Universal AC 15A (180W) to 12V DC Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter

I use this adapter to use Air Compressor 14 Ampere. There are various Power Output like 180 Watt, 120 Watt etc.

Review: 400W Digitally Controlled DC/DC Step-Up Boost Converter

This digitally controlled boost converter makes driving high power LEDs from a 12 volt source really easy. But it has a really slow voltage rise time, so the LED.

12V 10AMP DC Power Supply

How to wire and test a common 12V switching power supply, suitable for 110V / 220V AC. I've been using a car battery charger as a desktop power supply for.

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  • Power Electronics Products of the Week (9/4-9/10) Part 1

    Murata has added an expanded range of digitally controlled, PMBus compatible OKDL products to Murata Power Solutions' Okami series of non-isolated point-of-load (PoL) DC-DC converters. The OKDL-T/6-W12, OKDL-T/12-W12, and OKDL-T/18-W12 

  • Power Electronics Products of the Week (6/26-7/2) Part 1

    Lexar announced the Lexar Portable SSD, which is designed to deliver a high-speed storage solution for professionals requiring the ability to quickly store and access data on the go. This compact and durable portable solid state drive delivers read

  • Zero IQ IC Protects Against Reverse Polarity Inputs

    1. Basic reverse polarity protection circuit allows positive inputs and prevents negative inputs from reaching the load. The LM74610-Q1 from Texas Instruments combines with an external NFET to configure a reverse polarity protection circuit. This

  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters Detect And Mitigate Effects Of Arcing Faults

    Both the current signal and the ground current signal are amplified and converted into a digital signal with an A/D converter. The microprocessor then calculates the line current and the irregularities in the current signals using special software

  • Compact, High-Current Enerbee Power Connectors

    DF63 Series: 3.96mm pitch, maximum rated current 15A. Features high reliability with multi-contact points. Available in straight, right angle and in-line configurations. DF22 Series: 7.92mm pitch, maximum rated current 30A. Four-point contact design

Power Electronics Products of the Week (9/4-9/10) Essentially 1 - Power Electronics Technology

Digitally Controlled Pol Converters in Stiff Density Packaging . Murata has added an expanded range of digitally controlled, PMBus compatible OKDL products to Murata Power Solutions ' Okami series of non-excluded point-of-load (PoL) DC-DC converters. The OKDL-T/6-W12 , OKDL-T/12-W12 , and OKDL-T/18-W12 deliver 6, 12, and 18A individually. Exhibiting versatility, the new models accept input voltages from 4. 5V to 14V and have an adjustable output voltage range from 0. 6V to 5V (1. 8V max for 18A epitome). Designed for a minimal footprint, the high-power-density LGA modules measure just 12. 2 x 12. 2 x 8. 0 mm. The OKDL converters suggest a typical efficiency figure of 91. 6% at 12Vin, and are able to operate in a temperature range of -30 to +95... The OKDL products are designed to power low-voltage silicon devices such as CPUs, FPGAs, microcontrollers, intelligence circuits, memory, and other analog/digital devices in mixed voltage systems. With their digital control and PMBus compatibility, the converters advance easy user configuration and monitoring. Standard features include short circuit, over current, over voltage, over temperature, and input under voltage sanctuary, voltage margining and tracking, power good, remote sense, and remote on/off. The converters employ adaptive compensation of the PWM command loop, a phase spreading feature to reduce input capacitance, synchronization to reduce EMI filtering, and an optimized dead ever control. Specifically designed for use with data storage, high-density, backup, or cloud servers, Jaro 's new low-profile, 1U CPU cooler (with torridness-sink) is perfect for Intel processors that interact with square socket (2011) types. The high-quality coolers come in two sizes, one of which provides a sparing heat-sink solution. This new (dual bearing) CPU cooler & heat-sink combination is enhanced by skived, copper fins. As each copper fin is apart attached to the heat-sink, it is able to provide evenly-distributed levels of cooling. The 1U boasts an impressive 70,000 hours of extended life, at 40 °C / 65%. . AC Current Sensors Expanded for High Current Applications. TDK Corporation has expanded its CCT series of fasten together AC current sensors with a new 600 A type. The lineup of TDK current sensors is now positioned to meet the high-current sensing needs of forcefulness management systems (EMS) for buildings, factories, stores and communities. The new CCT406393-600-36 current sensor has a clamp inner diameter of 36 mm and foreign dimensions of 56 mm x 67 mm x 96 mm. With a current transformation ratio of 3000:1, the output current is 200 mA. The new clamp AC contemporaneous sensor achieves its... Moreover, the CCT series is manufactured with automated winding and soldering processes to ensure high nobility. With the addition of this new component to a current sensor lineup that already includes a 300-A (24 mm inner diameter), 100-A (16 mm) and 30-A (6 mm) types, TDK offers a encyclopedic portfolio of clamp AC current sensors for a wide range of... Quick and easy installation in existing power order panels Integrated open-circuit protection element for voltage peak suppression Automated winding and soldering processes make sure high quality. Source: powerelectronics.com

