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Misty Copeland's destiny was not to be a ballerina. But will trumps fate.

Activewear Collection ft. Lululemon, Under Armour, Nike & More! | LookMazing

Every new year, I like to refresh my activewear collection as a way to motivate myself towards new fitness goals. My weekly fitness activities consists of running,.

Power in Pink: Under Armour

Go for gold with the women's activewear collection from Buckle. Our workout clothes for women feature the latest from one of our favorite active brands Under.

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  • Stock Updates on Textile - Apparel Clothing -- Under Armour, Michael Kors Holdings, Hanesbrands, and Kate Spade

    Under Armour Inc. together with its subsidiaries, develops, markets, and distributes branded performance apparel, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and youth primarily in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia-Pacific, and

  • Albertville outlet mall stakes a bet on Finnish brand

    07/05/16 ,via Minneapolis Star Tribune

    “It is one of the top selling outerwear brands in Europe and the best seller in Scandinavian countries.” Similar to North Face and Under Armour, the brand includes activewear in the $30 to $80 range, sportier casual wear from subsidiary IcePeak running

  • How Virtual Prototyping Helped Under Armour Speed Up Samples

    07/06/16 ,via Sourcing Journal Online

    That was the case at Under Armour when the activewear brand decided to scrap its Fall 2015 women's collection and start over from scratch, mere weeks before its sales meeting. “Under Armour has been known for men's product for a long time, but the 

  • Report: Activewear Brands Resonate Most With Millennials But Apparel Falls Short on Engagement

    07/06/16 ,via Sourcing Journal Online

    MBLM's survey of 3,000 people in the U.S., aged 18 to 64, named Nike and Under Armour among the top three brands in the apparel category, with quotient scores of 42 and 35 respectively. MBLM defined the quotient as a shorthand score that Activewear

  • A New Pas de Deux: Puma Partners With New York City Ballet

    06/28/16 ,via Allure Magazine (blog)

    Puma announced today that it will partner with New York City Ballet as the company's official activewear partner. "We were excited about the possibility of working with the dancers of NYCB as a way to further our brand commitment to women's

How Under Armour, Inc. Is Entering a New $12.5 Billion Call - Motley Fool

But in a current press release, Under Armour revealed it will soon enter another lucrative market: sportswear. More specifically, Under Armour announced that it has hired way designer Tim Coppens as executive creative director of UAS, or Under Armour Sportswear, a new brand operating under the Under Armour banner. Coppens, for his say, previously worked at Ralph Lauren , most recently gained recognition for his namesake fashion collection, and will oversee imaginative direction for Under Armour's UAS brand when it launches this fall. According to Under Armour's press release, the UAS label will feature "fashion-driven effectuation sportswear," and is "designed to capture the existing opportunity of a collection that goes beyond the comforts of casual active wear and the trusted... Coppens elaborated: "There is a yearning for something new, a new twist on an American sportswear brand that allows the ambitious generation to go longer, faster and harder with intuitive spin-off and a modern style. Under Armour is in a unique position to take on the task of defining this space with an authentic east coast sports and invention brand footprint that is armed to enter the lifestyle market. CEO Kevin Plank added perspective to that opportunity during Under Armour's third-section 2015 conference call the following month, noting, "Today we're competing with effectively zero. Of course, that also means investors will need to be sufferer as Under Armour builds this new business from the ground up. Plank also stated during the call that "sportswear isn't heavily considered" in Under Armour's goal to nearly replica annual... In case you're wondering whether Under Armour can pull it off given powerful competition in the space, note that this isn't Under Armour's foremost time entering a well-established market. Under Armour only just made its debut in footwear, for example, with its first line of football cleats in 2006. Express-forward to last quarter, and footwear revenue jumped 64% year over year, to $264 million, representing just over 25% of totality... For now, however, Under Armour isn't revealing images or price points for its new UAS line. But it has confirmed that it will include men's and women's apparel, footwear, and accessories, and that commencing retail distribution for the brand will include UASportswear. com, select fashion retailers, and Under Armour Brand Houses in Chicago and New York. If Under Armour can transport its early success in other markets to capturing meaningful share in this new multibillion-dollar segment, I think continued market-beating returns are in believe in for investors with the foresight to buy and hold Under... Source: www.fool.com

