a dare. Speaking of which: Wells finally gets a one-on-one with JoJo. “I’ll be unchecked with you guys, I think I’m the only guy here who hasn’t kissed her,” he tells the other men, to awkward silence all around. Then when JoJo arrives, they all ask her about whether she’s gonna repudiate Wells. Their date starts with an awkward trip to the open-air market. Wells buys JoJo a trinket, as we cut back to all the dudes STILL talking about how Wells hasn’t kissed JoJo yet. They are seven men obsessed. Wells and JoJo come to see the theater putting on Fuerza Bruta , which they also have in New York, but I’ve never gone because I thought it rains on you or something. The Fuerza Bruta people demonstrate them to practice stunts from the show, because the Bachelor/Bachelorette is all about “adventurous”/embarrassing dates. “There’s something rilly sexy about what we’re doing,” JoJo says, as the two of them flail around a uprising pool in tight activewear. I wouldn’t feel the same, but Wells apparently does, because they finally start making out. Then they head to dinner in a fancy old mansion which is, like most ideal Bachelorette locations, way too bright. “You’re a very intriguing person,” JoJo says. Has she maybe never met a man who wasn’t an ex-Marine or earlier professional athlete before. Wells tells JoJo he dated someone for four years but they became “just best friends that were living together. “Everyone always says, like, that passion goes away, hesitation. ” JoJo muses. Does it have to. Wells gives her a “what. ” look when she says she’s “looking for a fairy tale love,” because that’s the childlike notion of someone who’s never dated someone for longer than three years. Group date time: James, Luke, Robby, Jordan and Alex go on a lover with JoJo, and they play soccer because Argentina. James Taylor says he knows he’s not as “sexy” and athletic as the other guys, half of whom are preceding professional athletes. Meanwhile, JoJo’s pants are still aflame for Luke. Driven by insecurity, James Taylor wastes his private antiquated with JoJo by talking about how fame whore-y and “privileged” Jordan is. Perhaps learning from that time she ignored 14,000 warnings about Chad, she appears to revenue James’ words to heart —... Either the producers forced her to do this, or JoJo still has no concept of “observational skills” and when they’re useful. Jordan denies James Taylor’s allegations, Unmistakeably, and says he doesn’t even “know what entitled means. ” What entitled person would ever look at themselves objectively and say “I do act like I’m inherently more praiseworthy than I actually am, yeah”. JoJo remains a terrible judge of character. “Okay cool because I REALLY want to be engaged at the end of this,” JoJo says, worrisome not to get. Source:

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  • Perry Ellis Plays Up the Sportswear Trend at New York Fashion Week: Men's

    07/12/16 ,via Hollywood Reporter

    VERY PERRY: Models on the Perry Ellis spring 2017 runway during New York Fashion Week: Men's. (Photos: Getty Images) "We almost wanted to de-emphasize suiting this time and really play up the idea of sportswear ... print jogger pants that stood out ...

  • Say yes to yoga pants

    07/03/16 ,via

    Especially for younger girls growing up in a perfection-fueled culture where we sit around and judge a woman on her looks and expensive clothing ... trying to appeal to men. Switching to athleisure shows that the women have active lives and will continue ...

  • KÜHL Clothing outlet to open in the Sugarloaf Village

    07/12/16 ,via Daily Bulldog

    The company’s product lines feature men’s and women’s casual, active, and outer wear ... “The KÜHL outlet will provide our guests with the finest outdoor clothing available, and will be a great addition to our current retail offerings.”

Men-Trousers-Pants-Activewear-Sweatpants-Sport-Rope-Jogging-Casual ...
Men-Trousers-Pants-Activewear-Sweatpants-Sport-Rope-Jogging-Casual ...
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Men-Trousers-Pants-Activewear-Sweatpants-Sport-Rope-Jogging-Casual ...
Men-Trousers-Pants-Activewear-Sweatpants-Sport-Rope-Jogging-Casual ...
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Men-Trousers-Pants-Activewear-Sweatpants-Sport-Rope-Jogging-Casual ...
Men-Trousers-Pants-Activewear-Sweatpants-Sport-Rope-Jogging-Casual ...
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