Power Electronics Products of the Week (6/26-7/2) In support of participate in 1 - Power Electronics Technology

Compact Solid State Drive Solution Delivers Mobile Convenience and High Speed . Lexar announced the Lexar Small SSD, which is designed to deliver a high-speed storage solution for professionals requiring the ability to quickly store and... With gamy-speed performance up to six times faster than traditional external hard drives,2 the Portable SSD serves as an effective tool for subject and personal use by providing mobile access to everything from documents to high-definition video,... Available in 256GB and 512GB capacities, the Lexar Shirt-pocket SSD features an LED capacity meter to easily gauge available storage space. Additionally, the Lexar Portable SSD is compatible with the Lexar Finished Workflow line of products, enabling photographers and videographers to easily create a custom workflow solution that best suits their needs. The CSSH2512 from Stackpole is a 3W reported sense chip that has now been qualified to AEC-Q200. The CSSH2512 offers resistance values from 0. 5 milliohm up to 10 milliohm in tolerances as stingy as 0. 5% and TCR as low as 25 ppm. This makes it a great choice for a wide range of power supply and motor control applications where turbulent power to size ratio is critical including LED Lighting, and automotive electronics and controls. Bidirectional Single-Line ESD Shelter Diodes. Vishay Intertechnology released two new bidirectional single-line ESD protection diodes in the compact SOD-323 package. Measuring only 1. 95 mm by 1. 5 mm with a low 0. 95 mm excess, the space-saving Vishay Semiconductors VLIN1626-02G and VLIN2626-02G offer low capacitance and leakage current for the care of automotive data lines against transient voltage... For LIN bus applications, the diodes released today provide transient safety for one data line as per IEC 61000 4 2 at ± 30 kV (air and contact discharge). The AEC-Q101-qualified devices feature low load capacitance of 15. 5 pF regular and 18 pF maximum, low maximum leakage current of < 0. 05 µA, and working voltages of -16 V / +26. 5 V or ± 26 V. The protection diodes are lead (Pb)-free and... Rugged Self-Aligning, Floating Board-To-Board Connector. Hirose has designed a board-to-board connector with a highly reliable floating contact mechanism and self-alignment structure that simplifies assembly. Providing +/- 0. 6mm floating in the X and Y axis directions, the FX20 Series absorbs mounting misalignment from multiple stacking connectors as well as PCB shrinkage caused by high temperatures. It has a highly reliable double beam contact structure that provides high shock and vibration resistance. Each contact beam has a different vibration characteristic and a different contact force, which widens the frequency range and reduces resonance. In this unique design, the first beam has a 0. 5N contact force, while the second beam has a 0. 35N contact force. The FX20 Series is resistant to sulfur dioxide, and operates in environments up to 105 °C, with thermal shock protection from -40 °C to +85°C for up to 1000 cycles. Spectrum announced the release of two Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) that set new standards for speed, precision and size. Source: powerelectronics.com

