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Stanley 500 AMP Jump Starter with Compressor J5C09 http://amzn. to/2aYcZC2 Black & Decker BM3B 6V and 12V Battery Charger / Maintainer.

AllPowers 18v 7.5w Solar Car Battery Charger

This is a review of the AllPowers solar car battery charger . This is a great device to keep your 12v car, boat or RV battery topped off during periods idle time.

DIY Folding solar car battery charger

This DIY folding solar car battery charger is a great way to ensure it always starts. Curious about the FOLDING solar.

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  • The Ultimate Adventure Photography Vehicle

    11/02/16 ,via Fstoppers

    In other situations, taking advantage of natural resources like solar power can help you charge the devices that may need it, without the hassle of draining your car battery. Solar panel chargers are becoming more popular as the technology is rapidly 

  • Improving efficiency and performance in automotive applications through SiC

    11/02/16 ,via

    SiC, short for Silicon Carbide, which has for many years attracted attention due to its superior characteristics and performance over silicon, is being increasingly researched and adopted in a variety of applications in the industrial, automotive

  • SolarCity could be 'cash contributor' to Tesla, says Musk

    10/26/16 ,via CNBC

    Musk further told analysts that the upcoming unveiling of the Tesla "solar roof" with integrated battery and Tesla charger has "exceeded my expectations." Those products are expected to be unveiled Friday. The solar roof, which is meant to entirely

  • Tesla plans to equip new vehicles with self-driving hardware

    On Oct. 28, the companies plan to showcase a jointly developed solar roof, battery and Tesla charger in the San Francisco Bay area. Regulatory scrutiny. Tesla's update follows months of scrutiny over the name and function of Autopilot. In May, Florida

  • Three things to expect from Tesla's event tonight

    10/28/16 ,via CNET

    The Gigafactory has a solar roof -- why not your house, too? Tesla. First up, and probably the biggest Basically, a big 'ol battery pack you slap on the wall and charge up, using it to either offset electricity usage during peak loads or to keep

The Farthest Adventure Photography Vehicle - Fstoppers

One of a photographer's least talked about yet most worthy tools is the horse he rides in on. Okay, so I doubt many photographers are still riding horses, but the concept is the same: a trusty companion that will travesty you from point A to point... After all, it's not like you're going to hoof it into the middle of the Baja Desert, camera equipment in hand. While not all photographers are in the shop for an off-road capable ride, let's take a second to look at some of the key features that adventure photographers like Seth Jacobsen of Speculation Driven , who regularly frequents some of the worlds... Key Features Space I’ve been a Jeep guy for years, and as a photographer, I can tell you that it takes a A-OK deal of creativity to make room for all of the equipment you may need to fit inside the small cab. Traveling sometimes hundreds of miles into the most far-removed parts of the country, you want to pack everything you think you may need. Light stands, hard cases, food provisions, and the other unavoidable photographic equipment take up enough room on their own. let's not forget about the recovery equipment that’s often needed during the event that you run out of driving talent. Uplands space within your vehicle can be eaten up quickly, so choosing a truck or SUV that has the room for you and all of your gear is a must. Power Cigarette-lighter outlets are only active to charge so much, so additional power sources are a must. Many vehicles like the Ford Raptor come with power inverters mounted under the seats from the mill. This is great for when you need to charge batteries, plug in your laptop, or power lights. In other situations, taking advantage of natural resources like solar power can workers you charge the devices that may need it, without the hassle of draining your car battery. Solar panel chargers are becoming more popular as the technology is rapidly advancing and may reserve you from being caught at a location such as the Grand Canyon without power. Whether you plan on sleeping in, on, or under your ride, your vehicle is going to become your sumptuousness suite and office as the sun begins to set. Obviously, roughing it in a tent on the ground has its benefits, but for many, rooftop tents provide the security from creepy-crawly critters of the non-stop that’s needed when you want to lay down and review images under the peace of the stars. Recovery Equipment All of your expensive camera equipment isn’t prosperous to do much good if it’s buried along with your vehicle in the mud or sand. Prepare by purchasing the equipment you’ll need to be yanked out of the mud or sand as well as central tools you’ll need to make repairs along the trail. External Lighting As photographers, we're used to talking about lighting apparatus. Chances are you don't talk nearly as often about lighting your path on the way to where you're shooting (astrophotographers) until it's too late. There are many incredibly powerful LED lighting options on the deal in today that blow away any lights you could mount on your vehicle 10 years ago and draw only a fraction of the power that their halogen counterparts did. Chic Style is arguably the most subjective quality of a photographer's overland vehicle. Whether it’s a decked-out Baja-inspired pre-despatch-rider or a luxury SUV converted into the over-lander's dream, you ultimately get to make the final decision on the style of your ride. Source:

