12v Solar Battery Charger

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10w Epoxy Light Weight Solar Panel Charger c/w Diode & 3m Cable for 12v Battery unbox

unboxing 10w Solar Panel 12v Battery Charger c/w Block Diode + 3meter of cable with Alligator Clips Panel weight only 430g with 3m cable & alligator clips Can .

Solar charging a 6 volt flashlight battery

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  • Goal Zero Solar Battery Charging With the Sun

    04/26/16 ,via Four Wheeler Network

    When you are wheeling the backcountry for extended periods of time you may need auxiliary battery power. Of course, your 4WD battery is charging while the engine is running, but once you are stopped, electrical devices pull current from the battery and 

  • EasyAcc 28W Solar Charger: This should be in your charger inventory (Review)

    06/13/16 ,via AndroidGuys

    A few years ago while on vacation, I was telling my wife I wished there was a solar charging battery case. I had horrible battery life If you're always on the go, you can attach the solar charger to your backpack with the included clips or rope. Or

  • Charge and discard: 'Credit cards' and 'cans' that can power up your phone

    08/23/16 ,via Ynetnews

    This summer, quite a few bottles of champagne were popped open at companies manufacturering mobile chargers and backup batteries worldwide. In recent months, an endless flow of youth and adults alike stormed the electronics shops to purchase mobile 

  • Products: Halfords 2.4W Solar Battery Maintainer review

    If the car has a permanently live 12V lighter socket it is possibly to plug in there but in cars that disconnect the socket after the car is switched off, clips can clamp directly onto the battery. The panel is water proof so it could be fixed outside

  • Pokemon Go addicts: Grab these cheap and awesome accessories

    07/19/16 ,via CNET

    Ah, but what happens if you forget to charge your charger? No problem if you've got a solar power pack clipped to your bag. Consider something like the GRDE Solar Charger, a ruggedized, outdoor-friendly battery with dual charging parts and an LED 

Pokemon Go addicts: Catch these cheap and awesome accessories - CNET

There's this fetich, maybe you've heard of it. It's called Pokemon Go, and I have a sneaking suspicion it might catch on. Duh. The augmented-reality game is the biggest thing to hit smartphones since Mad Birds. And every single player is looking for an edge, a way to reach higher levels and catch more Pokemon. For example, perhaps you've announce CNET's guide to leveling up fast without spending money. But that doesn't address some of the bigger Pokemon Go challenges, namely power and guardianship. See, the more time you spend hunting Pokemon, the bigger the drain on your battery -- and the greater the risk of some tragic fate befalling your phone. Fortunately, you don't necessary to spend a lot to accessorize your way to Pokemon Go success. Here's a look at some affordable chargers, cases and other items that'll help you catch 'em all. Pokemon Go-amiable mobile chargers There are countless portable power supplies for smartphones. What makes one better than another for, er, Pokemon-ing. (I was just going to call it Go-ing, but I characterize oneself as like that word's been taken. Size, for starters: You may want a charger that's slim and compact enough to carry in a pocket, while at the same time comfortable to offer along with your phone in one hand. Likewise, look for a charger with a built-in cable, as that's one less thing you'll have to remember to bring -- and one less sentiment to get in the way. One solid pick comes from Bestoss : It's a 10,000mAh mobile charger that weighs just under 8 ounces and features a built-in microUSB cable -- wrap up with Lightning adapter for iPhone users. Price at Amazon: $19. 99. That much extra power should let you hunt all day without ever having to evacuation to an AC outlet. Ah, but what happens if you forget to charge your charger. No problem if you've got a solar power pack clipped to your bag. Consider something like the GRDE Solar Charger , a ruggedized, out of doors-friendly battery with dual charging parts and an LED flashlight in case you find yourself hunting after dark. this one sports a 10,000mAh battery (which can also be wall-charged -- solid because the solar panels are really just for "topping off" the unit) and a $17. 99 price tag. Of course, you could also go the DIY route and 3D-print yourself a Pokedex-style smartphone for fear that b if/charger. Pokemon Go-friendly cases When you walk around staring at your phone, the real world has a tendency to rear its ugly turning point. Brick walls, open manhole covers, cliffs that appear as if from nowhere -- these are among the obstacles just waiting to coalition your bell, to say nothing of destroy your phone. Start by adding a bit of grip insurance in the form of a Ninja Loop or Petite Nautical bend -- simple hand-straps that help prevent accidental drops. Next, Otter up -- by which I mean wrap your phone in an Otterbox-design case that can withstand drops, knocks and other kinds of punishment. Note that I said "Otterbox-style," because there's a hefty premium to be paid for the tangible brand. Hit up Ebay or even your local Five Below store and you'll find lots of rugged cases (combining rubber and hard shells) for considerably less percentage. If you want your phone always at the ready, quick-draw-style, consider a belt-clip case. For that, look to Arkon's Worldwide Swivel Belt Clip Holder ( about $5 on Amazon ), which relies on small circular tab that sticks to the back of your phone (in or out of a casket, which is nice) and quickly clips into (or out of) the belt. Source: www.cnet.com

Supplant your front wheel with this one, and go from bike to ebike in under a minute - Treehugger

