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Difference Between Activewear and Sportswear

Difference between activewear and sportswear . Difference. Activewear and sportswear are two different types of attire for an active life style.

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  • The Overhead Compartment with Chris Evert

    07/08/16 ,via Pursuitist

    Today, Chris Evert works as a commentator for the game she loves and knows so well, and she has a new line of activewear on the market as well. The Overhead OC: If you added it all up, how many years have you spent on the road to play, watch and

  • Kit Culture Seamlessly Blends Casual Wear Style with the Fit and Fabric of Activewear

    07/06/16 ,via Digital Journal

    For their Kickstarter launch, Kit Culture is releasing three staple pieces- Casual Active Stretch Twill Pants, a Casual Active Fit Hoodie, and a Casual Active Zip Up. All of the products are designed with the lean, athletic male in mind, although many

  • New Brand Veil Is Bringing Stylish—and Modest—Activewear to Women

    06/10/16 ,via StyleCaster

    So far, the company has designed a zip-up sweater and a hoodie, and while your regular Lululemon or Adidas line might focus just on style or function, Veil also has to consider whether the garment is conservative enough for modest women. This means 

  • Veil, a New Modest Activewear Line, Has Legs on Kickstarter

    06/08/16 ,via Fashionista (blog)

    There are currently two designs available for preorder via Kickstarter and the brand's website; a half-zip sweater with a mock neck and front and back coverage panels (available with a pledge of $51 or more) and a versatile running hoodie with a secure

  • The Icebreaker Sample Sale Reduced Prices on Its Activewear, Athleisure

    03/01/16 ,via Racked NY

    Fitness apparel brand Icebreaker has brought its men's, women's and children's Merino wool activewear to 260 Fifth Avenue for its first sample sale at the venue, which kicked off at 9am this morning. We arrived just after doors opened to find a fully

New Identify Veil Is Bringing Stylish—and Modest—Activewear to Women - StyleCaster

So far, the convention has designed a zip-up sweater and a hoodie, and while your regular Lululemon or Adidas line might focus just on style or function, Veil also has to consider whether the garment is cautious enough for modest women. “When it came down to sizing, we had to work with a middle-ground mentality and create something that isn’t so tight, yet isn’t so give out with,” Ghanem said, adding that the tops will be available in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. Next up, Veil’s looking... Source: stylecaster.com

Unemployment is down. Gas prices are low. Why isn't America shopping? - azcentral.com

Gas prices are low. The conservation is bouncing back, and customers just aren't hitting stores or filling up digital carts like retailers – especially apparel chains and count on stores – thought they would. cc/1Tf9qD4 For more than a year, the biggest names at the shopping mall have cast a hopeful eye on the declining jobless rate and low gas prices, betting that it was only a event of time before consumers snapped out of a cycle of tepid spending... But, with the likes of Gap, Macy's and Kohl's reporting this week that they rang up surprisingly pessimistic sales this spring, retailers – especially apparel chains and department stores – are facing a troubling reckoning. The economy is bouncing back, and customers just aren't hitting stores or padding up digital carts like the shopping giants thought they would. "There seems to be some more macro issue, given both performance of ourselves and our competition," said Wes McDonald, chief pecuniary officer at Kohl's, on a Thursday. "There seems to be some change in consumer behavior. The uncertainty is lending fresh urgency to the challenges fa old-school stores, whether it is adjusting to the reality of online commerce or watching their customers shift from big-spending baby boomers to the more alert Millennials. MORE: April r. "My personal view of the retail real estate industry in the U. S. is that it is over-retailed," Sandeep Mathrani, chief administrative of General Growth Properties, told analysts earlier this month. "The primary reason retail properties have closed and will almost is obsolescence. The rise of Internet shopping appears to be reaching a new threshold. Once it was thought that the online universe might be perfect for selling electronics and books but things that people desideratum to touch and try on, like clothes, would endure in the cozy realms of brick-and-mortar stores. Recent sales patterns suggest retailers have reached an inflection locale. Analysts at financial services firm Cowen & Co. predict that Amazon. com is on pace to overtake Macy's as the largest apparel retailer by 2017. Meantime, airline travel is at record levels and restaurant sales growth has been solid, suggesting that consumers are choosing to shell out for experiences in place of of... "It's finally all coming to fruition, this perfect storm that's been brewing for so long is finally starting to hit," said Marcie Merriman, a consumer-promise consultant at the advisory firm EY. "I think this is only the beginning. And so the industry is stepping up its efforts to find new tactics to get shoppers to open their wallets more – and to grasp behind-the-scenes changes such as trimming expenses to protect themselves in case they don't. In some cases, that has meant trying their luck with new store concepts. Kohl's, for prototype, is launching standalone outlet stores for its Fila brand of activewear and is among a few department stores launching an off-price outlet. Maxx and Marshall's position out as rare retail bright spots, Kohl's, Macy's and Lord & Taylor are all now trying to cash in on the treasure-hunt pattern of shopping that these off-price sellers are known for. Some ailing retailers are going even further outside of their comfort zones. Urban Outfitters bought a pizza manacle last year to gird itself against the tough environment for selling clothes. Nordstrom, which released lackluster financial results Thursday and lowered its foretell for business in 2016, is experimenting with technology such as video-enabled "smart mirrors" that allows you to see how your. Source: www.azcentral.com