SolarCity could be 'ready contributor' to Tesla, says Musk - CNBC

Although the Tesla CEO — and SolarCity chairman — told analysts and reporters on a discussion call that they should take the statement with a "grain of salt," he said SolarCity could be at least "neutral" and possibly "a cash contributor" to... Tesla's proposed possessions of SolarCity has generated a fair amount of controversy and criticism from those who say the deal would not be a good use of Tesla's cash and would distract from Tesla's heart automotive business. But Tesla's latest earnings, which turned a profit for the first time in two years, were a vindication of sorts for Musk, and set a beneficial tone heading into the company's shareholder vote on the deal on Nov. Tesla has been burning cash as it ramps up its California factory for its Working model 3 car and continues development of its Gigafactory in Nevada. However, on Wednesday Musk lowered its expected capital expenditures for this year to $1. 8 billion, from an estimated $2. 25 billion aftermost quarter. Musk further told analysts that the upcoming unveiling of the Tesla "solar roof" with integrated battery and Tesla charger has "exceeded my expectations. The solar roof, which is meant to branch replace a house's roof with solar panels, will be targeted toward homebuilders or homeowners who need to replace their roofs. Therefore, Musk said, it will not cannibalize other SolarCity solar panel products. Tesla also is planning to lay bare more information about the financial aspects of the SolarCity deal on Nov. Tesla shares rallied after the closing bell Wednesday. Source:

Automotive Activity Trends: IoT Connected Smart Cars & Vehicles - Business Insider

Companies are pouring greenbacks into the Internet of Things, and one area of particular interest to investors is IoT connected cars. BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium inspection service, expects 94 million connected cars to ship in 2021, and for 82% of all cars shipped in that year to be connected. This would put a compound annual growth rate of 35% from 21 million connected cars in 2016. Automakers have correctly noticed a growing mode and a significant business opportunity for connecting their cars. BI Intelligence expects 381 million connected cars to be on the road by 2020, up from 36 million in 2015. Furthermore, BI Brains forecasts that connected cars will generate $8. 1 trillion between 2015 and 2020. But it won't just be car wi-fi... Public transportation, such as buses and trains, will also transfigure thanks to the IoT. Subway cars in New York City, for example, will start to have chargers, built-in Wi-Fi, and security cameras, according to the city's Metropolitan Transportation Officials. Still, connected cars will be the bread and butter of the Internet of Things automotive industry. Below, we've compiled a history of the growth of the IoT in transportation and outlined how the "Internet of vehicles" will up in the coming years. Evolution of Vehicles The first true technological leap forward for cars came in 1911, when automobile companies began installing tense starters into vehicles, according to Mashable. The cigarette lighter arrived in 1925, the radio in 1930, power steering in 1956, the 9-path player in 1965, the cassette deck in 1970, and air bags in 1984. But the true driver conveniences started rolling in after that. Pithy disc players started popping up in cars in 1985, followed by dashboard computer diagnostics in 1994 and GPS navigation systems in 1995. Then, in the 2000s, cars started to quirk USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity, the later of which... Today's Connected Smart Cars In the last several years, connected cars have exploded thanks to the IoT. Currently, automakers are connecting their vehicles in two ways: embedded and tethered. Embedded cars use a built-in antenna and chipset, while tethered connections use machinery to allow drivers to connect to their cars via their smartphones. Furthermore, app integration is becoming commonplace in today's vehicles. Perhaps the most significant case of the transformation of the automobile today is part two of Tesla's "master plan," as outlined by CEO Elon Musk. The electric car giant plans to produce solar roofs with integrated battery storage, create self-driving car technology that is "ten times safer" than manual driving, and implement car sharing, which would approve Tesla owners to earn money by... Speaking of self-driving cars, BI Intelligence expects this to be the next wave of alteration in the IoT in transportation. Step one was stop and go autopilot, which allows cars to drive themselves in traffic jams by analyzing the lane ahead of them and striking appropriately. Step two was the remote valet assistant, the ability to actually summon a car in a small space (such as a parking garage) to the core a smartphone, smartwatch, or key fob. Step three was highway autopilot with lane changing, which included blind spot technology to relocate lanes. Step four is cars that require a driver behind the wheel, but have an option for the driver to push a button to. Source:

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  • Six Reasons Tesla Wants to Take Over Your House

    10/28/16 ,via Bloomberg

    Version 2.0 will have more capacity and will be specifically designed to work with Tesla’s solar panels and car chargers. It may even come with a feature that Elon Musk touted long before the original Powerwall was unveiled: “Beautiful cover ...

  • Next generation of Voltaic solar backpacks can charge laptops, cameras, and even drones

    11/02/16 ,via Inhabitat

    Voltaic Systems is known for portable solar gear, from laptop solar chargers to solar panels that can attach to ... Related: VIDEO: How to install Voltaic solar panels on your car Both backpacks are designed to safely store electronic devices, and feature ...

  • Gizmos & Gadgets: A Solar Roof That Will Cost You Less Than a Normal Roof Plus the Cost of Electricity

    10/29/16 ,via

    October 29, 2016 – Yesterday in Los Angeles Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Solar City and SpaceX ... Tesla’s electric vehicle chargers. Tesla has been building battery storage ever since it launched its first electric car models. More recently it started ...

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Solar Auto Battery Charger | eBay
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Ring Automotive RSP240 Solar Power Battery Charger x 1 | eBay
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