Twelve Inverter Review - Part 4 : Go Power and Durafied

Twelve Inverter Review - Part 4 : Go Power and Durafied After a long break for other projects the review once again continues with two more inverters.

Fixed 2000 Watt Go Power Inverter

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  • Solar power and retail marijuana moratorium at Nov. 22 special town meeting

    11/10/16 ,via Daily Bulldog

    FARMINGTON - The Board of Selectmen approved a warrant for a special town meeting Tuesday, with solar power, curb cuts and a retail marijuana moratorium among the issues to be discussed on Nov. 22. The warrant includes six action items, beginning with

  • What The World Will Do To A Trump Administration

    11/11/16 ,via Seeking Alpha

    Another idea is to resuscitate America's coal industry by removing federal regulations on coal fired power plants. This is unlikely of success because the very many coal fired power plants built here following the 1973 oil embargo are reaching end of life.

  • Enphase's Survival Will Rely on Microinverter Cost Cuts and Growth in Energy Storage

    11/02/16 ,via Greentech Media

    Despite helping to forge an industry for module-level power electronics, Enphase has found itself undercut on price by string inverters and SolarEdge's optimizer architecture. Battered by Prior to joining GTM, Eric Wesoff founded Sage Marketing

  • Mainstream Media Refuses To Let These Renewable Energy Myths Go

    10/25/16 ,via CleanTechnica

    Along similar lines, columnist Des Houghton wrote in Brisbane's Courier Mail about the Queensland RET: “Along the way the rush to renewables will destroy the cheap power advantage provided by Queensland's coal fired power stations.” Again, Queensland

  • The Aquion Energy Saltwater Storage Battery

    I'm just your normal homeowner myself, but I've been following solar technology for years wondering when it would be viable for the general public to start making our own power vs buying it from the grid. I went OG years My garage at 2000 sqft is

Solar power and retail marijuana suspension at Nov. 22 special town meeting - Daily Bulldog

FARMINGTON - The Panel of Selectmen approved a warrant for a special town meeting Tuesday, with solar power, curb cuts and a retail marijuana respite among the issues to be discussed on Nov. The warrant includes six action items, beginning with a 180-day moratorium on applications, permits and licensing for retail marijuana establishments. That respite, which could be extended for additional 180-day periods if necessary, would allow the town to develop ordinances in relation to the presumed passage of Theme 1 at Tuesday's referendum. Question 1 would create the "Marijuana Legalization Act" and legalize, at the state level, both a limited amount of marijuana for recreational use as kindly as the licensing and taxation of different kinds of marijuana retail establishments. The act includes language allowing local municipalities to either regulate or outright prohibit the operation of retail marijuana establishments or social clubs. Town Manager Richard Davis said that he had been approached by some residents who had expressed regard about where such establishments might be located in town. Ordinances could either be modified or created to restrict where marijuana establishments or social clubs would be located. 22 and if needed, the moratorium could be extended by the selectmen for additional, 180-day periods after the scheduling of a public hearing. Attendees of the special town gathering will also vote on an ordinance that would regulate solar energy systems. Constructing a solar project would require an application to the Code Enforcement Obligation, with larger commercial and industrial-sized installations requiring permit applications and planning board approval. The ordinance requires that the larger installations handle safety standards, notify abutters and set panel arrays at least 75 feet back property boundaries. The system would have to see sound limits, referring to the hum of the units' inverters, not exceeding 50 decibels at the closest property lines for residential solar and 60 dB for the larger sites. Commercial and industrial placement electrical and control equipment would need to be fenced off, with wiring and conductors installed underground, if possible. Solar power systems would have occasion for to be removed if they did not produce any power for 12 consecutive months. While residential systems would simply need to be removed by the owner, larger installations would lack the filing of a decommissioning plan which would include a "demonstration of financial assurance. Permit fees for solar systems would include $50 for residential systems and $500 for the larger, planning trustees-involved projects. Article 4 would add a new performance standard to the town's Site Review Ordinance, allowing the Planning Board to deem curb-cuts and background connectors when approving proposed business developments. The goal would be to limit the number of curb-cuts when plausible, as fewer cuts are generally seen as being safer along heavily-traveled roads like Route 2 & 4. Article 5 would outcome a release deed to Bill Marceau in relation to property alongside... That exchange of release deeds would go toward confirming a ordinary boundary between the town parking lot and Marceau's property. Article 6 would establish an ordinance allowing selectmen to stop in individually at the municipality office to sign disbursement warrants, allowing the town to meet payment obligations. Source: www.dailybulldog.com