In NikeLab's collaboration with Balmain's architect, high-tech materials meet “dark glamour” - Quartz

Nike’s innovative and speculative high-end division, NikeLab, has a big new collaboration coming out, and it’s a perfect storm of fashion, activewear, and Instagram. On June 2, NikeLab is launching a column with Olivier Rousteing. By reputation, he’s known foremost as the designer of luxury house Balmain, and then just slightly less as a Kardashians and Kanye West favorite and one of attitude’s most Instagram-famous personalities. His soccer-inspired “Football Nouveau” collection plugs perfectly into fashion’s persistent love affair with activewear, mixing NikeLab’s innovations with his well-established predilection for black, gold, and lots of embellishment. Taste, which spoke to Rousteing about the collection, called it “a felicitous marriage of Nike’s technically advanced materials with Rousteing’s love of cheerless glamour. Apparently Nike toned down some of Rousteing’s more adventurous ideas for the partnership, which began more than a year ago. The women’s zip-up jacket, for event, is meant to double as a dress. It’s so short, though, that probably only one of Rousteing’s many model pals, such as Kendall Jenner, would attempt it that way. As Rousteing explained in the bear on release , the goal was to imagine his typical designs for the Nike athlete. “Fashion is usually about the catwalk and the glamour, but with Nike it was about exhibit and the athletes,” Rousteing explained. If you had to imagine Balmain creating an off-the-pitch wardrobe for the French national team, it would probably look something like this. Nike has also done collaborations with the form designers Riccardo Tisci and Chitose Abe of Japanese label Sacai. Rousteing boasts a wide range of celebrity and original friends who routinely tout him and his work on their social accounts. When Rousteing and Balmain recently collaborated with H&M on a line, people truly fought to get their hands on it when it hit store shelves. Source: qz.com

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  • Amazon Prime Day 2016: Best And Latest Deals, What Else To Know

    07/13/16 ,via Patch

    Up To 30 Percent Off Device Cases — Amazon ... See all of the fashion selections for men here and women here. We'll be highlighting some of the best of each below: Rebecca Minkoff Side Zip Medium Mab Tote Convertible Cross Body (Save 30 Percent ...

  • Is What’s Good For Facebook Not So Good For Democracy?

    07/13/16 ,via Moyers & Company

    With some 1.65 billion active users, Facebook is easily the world’s largest ... “You have to have a lot of time to keep up with the algorithm,” she adds. “If you aren’t going to buy into their just-pay-to-have-your-content-seen service strategy ...

Shosho Women's AHD15N106 Activewear Sleeveless Zip Up Hoodie | eBay
Shosho Women's AHD15N106 Activewear Sleeveless Zip Up Hoodie | eBay
Image by ebay.com
Shosho Women's AHD15N100 Activewear Sleeveless Zip Up Hoodie | eBay
Shosho Women's AHD15N100 Activewear Sleeveless Zip Up Hoodie | eBay
Image by www.ebay.com
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories > Women's Clothing > Tops & Blouses
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories > Women's Clothing > Tops & Blouses
Image by ebay.com