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  • lucy Embraces Every Body with Extended Sizes Launch

    "Active women come in many sizes, and we're excited to now say that lucy does, too," says Laurie Etheridge, President. The extra attention to fit is what sets lucy Extended Sizing apart from the competition. Unlike other brands in the Activewear

  • Today's Level Up: From Doorman To A $1 Million Business Sale: Now This 23-Year-Old Is Giving Back By Helping ...

    06/20/16 ,via Forbes

    Thanks to his willingness to work at weird times – like 3 a.m., when movie sets close shop – he found himself freshening up wardrobes for major film and TV productions like The Wolf of Wall Street, Boardwalk Empire , Law & Order andNinja Turtles II. By

  • How to Get in Shape—And Look Good Doing It—in the Hamptons

    07/01/16 ,via Hamptons Magazine (blog)

    Founded by former investment banker Jen Russo, Juja Active offers a collection of smaller, independent activewear brands that align with Russo's mission to create an empowering environment for women and girls. 66 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, 604- 

  • How Millennial Labels Are Bringing Brand Loyalty Back

    06/14/16 ,via Fashionista (blog)

    "If someone asks me what something is, I want to be able to tell them what makes that particular piece special or what sets one brand apart from another. I like being able to tell It's the "ability to strongly communicate its message through

  • How Selfridges's Body Studio blurs the lines between digital & in-store

    07/07/16 ,via Econsultancy (blog)

    lingerie, hosiery, swimwear and sportswear. Here's why Body Studio is a great example of creativity within the world of women's retail. With 'Incredible Machines' – a short film designed to promote the campaign – Selfridges sets a very

How to Get in Word—And Look Good Doing It—in the Hamptons - Hamptons Magazine (blog)

Thrash, plank, and plie your way to the perfect beach bod—and look good while doing it. GET ON BOARD: Paddle Diva. “The moment I tried stand-up paddleboarding for the outset time, I knew it would take off,” says Gina Bradley, who opened Paddle Diva in East Hampton in 2009. Since then, opinion-up paddleboarding (or SUP for short) has exploded in popularity across... And, Bradley has found, the East End provides the perfect setting in which to practice it. “Paddleboarding made me accept diminish in love with the Hamptons all over again,” says the former fitness instructor and windsurfer. ” Test the waters yourself at the Paddle Diva SUP Center in East Hampton and the all-new Flog Diva Watersports at Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa , which offers additional options for water-based fun and fitness, like surfboard and boogie... Oar Diva SUP Center, 219 Three Mile Harbor HC Road, East Hampton, 329-2999. Gurney’s Montauk Haunt & Seawater Spa, 290 Old Montauk Hwy. , Montauk, 668-2345. TONE UP: SLT. The popular Pilates studio SLT (which stands for “strengthen, elongate, tone”) opens a new 1,600-square-foot studio in Southampton this month, giving East Enders greater access to the 50-moment strength, Pilates, and cardio combo classes loved by... 16 Hill St. , Southampton, 212-355-1737. BARRE Not any: Xtend Barre. Professional dancer Andrea Rogers created Xtend Barre to sculpt clients’ bodies Sometimes non-standard due to a dynamic blend of Pilates, dance, and ballet moves. Catch a beachside class this season as Xtend returns to Montauk’s Surf House on July 30 and August 27. The Surf Lodge , 183 Edgemere St. , Montauk, 483-5037. FIT FASHIONS: Juja Potent. Strike a (yoga) pose in fab athleticwear from Juja Active , which just opened its second Hamptons brick-and-mortar shop, in East Hampton. Founded by whilom investment banker Jen Russo, Juja Active offers a collection of smaller, independent activewear brands that align with Russo’s function to create an empowering environment for women and girls. 66 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, 604-2137. IT’S IN THE BAG: SoulCycle. SoulCycle is partnering with Structure Bags to debut two tote bags this month, sold exclusively at the studio’s Hamptons locations. 68 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, 324-6600. 15 S. Edgemere St. , Montauk, 842-1044. 760 Montauk Hwy. Sought-after trainer Joe Ardito keeps Obstacle Street’s top earners in fighting shape. When the wolves of Wall Street want to maintain their beach body while relaxing in the Hamptons, they hit up experienced trainer Joe Ardito, owner of the private training collective Fit Crush. Ardito, who counts executives on some of the top trading desks develop into his longtime clients, specializes in simple, performance-driven training that supports posture, flexibility, and muscle strength. “I father routines that build the body’s strength and flexibility, with 20- to 30-minute workouts that don’t take up too much time,” he says. His Hamptons-warm-hearted workout consists of squats, lunges, planks, push-ups, and burpees, done in sets that can be increased as the client gets stronger. “I’ve been coming to the Hamptons for years and have a major fondness for the East End. Source:

How Selfridges's Society Studio blurs the lines between digital & in-store - Econsultancy (blog)

For most women, buying lingerie or swimwear can be a torturous sustain. Body Studio , the latest creative project from Selfridges, is hoping to turn this notion around. Capitalising on the wellness leaning, it is an entirely new in-store and online department based around lingerie, hosiery, swimwear and sportswear. Here’s why Body Studio is a grand example of creativity within the world of women’s retail. Empowering content Whether it’s a Victoria Secret model or David Beckham in his pants, lingerie advertising is day in and day out highly sexualised – far removed from the everyday reality of buying underwear. With ‘Incredible Machines’ – a short film designed to endorse the campaign – Selfridges sets a very different tone. In the video, a number of inspirational women speak about the relationship they have with their own body. A deliberate change away from traditional advertising, Selfridges uses video as a way of creating conversation as well as promoting its core message. With its empowering subdue and inspirational subject matter, it’s certainly a refreshing take on the world of lingerie advertising – and a great way of capturing consumer prejudiced in the Body Studio. Unique in-store space Described as a ‘statement space’, the Body Studio is Selfridges’ attempt to capture a neglected category and truly celebrate it. Instead of resigning lingerie to one corner, it has made it the focus of the largest department in... Division of a five-year refurbishment project, it is designed to be a destination within a destination - a place where people will want to come to explore. What is unique about the Consistency Studio is that, despite selling a multitude of luxury brands, the studio itself is heavily promoted as a Selfridges-own service. Instead of focusing on the designers or even the clothes themselves, the warehouse is much more focused on the overall experience it provides. Including a 'Fit Studio', two beauty rooms, a Daniel Galvin hair salon and a healthy eating café, it harks back to the days where shopping was an all-day bustle and not just a lunch-time browse. Integrating the categories of wearable technology , activewear and underwear, it highlights the way clothes are now seen as an extension of our lifestyle choices. Interactive digital occurrence The Body Studio digital hub aims to complement the in-store experience, offering a wealth of content related to fashion, health and wellbeing. With its pared-down design, there is a clear focus on editorial, and this makes for an enjoyable and interesting user experience. As okay as features that cleverly advertise products, there are also recipes and interviews - making it feel like more of a lifestyle publication as opposed to just a retail website. As we've seen from the brand-new launch of its shoppable app , Selfridges has been focusing on its digital efforts of late. With its 360 degree-video as well as integrated streaming of Torso Talk debates, this section of its website is similarly digitally-savvy. However, what is different here is that the content always points the user’s attention back to the solid experience. In conclusion… While the digital hub provides an interesting glimpse into the Body Studio, it mainly. Source:

Beloved Match: A Love Letter To Wimbledon -

My pre-eminent style crushes weren't pop stars or actors. It was sport that had an early hold on my heart: I cycled seven miles each way to run trail at the legendary Iffley Road stadium in Oxford. From the 14-year-old Nadia Comaneci's dazzling perfect 10 in the '76 Olympics (as I clumsily learnt to cartwheel) to the barefoot covet-distance runner Zola Budd breaking world records, these were the women who made me want to run faster, try... My schoolgirl accessories were a battered accumulation of Dita hockey sticks, lovingly taped and re-taped in co-ordinated fluoro stripes and a 1982 World Cup red, white and obscene souvenir holdall - I learnt the England football team stats in lieu of... I admired tennis from an awestruck mileage. I never learnt to play properly but speed and guts carried me far enough to get me through games at school. I fell in love with the all-England imagine the tournament projected and, even now, I have a Pavlovian response to tennis commentary: McEnroe's voice, in particular, induces a hypnotic calm, which is only heightened by the accompanying thwacks and... For me, recently June, signifies the beginning of summer, when life slows to a gentler pace and so begins a chapter of Pimm's and park life and playtime, beginning in South London. Head I idolised Chrissie Evert in ribboned pigtails and hoop earrings as she shared the women's tennis crown with Navratilova through the news seventies. From Steffi Graf (my first cherished metal racket was "signed" by her and I was convinced it was the real thing, not a branding snare) to the Williams sisters, I worshipped the grace and power of the game's heroes. The good girls and the rebels, the angelic whites, the neon. And then it became my reciprocally to run around the world, literally and metaphorically. I increased my sporting repertoire: I learnt to climb and box, I had babies, and I chased them around for a while. I missed the impassion of the game, any game, in fact. Suddenly my son grew into a beanpole - tall and naturally co-ordinated on court. I wasn't ready to be beaten by a ten-year-old, so I picked up a vocation for the first time in years and started messing around with him in the park. Being an all-or-nothing kind of girl, I became addicted and got in order at my local club, suffering through an awkward trial period in too-new whites. For the first time in a while, I was the new girl - and the youngest - in a weekly rank full of strangers. I almost never missed it, Surprisingly profound conversations between sets continue over mugs of builder's tea afterwards. I'll not in the least train pre-dawn like Anna Wintour - I sneak games between the school run and work on the rare days I'm in control (my kids would slip-up me in the mornings anyway. ) And yet, tennis has become the only constant in my week, whether I am hitting with a child, a girlfriend, or my coach. It steadies and focuses me in a way the gym could not in a million years. I love the balletic stretching learning arc of tennis, and how the sun always seems to be miraculously shining when I have time to play. I like too learning to be a benign loser, and teaching my kids the same. Yes, I sometimes show up on court after not enough sleep in a haze and a baggy hoodie, but deep down I've always craved a homogeneous and the rules that come with it. Modern variations on traditional tennis whites are just about my favourite outfits... Source:

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  • Maintaining an woman's active lifestyle (sponsored)

    07/12/16 ,via Vail Daily News

    Women deal with a particular set of health risks and issues ... Those who live in the mountains tend to be rather active, even as they grow older. It’s all part of the mountain lifestyle, which Benson praises for creating healthy exercise habits.

  • Adidas Makes A Play For Women

    07/09/16 ,via Fast Company

    Day has valuable insight about why women's activewear has become so popular in recent years ... "Yoga was very important to the Lululemon mind-set because it said something about being mindful, so women were really joining the yoga movement," Day says.

  • 5 Size-Inclusive Activewear Brands That Know Fitness Is For Everyone

    07/11/16 ,via Refinery29

    If you're looking through popular retailers' clothing racks, it can seem like there's a persistent myth that only the skinny set step foot ... the majority of activewear brands available continue to ignore the 67% of women in the U.S. who wear a size ...

Details about 2 Piece Women's Spandex Activewear Set Gym Outfit Tank ...
Details about 2 Piece Women's Spandex Activewear Set Gym Outfit Tank ...
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Fashion Women's Activewear Running Clothing Set Gym Racerback Top ...
Fashion Women's Activewear Running Clothing Set Gym Racerback Top ...
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Piece Women's Spandex Activewear Set Gym Outfit Tank Top Fitted ...
Piece Women's Spandex Activewear Set Gym Outfit Tank Top Fitted ...
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