Go Power 1500 Watt Pure Sine Power Inverter 16 Month Review.

Please see comments That explain what I was trying to say. Just Showing how Happy I am with this Unit. No issues ever. Why I use a 12 volt Bank.

12v to 240v Inverter Test and More

System Live View. http://www. acdcpowermonitor. com/Systemlive.

Twelve Inverter Review - Part 4 : Go Power and Durafied

Twelve Inverter Review - Part 4 : Go Power and Durafied After a long break for other projects the review once again continues with two more inverters.

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  • Go big on solar or go home

    08/13/16 ,via Cal Coast News

    Another week or two later, with any luck, we can get the city inspectors and PG&E to do their thing and we'll have a “turning on” ceremony. I'm told that seeing your meter go backwards is truly epic! So not only will we run our house on solar power

  • This portable power solution can serve as the hub of your own solar micro-utility

    04/20/16 ,via Treehugger

    There's a new entry into the solar generator market, and aside from the fact that it gets under my skin when companies call a battery storage system a generator, it looks to be a viable competitor in the portable power category. Once charged, users

  • What the Tesla Powerwall home battery means: inexpensive time-shifting for solar energy

    05/01/15 ,via ExtremeTech

    For both, that's before installation (definitely not a DIY project for most) and the AC-DC inverter needed to convert 350-400 volts DC power to 120 or 240 volts AC. There may also . In most areas, municipal gas delivery does not go out during a

  • Power Electronics Products of the Week (7/10-7/16) Part 1

    Accepting a 90 to 264VAC input, the 100 to 150W adapters are available with 12V to 48V outputs and can operate in ambient temperatures up to +60°C (de-rating applies above 40 °C). In addition to satisfying Energy Efficiency Level VI with an average 

  • Living off-grid in Australia's tropical north: Tips from a long-term Daintree resident

    With the exception of a small group of properties next to the river, no homes in Queensland's Daintree have access to grid connected power. And yet, a large percentage of Daintree residents appear to have put off-grid renewable energy power systems 

Go big on solar or go profoundly - Cal Coast News

The threatening draw down of Diablo Canyon raises a number of questions, not just for local government entities dependent on the huge tax bonanza they’ve enjoyed for decades, but also for PG&E employees, the people who provide services and goods... Diablo Canyon, built in 1985, provides vibrations for over three million consumers and supplies about 8. 6 percent of the electricity used in California. On a larger more global scale, significant threats to U. S. verve security are an ever-present danger. Although the fracking process has breathed new life into U. S. energy capabilities, and the majority of US imports come from Canada and Mexico, big open to debate unthinkable marks about Persian Gulf imports remain. Twenty percent of the world’s oil supply travels through the Straits of Hormuz. Any interference of that pathway could send oil prices through the roof overnight, throwing economies and everyday living into chaos. With Iran like one possessed moving forward towards a nuclear solution to their problems (i. e. nuking everyone who does not agree with them and live according to their rules), and their ongoing threats to pally the Strait of Hormuz if their nuclear... Stickers telling you what day of the week you can buy gas. Huge double digit inflation (remember that the trucks that make off goods also use gas, so increases get passed along to us). Okay, that was depressing. So what can the average person do to keep the lights on at home without facing momentary bankruptcy. Well, we live in California, and in case you haven’t noticed, it’s pretty sunny here. I’ve been watching home solar systems for wholly some time, and frankly, there have been a couple of big barriers to entry. Friends of ours have invested nearly $100,000 to put solar panels on their roofs. Although you might imagine solar panels would detract from the look of your house, many people prefer to have them on the street side—they’re an expensive status watchword. And like driving a Prius or other hybrid, part of the appeal of solar panels is appearing “more moral” than your neighbors. I see no reason to put up panels that are wholly dependent on the grid. If the grid goes down, I prerequisite to keep running. In answer to the first problem, cost, the good news is that solar is becoming increasingly affordable. You can essentially “sublet out” your roof to a solar power company. You pay nothing for the panels, and your electric bill is cut quite a bit (usually 20 to 50 percent, depending on the company). Buying your pattern is still on the pricey side, but much better than just a few years ago. Most of the solar power companies provide helpful financing, and you might qualify for some tax deductions. If you buy your group, you will probably send about $6 per month to PG&E for the privilege of being part of the grid. Needless, to say, the power companies want to raise that amount, just like our insatiable declare legislators want to charge us a mileage tax (those pesky hybrids and EVs just don’t pay their share. If you invest in a solar system, be prepared to watch these incursions and weigh in. If set someone back is an issue for you, a lot depends on how much you currently pay for electricity. I don’t think of us as energy gluttons, but I confess to having higher bills than our neighbors. We’re still operation lower than our bills in Houston in the 80s, but air conditioning there is a 24-7 affair. Source: calcoastnews.com