Op-Ed | Blas Style Contributing to China's Luxury Fatigue - The Business of Fashion

SHANGHAI, China — As Chinese consumers improve confidence in their own sense of style, some are starting to ditch luxury for leisure. The luxury drift in China is often explained as a counterbalance to the country’s economic slowdown and the government’s distaste for overt displays of opulence. However, underlying this shift is a unique transition of China’s cultural, factional and street dynamics. China's sportswear market will surpass the luxury goods market by 2020, according to Euromonitor International, with false-digit growth each year to 280. 8 billion yuan ($42. 6 billion) compared with luxury's single digit nurturing to 192. 4 billion... In a quest to better understand how to re-connect with the nation’s increasingly fickle upwardly-mobile consumers, I recently met aspect to face with several of them. A self-confessed fashionista from the booming industrial city of Wuhan, deep in the country’s interior, Zhang admitted that he had been “teethed” on a set of “richness brands that arrived in China early”. As a princeling of China’s economic miracle, Zhang had grown up using luxury brands to showcase his dearest’s wealth, success and status. Zhang’s sentiments are part of a profound identity shift taking place in China, reflecting new realities for the polity’s moneyed millennials. High-end leisure and sportswear now occupy more space in local wardrobes, as luxury loses the cultural clout it in the good old days held in China’s ambitious economy. As a consequence of what is referred to the “secretary syndrome,” luxury brands are less capable of expressing importance or helping people “keep face. ” Some are losing social value as they become more accessible to a wider working residents who often save their salary year-round to buy a few branded products. As the draw to wearing luxury has diminished, a more practical mindset has started to pressure China’s next generation. One outcome of this is the previously unseen trend for well-off consumers to explore buying second-hand gratification in China, demonstrated by the growing popularity of online B2C luxury rental stores such as Ms Paris and Dress Up. But another is a... The daily commute to China’s worst cities is dominated by imagery of exemplary body types through a new world of “belfies,” yoga poses and gym-mania. ” “Are your legs as gangling as the length of an iPhone 6. ”. The focus in China has palpably shifted from a focus on the face and complexion, to an emphasis on body image and physical health. Riding the wave are international sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armour, active wear brands like The North Expression and Columbia, and yoga-wear giant Lululemon, followed by recent arrivals like Lorna Jane. Aiming for local relevancy, international brands have been instrumental in communicating this new lifestyle in China. Adidas has championed the idea of “modern sisterhood,” where young adept women “style-up to work out” — a powerful communal message in a nation of only-children, brought up under the one-child policy. Source: www.businessoffashion.com

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  • Blogs von billiebeauty

    07/12/16 ,via Mädchen

    In June, he was appointed creative director of a new sportswear line at Under Armour. And this week ... feels is a positive move from when we had to show in September during women¡¯s. The challenges is you¡¯re on the other side of the world and ...

  • Industry Headwinds Could Sink Under Armour, Analysts Say

    07/08/16 ,via realmoney.thestreet.com

    These issues are particularly acute in women's apparel," analyst Jay Sole wrote ... which will be attacking this category with its recently announced Under Armour Sportswear (UAS)." While Morgan Stanley and the Growth Seeker team remain entrenched ...

  • Under Armour focus of new Boyne Mountain store

    07/05/16 ,via Petoskey News

    women and children. “The wide varieties of activities and sports available at Boyne Mountain Resort are a great fit for the Under Armour brand,” said Boyne soft goods buyer Kelly Eccleston. “We both believe in the philosophy of an active lifestyle.

Under Armour UA Authentic 15'' Capri Leggings Activewear | eBay
Under Armour UA Authentic 15'' Capri Leggings Activewear | eBay
Image by ebay.com
Under Armour New Purple Striped Activewear Womens Size XL Semi Fitted ...
Under Armour New Purple Striped Activewear Womens Size XL Semi Fitted ...
Image by ebay.com
Image by www.ebay.com