The Modern Classic Activewear Top + Tunic by gwenyth

The Modern Classic. Our French ballet uniform inspired piece that can be worn 2 ways - top and tunic. Built for movement and a vibrant feel.


The Tunic with bra in vintage watercolor wash ensures that each piece is unique. Grab yours now! #GreenAppleActive

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  • London Men's Wear Shows' Top 10 Moments

    06/14/16 ,via New York Times

    Allusions to dresses and skirts were everywhere, from silk car coats with full skirts at Grace Wales Bonner and oversize dropped hem tunic shifts at J. W. Anderson, glittery powder-paint-hued sweater dresses at Xander Zhou and quilted swaddling at

  • How to wear activewear to work without getting fired

    06/17/16 ,via Perth Now

    A Morgan Stanley Research 2015 report reveals global activewear sales have leapt 42 per cent over the past seven years to $US270 billion and could jump another $US83 billion, more than 30 per cent, by 2020. That's a lot of tights that will never see

  • Asia Pacific|Rebuilding Lives, and Homes, Shattered by Sri Lanka's Civil War

    05/17/16 ,via New York Times

    “We buried five family members in one grave as we fled,” said Saraswathi Ramasamy, the mother of Mohanaruby, the 12-year-old in the pink tunic, who was killed in the battle. Darkness settled on a sweltering summer evening this month as Ms. Ramasamy 

  • Put Your Look in a

    05/25/16 ,via New York Times

    From left: Zara oversize cotton shirtdress, $49.90 at Zara,; Tome oversize striped cotton poplin shirt, $495 at; Rag & Bone striped cotton shirtdress, $350 at Rag & Bone,; Nili Lotan cotton and linen tunic, $495

  • Devon mother who drank 20 cans of Red Bull A DAY damaged liver to alcoholic levels

    06/01/16 ,via Daily Mail

    A mother who drank up to 20 cans of Red Bull a day for four years damaged her liver so badly doctors were convinced she was an alcoholic. Mary Allwood was consuming the equivalent of 17 Mars bars of sugar and 16 cups of coffee of caffeine.

How to hold up activewear to work without getting fired - Perth Now

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Devon ma who drank 20 cans of Red Bull A DAY damaged liver to alcoholic levels - Daily Mail

Nurse who drank up to 20 cans of Red Bull A DAY for FOUR YEARS damaged her liver so badly doctors thought she was an alcoholic Mary Allwood, 26, ballooned from a greatness 16 to a size 24 due to the addiction In November 2015 was rushed to hospital... Mary Allwood was consuming the comparable of 17 Mars bars of sugar and 16 cups of coffee of caffeine. The 26-year-old would stash the cans all over the concern -spending more than £2,300 a year on the drinks. But last November she was rushed to hospital in an ambulance due to severe pain in her side, and an MRI inspect revealed her liver was twice the size it should be. Doctors were convinced she was an alcoholic until she said she was teetotal but... The high sugar capacity in the drinks can lead to fat being deposited in the liver - causing scarring. Five months ago Ms Allwood went 'cold turkey'. A try out last week revealed her liver is now back to normal. The full-time mother from Brixham, Devon, said: 'I needed it and I didn't punctiliousness at the time what damage it was doing to me. 'If I didn't get my fix I would be miserable and grumpy and it just wasn't an option - I would make sure I got it. 'At first... I would feel bad if I didn't have it. 'Now the thought that anyone can go to the shops and buy it makes me so worried. Ms Allwood - who is mother to three-year-old daughter Berivan - tried the caffeine drink for the beforehand time was she was aged 22 in a bid to give her a bit more energy. Initially it worked, but within just four months she was drinking up to 20 cans a day, necking at least two as other as she woke up at around 8am. 'If I didn't have any in the fridge I would walk to the shop and get two,' she said. 'I'd drink the first one in three sips, and then try and make the split second one last longer. Her weight shot up from a size 16 to a size 24, and she wasn't drinking any other fluid apart from Red Bull. Even an occurrence of heart palpitations a year after her habit began didn't halt her drinking. But in November 2015, she had extreme pain in her side and she was rushed to nursing home in an ambulance. An MRI scan revealed her liver was twice the size it should be and two fibrous lumps - the size of a grape and a satsuma - had formed on it. Prolonged intake of fulsome alcohol can cause inflammation of the liver and may contribute to fibrosis,... But a diet laden with sugar can lead to build-up in the liver, which can well-spring it to become dramatically inflamed and develop scarring and lumps. 'They kept talking about alcohol and asking how much I. Source:

What Happened When I Wore Leggings Every Day For A Year - Refinery29

I have shabby leggings every day this year except for four days. This is my leggings manifesto. I was homebound like everybody else, blanket-wrapped on the sofa with a frozen Trader Joe’s dinner, bottle of wine, and buckets of free time. That free time inevitably took me to the great world of online shopping — because when even Seamless won’t deliver, guess what still works. And it buys all the leggings. I had been a fairweather leggings-wearer (and a low-key pants-hater) my unconditional life. Sure, there were impossibly colorful stretch pants during my early-'90s childhood (when phrases like “stretch pants” still existed in the stylesphere). Then, the Louring Ages of Leggings dawned in the late '90s, lasting until the mid-aughts. During this era, I wore flares all through high Lyceum, dutifully changing into snap-button track pants for sports-related activities, as if there were no other way. But I had always harbored a bit of an aversion to pants -pants. A few years later, while tons of girls at my East Coast college started wearing leggings to class, I stuck to jeans and skirts. More recently, I began to toy with the fashion legging á la Rachel Zoe, coincidentally a fellow alumna of said East Coast college. I found a pretty pair of leather leggings at the Piperlime stockpile in Soho (RIP) in 2013, and for years, wore them constantly with ankle boots and sweaters, long coats, jean jackets, and even an current dress once or twice. I also paired standard athletic leggings with longer, tunic-like shirts to dress them up. But, save for these at most sometimes-a-week outfits, I lived a relatively leggings-free existence. Maybe I was bored with my existing wardrobe. Maybe I was grudging of the yoga girls on Instagram for being on SoCal beaches rather than in the middle of a blizzard, doing forearm stands in their wildly printed sports bras and leggings. But hours later, I was no longer just a accidental dabbler in all things Spiritual Gangster. I had confirmation emails in my inbox for a matching sports bra and leggings from Onzie (I could write a paean to those prints ), some malignant mesh Motopants , and a tie-dyed pair from Alo Yoga with holes up and down the legs. Altogether, I probably bought five pairs, both covet and cropped — a full week’s wardrobe, basically. I had browsed Beyond Yoga , Carbon38 , Electric & Rose , and discovered a few other fun indie brands. Lief, my leggings obsession became an in-joke among my coworkers. I am Leggings Girl. But my daily leggings-wearing habit became more than a eccentric quirk — it made me realize two important things:. Until a couple of years ago, I was a fairweather yogi. Now, my daily yoga clothes has nicely dovetailed with my daily leggings habit. People often conflate “tight” with “sexy” when it comes to clothes — and it made me know powerful to wear revealing clothes with zero intention of being sexy (especially at work). It made me realize there’s no one “type” of body that can “jump off” leggings. They’re for every size and every shape — including mine. I felt like I’d discovered a Third Way of dressing myself — not unequivocally fashion-girl , but not full-on Instagram yogi, either. And though, in the summer, I will likely go back to skirts and dresses, it feels practical to wear leggings with lining when it’s deadening. Plus, while some leggings-wearers have no intention of. Source:

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  • Modest Sportswear Brands

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    Designed for "women who want to live an active lifestyle without compromising on modesty," the brand's clothes and accessories respect cultural traditions without skipping out on style and comfort. The pieces range from comfortable tunics and logo-adorned ...

  • lucy Embraces Every Body with Extended Sizes Launch

    07/12/16 ,via

    "Active women come in many sizes ... The result is leggings that flatter and don't roll down at the waist, pretty tunics that look great to and from the studio, and tanks with cute details and no droopy arm holes or neck lines." Extended sizing will ...

  • Dallas shooting suspect was Afghanistan vet: US military

    07/09/16 ,via Economic Times

    The Texas resident served as an active reservist for six years from 2009 to 2015 ... a black man with a short beard shown with his fist raised and wearing an African-style print tunic.

USA Women's Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeve Tunic Top Casual Trapeze Loose ...
USA Women's Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeve Tunic Top Casual Trapeze Loose ...
Image by
USA Women's Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeve Tunic Top Casual Trapeze Loose ...
USA Women's Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeve Tunic Top Casual Trapeze Loose ...
Image by
USA Women's Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeve Tunic Top Casual Trapeze Loose ...
USA Women's Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeve Tunic Top Casual Trapeze Loose ...
Image by