What The In the seventh heaven Will Do To A Trump Administration - Seeking Alpha

America just elected a new president who promises policies that could successively our economy upside down. Trump policies won't be the only economic driver over the next four years. Factors beyond presidential restraint will constrain policy and have far greater impact on our economy. Increasing use of robots to replace assembly line workers means that bringing manufacturing back to America to repay manufacturing jobs is an illusion. Falling solar and wind energy costs combined with retirement of existing coal power plants reaching end-of-subsistence will prevent coal industry revitalization, regardless of regulatory changes. Trump administration options for creating low-skill jobs will be predetermined to infrastructure and renewable energy - auguring well for wind, solar energy, grid storage and electric vehicle companies. I voted for the other office-seeker, though not with enthusiasm, and was not surprised that my fellow citizens chose Mr. Trump. There is very broad dissatisfaction with how our economy divvies up opportunity and we saw that annoyance on election day. One notion is that returning manufacturing to America through trade "renegotiation" will restore lost assembly line jobs. Unfortunately, increasing use of robots and coordinated automation will torpedo that idea. Manufacturing may indeed return, but there will be many fewer assembly line jobs in relation to generate than before. Another idea is to resuscitate America's coal industry by removing federal regulations on coal fired power plants. This is unlikely of star because the very many coal fired power plants built here following the 1973 oil embargo are reaching end of life. (Prior to 1973 most US energy generation was oil fired. Coal consumption for electric generation is not going to increase unless we build new coal plants to take over from those already retired and others reaching end of life. This isn't going to happen because renewables and natural gas are cheaper for new-build generation. Federal contamination regulations, international climate treaties and fanatical tree-huggers are not driving the shift away from coal fired electricity. Insufficient briefly of new, twisted federal regulations requiring utilities to build new, uneconomic coal power plants, or a dramatic course change by China to greater, not less dependence on coal, US coal production and coal mining jobs aren't coming back. With major car markets in Europe, Asia and North America on shadow to eliminate or reduce the ICE cars on their roads, the gasoline and diesel fuel business is under obvious threat. And, because these mandates are controlled by other countries or by states, there is not that much that a Trump Oversight, even with a Republican Congress will be able to alter to protect the oil industry. Why Electric Cars Are Beginning to Takeoff. The original CARB ZEV rules were put in estate on the basis of environmental policy - mandating clean cars to "save the planet". Economics is starting to enter into the equation, and politicians are now, to a significant step little by little, just riding the wave of economically driven electric car disruption while claiming to support the environment. In June of last year I wrote an article describing Tesla's Example 3 car , based on Tesla using an improved chemistry battery storing ~40% more energy per kg of cell weight. Tesla's recent introduction of PowerWall 2. 0 with image = 'prety damned quick' the energy density and a built-in inverter shows they have much higher energy density battery cells. And these cells will allow Tesla to calculate Model 3 cars that are lighter and less costly to manufacture than corresponding BMW 3 Series ICE models. Source: seekingalpha.com

Enphase's Survival Will Rely on Microinverter Fetch Cuts and Growth in Energy Storage - Greentech Media

The indefiniteness continues as microinverter and energy storage firm Enphase races to grow market share, cut costs and enter new markets. The visitors just announced financial results for its third quarter. The good Enphase reported total quarterly revenue of $88. 7 million, up 12 percent compared to the sometime quarter It was Enphase's second-largest quarter ever by megawatts shipped Gross margins held relatively sensible at 18 percent, as did... missed consensus by $1 million Last month, the company announced a "restructuring," along with an 11 percent reduction in its 500-staff member workforce Earlier this year, Enphase entered into a $25 million loan agreement with a lender specializing in... This year, residential solar in the U. S. is prosperous to grow 20 percent to 23 percent. "Many industries would kill for 20 or 21 percent year-over-year development," said Shayle Kann, vice president of GTM Research, in a keynote address at the recent Solar Market Insight symposium, adding, "But when you've grown accustomed to a market in... There are lots of local, sometimes regional, residential solar installers who very likely would tell me that they're having a great year and expect to do the same next year. Enphase CEO Paul Nahi said he saw a lot of upside in solar and dash storage from those same "Tier 2s, Tier 3s and the long tail [installers]. " Enphase is also putting a lot of faith in the rapid growth of the Australian forcefulness storage market. When asked for actual energy storage booking figures during the earnings call, Nahi spoke of "a tremendous amount of optimism" but didn't give figures. Nahi did have some insight into what drives storage adoption: "So the primary driver, and when I say primary -- 99 percent of the reason that people are putting in storage in Australia correct now -- is effectively rate arbitrage. That requires a storage device that can cycle multiple times a day. It means that at any given time of the day, you're either powering up or powering down your battery, and because of that and because of the payment of storage, backup we feel doesn't make a lot of sense for our battery. If you're buying it for rate optimization, you don't actually have a full battery for least long. You basically fill it up and then drain it, fill it up and drain it, multiple times a day, which means that it's not necessarily going to be there for backup when you need it. So I empathize with that it’s a clever marketing message to give, but... Source: www.greentechmedia.com

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  • 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter 24 V

    10/29/16 ,via jet.com

    L x 10.75 in. W x 10.25 in. H (19 lbs.). The Go Power pure sine wave inverters are guaranteed to run any load within their wattage range. As long as the load is not greater then 2000 watts this inverter will run it. The GP-SW2000-24 can surge to 4000 watts.

  • Harness AC Power on the Go!

    07/27/15 ,via blog.harborfreight.com

    Whether you’re making a quick pit-stop or find yourself stuck on the side of the road, you can always use a reliable Power Inverter for running electronics from your vehicle. The 2000 Watt Continuous/4000 Watt Peak Power Inverter (Item #: 69662 ...

  • 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V

    10/06/16 ,via compactappliance.com

    A solid choice for large loads that demand a clean, pure source of AC power, the Go Power !™ 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V (model: GP-SW2000) can run several appliances and still provide plenty of pure, clean power for the sensitive loads.

GP SW2000 24 Go Power 24 Volt 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter | eBay
GP SW2000 24 Go Power 24 Volt 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter | eBay
Image by www.ebay.com
Go Power GP SW2000 24 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter | eBay
Go Power GP SW2000 24 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter | eBay
Image by ebay.com
GP DC KIT4 Go Power Inverter Install Kit 2000 2500 Watt 24V 3100 4000 ...
GP DC KIT4 Go Power Inverter Install Kit 2000 2500 Watt 24V 3100 4000 ...
Image by www.ebay.com