Zero IQ IC Protects Against Trouble Polarity Inputs - Power Electronics Technology

The LM74610-Q1 from Texas Instruments combines with an alien NFET to configure a reverse polarity protection circuit. This configuration acts as an ideal “smart diode” that allows decided voltage inputs, but prevents negative inputs from reaching a load, as shown in Fig. In addition, it has low reverse leakage current and low power recklessness. This new IC replaces two different techniques that have been employed in automotive and industrial applications requiring reverse polarity protection. One technique uses Schottky diodes ( Fig. of a Schottky diode is ~0. 4V and can consequence in relatively high operating temperatures if conducting for a long time. Operating at 10 A, the diode power dissipation can reach 5 to 10 W, which could trouble its reliability and require removal of heat to a safe level. Another disadvantage is the diode’s relatively high reverse leakage in the air. PFET solutions are inefficient for high load current and low input voltage. Plus, the PFET has higher I results in a diminish on state forward voltage power loss than a PFET. The LM74610-Q1 and an external N-channel MOSFET can replace a diode or PFET flip side polarity solution in power systems. The voltage across the MOSFET source and drain is constantly monitored by the LM74610-Q1 anode and cathode pins. An internal liability pump provides the gate drive for the external MOSFET. Forward conduction is through the MOSFET 98% of the time and be means of its body diode 2% of time when energy is stored in an external charge pump capacitor Vcap ( Fig. This stored dynamism is used to drive the gate of the MOSFET. The voltage drop depends on the R ) during t0, as shown in Fig. This forward voltage drop across the body diode of the MOSFET is acclimated to to charge the charge pump capacitor, Vcap. During t0, the charge pump capacitor Vcap is charged to a 6. 3V threshold (standard). Once the voltage on the capacitor reaches 6. 3V, the charge pump is disabled and the MOSFET turns ON. The energy stored in the capacitor is hardened to provide the gate drive for the MOSFET (t1 in Fig. When the MOSFET is ON, it provides a low resistive path for the drain current to flow and minimizes the power amusement associated with forward conduction. The power losses during the MOSFET ON state depend primarily on its R , will then begin to flow through the body diode of the MOSFET, causing the MOSFET centre diode voltage drop to appear across the anode and cathode pins. Then, the charge pump circuitry is re-activated and begins charging Vcap. LM74610-Q1 undercover agent keeps the MOSFET ON approximately 98% duty cycle (typical) regardless of the external charge pump capacitor value. The despatch voltage drop during this time is limited by the MOSFET’s R and load current. If the voltage difference across source and drain of the outer MOSFET becomes negative, it is sensed as a fault condition by Anode and Cathode pins and gate is turned off by Gate Quit Down pin ( Fig. The consistent sensing of voltage polarity across the MOSFET enables the LM74610-Q1 to provide a fast response to the power horse's mouth failure and limit the amount and duration of the reverse current flow. VcapH and VcapL are high and low voltage thresholds individually that the LM74610-Q1 uses to detect when to turn the charge pump circuitry ON and OFF. Source: powerelectronics.com

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    FIG. 13 is a simplified schematic diagram of an AC-DC converter circuit. FIG. 14 is a simplified schematic diagram of a circuit including logic driving circuits. FIGS. 15A and 15B are simplified timing diagrams illustrating resonant operation of AC-DC ...

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    Figure 1: Synchronous buck DC/DC converter You should select inductors to manage output ... The benefits of high inductance include: Lower ripple current, which in turn reduces: AC losses (inductor skin effect). MOSFET root-mean-square (RMS) current.

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    Currently the trailer is wired for 120v AC only, but he'd like to add some 12v lighting (interior lamps, porch light, etc). Any suggestions for what type/brand/size of converter he should ... the bro to upgrade his 15A 120v electrical to 30A to provide ...

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