Power Electronics Products of the Week (7/10-7/16) Factor 1 - Power Electronics Technology

Adapter Power Supplies Encounter Efficiency Standard . TDK Corporation introduces the TDK-Lambda DT100D and DT150D adapter power supplies compliant with level VI efficiency standards. Suitable for a genre of test and measurement, communications and industrial applications, the adapters meet the new stringent average efficiency and no-load power regulations, mandated by the US DoE fitting from February 2016. Accepting a 90... The series is housed in a rugged, vent-free enclosure, measuring 85 x 170 x 44mm. AC is applied using a ideal IEC 60320-C13 cable and DC provided through a four pin Power-DIN connector. Protection Device Brings Added Safety to One-Cell, Lithium-Rechargeable Battery Packs. Diodes Incorporated has introduced a battery blackmail device specifically designed for the safe operation of 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+) battery packs. The AP9211 combines a protection sherd with a dual N-channel MOSFET to provide a rich set of features that include overcharge, over-discharge and load short-circuit detection. 1-room battery packs for smart phones and power banks are the primary end-market and this protection circuit is aimed at the manufacturers of protection perimeter modules who supply the battery pack makers. The AP9211 co-packages a battery protection chip and a standard dual N-guide common-drain MOSFET in a small 3mm x 2mm 6-pin package. The low profile (<0. 6mm) of the U-DFN2030-6 package helps achieve a slimmer protection circuit board design, which in turn allows for larger battery capacities for a given battery size. Uninterruptible Power Supplies for Indoor Use. Bourns announced three new uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that are compact, feature-rich DC power supply and battery back-up solutions. The latest UPS devices from Bourns are optimal DC power supply and battery back-up devices for 12 Vdc powered Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), and are also well-suited for any 12 Vdc application where DC power and battery back-up is required. Offering small size for placement flexibility and designed for high reliability, Bourns ’ latest UPS models provide three alarm features, ONT reset and cold start functions along with overvoltage protection and EMI/RFI filtering. These UPS devices utilize Lithium-Ion battery technology with integrated battery management systems which helps assure long-life and safe operation. The Model MX1236 Series Indoor MicroFlex UPS offers a unique low-profile design where the DC supply and Lithium-Ion battery pack can be stacked, and can accept up to three battery packs for additional back-up capacity. In addition, the Model MX1236 Series UPS is capable of accepting 50 / 60 Hz AC power inputs from 100 to 240 Vac. This DC power supply provides a nominal DC output of 12 V / 3. 0 A (36 Watts). During a power failure, the replaceable Lithium-Ion battery pack is capable of providing up to 10 hours of back-up capacity at 8 Watts. Vishay Intertechnology released two new bidirectional symmetrical (BiSy) single-line ESD protection diodes for portable electronics with a low working range of 3. 3 V in the ultra-compact CLP0603 silicon package. Source: powerelectronics.com

Living off-grid in Australia's tropical north: Tips from a yearn-term Daintree resident - One Step Off The Grid (blog)

With the umbrage at of a small group of properties next to the river, no homes in Queensland’s Daintree have access to grid connected power. And yet, a large percentage of Daintree residents be included to have put off-grid renewable energy power systems (RAPS) in the “too hard basket. This is partly because many existing solar systems in the yard were installed in the mid-90’s – as part of the Daintree Rescue Package – at a time when knowledge of solar (and especially of the climatic and environmental conditions here) was in... This has resulted in a run-of-the-mill dislike and distrust of solar RAPS in the area and continuous agitation for grid connected supply. Thankfully, things have changed a lot in off-grid solar and storage technology since 1995. But there is still a lot of thoroughly to get across and choices to be made. A well designed and operating solar RAPS here can supply most households’ needs certainly, even in the wet, but without understanding of how it works and its limitations, it can be a source of immense frustration. Basic design principles for off-grid solar and storage:. 1) Solar panels are now sale-priced, and reliable, and it is wise to have a bigger panel array than you think you need. In grey or wet weather this will pay dividends, and the back-up diesel generator run-in the good old days b simultaneously will be significantly reduced (or maybe eliminated altogether). Discharging lead acid batteries regularly by more than 30 per cent of their capacity leads to hasty failure. 3) Minimise your energy wants, determine your (real) energy NEEDS. 4) Understand the principles of solar RAPS enough so you can talk intelligently with your installer/supplier. Unfortunately, truly few properties in the Daintree have sufficient permanent water flowing through them for mini-hydro to be a viable option, and even if they do, the ‘head’ (that is the summit drop between the upstream entry to the property and... Our wind resource is also very limited unless your property is on a ridgeline or terribly near the beach. It is recommended that if you REALLY want to have wind power, that you monitor your site for at least a year with a recording anemometer set on a tower at least 30 metres drunk. If your average windspeed is less than 40km/h… forget it. Solar panel installation:. Solar panels require direct sunlight to cast maximum power, but can produce significant power in light overcast conditions. Shading of any part of a panel (even though the rest is in full sun) will drastically reduce its productivity, a fact that needs to be borne in mind when choosing a location for your array. Conventionally arrays are roof mounted and in timbered areas this is usually the only option. As it is wise to have a clearing of at least 50 meters around a dwelling (for cyclone protection and air movement – and maybe a garden) this should concede the array to get maximum solar exposure. If you have a larger cleared area, mounting the array at ground level is a good election as it allows ease of maintenance, cleaning and adjustment, whereas roof mounts can be difficult for many to access. The array must mien north, but if possible, it should allow for easy adjustment of the sun angle – from almost horizontal in summer (when the sun is actually in the south at midday, here in the tropical North) to about 30 degrees north in the... Source: onestepoffthegrid.com.au

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  • Power Inverter 12V DC to 220V AC

    10/08/16 ,via ebay.com

    Continuous Output Power: 2000W. Include package:1 x 2000W DC 12V to AC 220V power inverter. Features:Input voltage: 10-15 V DC. Output voltage: 210V - 240V AC. Max Output Power (Peak): 3000W. Continuous Output Power: 1500W. Include package:1 x 1500W DC 12V ...

  • The GO Outdoors Guide To Powering Your Appliances

    10/04/16 ,via gooutdoors.co.uk

    Choose the right batteries, from 12v to 240v, and understand inverters, mains power and portable power before you GO away. 12 volt appliances can be connected to any of the following power sources: Fitted with two crocodile clips an appliance can be ...

  • Will 12v invert into 100v using a inverter?

    06/21/16 ,via www.quora.com

    Long answer: you are meaning 12v dc into 120 or 240v ac? This is common for car applications as people want to run household goods off their 12Vdc car battery. The reason you can go ... power supply makes this possible. you will need an inverter designed ...

... Electronics & GPS > Car Electronics Accessories > Power Inverters
... Electronics & GPS > Car Electronics Accessories > Power Inverters
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Stackable 2500W Power Off Grid Inverter 12V 24V 48V DC to 240V 120V AC ...
Stackable 2500W Power Off Grid Inverter 12V 24V 48V DC to 240V 120V AC ...
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Projecta 12V to 240 Volt 1000W Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter ...
Projecta 12V to 240 Volt 1000W Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter ...
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