The Internet has been buzzing over the start off of a new method of converting a standard bicycle into an ebike, and while it isn't exactly brand new (the company has already built and improved upon 5 generations of prototypes before this), the... Said to be inspired by the unsubstantial cycles from the classic movie Tron, the GeoOrbital does away with spokes and a central bearing altogether, in favor of a non-rotating module that as contrasted with propels the wheel with a powered roller (and two guide... The module, which is integrated into the wheel, has a 500W brushless electric motor that spins the vicinity, along with a removable and lockable 36V lithium-ion battery, a USB-out port (for charging other devices), and a thumb-activated throttle that... The GeoOrbital annulus doesn't include a standard inflatable tube and tire, but instead relies on flat-proof solid foam weary, which is said to "act and weigh the same as a traditional bike tire. " The whole setup is quite a bit heavier than a traditional bike whirl location, weighing in at about 20 pounds (9 kg), but considering that it includes virtually everything needed to go from bike to ebike in less than a two shakes of a lamb's tail log, that may not be an issue. According to the company, all that's required to switch a bike over to an electric-assist bike is to pull off the existing front wheel of the bike, replacing it with the GeoOrbital (unless you have fa disk brakes), and to then attach the... The wheel is designed to be easily removable for security or charging, but can also be secured with a standard bike tress, and the units include a lock for keeping the battery secured to the wheel. At the moment, the GeoOrbital wheel will be available in two sizes, a 26" (66 cm) facsimile with a 6 Ah battery said to have a range of up to 30 miles (when used in conjunction with pedaling), and a 700C model (compatible with 28" and 29" face forks)... The wheels have a rated top speed (without pedaling) of about 20 mph (32 kmh), with recharge times estimated to be 3 to 4 hours, depending on the battery configuration. Adding an moving front-wheel drive unit may change the riding experience, especially since this wheel is exceptionally heavier than a standard wheel, and some commenters have expressed regard that the GeoOrbital spokeless wheel may be more... Currently, the GeoOrbital Wheel is open for pre-orders on its (already successful) Kickstarter race , with backers at the $699 USD level able to reserve a wheel (said to be a $950 retail value) for delivery in November of 2016. Source: www.treehugger.com

Community solar with a aim: Why sharing may be future of energy - RenewEconomy

Two years ago, NSW solar installer Geoff Bragg had a perception. “Imagine a system where one customer could sell energy to another customer, via the Distribution Network Service Provider, who ‘clips the ticket’ for transferring the vitality,” he wrote in an article published on RenewEconomy in March 2014. “Anyone... Think about peer-to-peer file sharing… It would be a gather of cake for a handful of the right IT boffins. His company, New England Solar, and local real estate group Paragon Property Partners are co-developing a harmonious ' project near the NSW regional city of Armidale that offers buyers the chance to not only build their dream home from scratch in the... Launched to the town community last Thursday, the project, called Lingerwood , comprises 10 neighbouring properties of 5 acres each on which buyers can construct the architecturally designed smart home of their choice. “People will buy the lots of land, including the embedded network, and then we will offer a (solar and battery storage) draft,” Bragg told One Step Off The Grid in an interview on Tuesday. Bragg says the solar and battery storage systems used across the growth will vary in brand and capacity from house to house, depending on each household’s particular needs or wants. “Some might choose lithium-ion battery technology, some might opt for a spill battery,” he said. “But the sizes will likely be similar to the solar and storage packages offered to people on the wider grid, ranging from 7-15kWh of storage, and 3-6kW for PV. ”. The stylish meter technology – which is being custom-made for NE Solar by some of... The embedded network assets, meanwhile, that enable the electrons to flow between households, will be community-owned, effectively making them shareholders in a utility. That “utility” will comprise a 200kVa transformer installed on site, connected to the Elementary Energy distribution network via a main switchboard and ‘gateway’ smart-metering point. Each household will then be supplied via underground sub-mains to kit out pillars, located on community land adjacent to each house lot. This behind-the-meter network is connected to each house via 10 part smart meters. These shared assets will be managed by the Lingerwood “community entity”, a mechanism along the lines of a body corporate that will catch with a yet to be determined local “renewables friendly” electricity retailer, to supply the gateway with... The system should work, says Bragg, in a way that ensures a household selling its solar gets a raise rate than the 5c/kWh they would get for selling it directly to the grid, while the household buying solar gets it for cheaper than the 23c/kWh... The ultimate aim, however, is for the households to be largely vitality autonomous, relying on the embedded network – and perhaps the wider grid in periods of inclement weather. For Peter Cooke, a number one of Paragon Property Partners, energy autonomy is an. Source: reneweconomy.com.au

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  • Qianson DC 12V 30A Automatic Intelligent Solar panel Battery Charging Power Supply Control Protection Board Relay Control Module

    10/12/16 ,via coolnerd.co

    ... of the output terminal of the battery clip is touching the plug can be assured. No output reverse polarity battery. Output short circuit automatically shut down, no matter what state the charger, as long as the output short circuit, the charger will ...

  • Best portable solar battery chargers

    07/07/16 ,via Android Authority

    The only downside is that the charger doesn’t have any hooks to clip to your backpack ... This is because it runs on a 8,000 mAh battery that can be charged via the solar panels or the wall charger. The power output only sits at 2.1 amps for single ...

  • Solar Car Battery Charger

    10/13/16 ,via ebay.com

    DC USB charger cable: 30cm 5V. Voltage: 18V. Power: 20W. 2 ) alligator clips. Cable: 350cm 12V alligator clip cable. Package Including:1 x Solar panel car battery charger. Durable, portable and environmental friendly. 1 x 5W Solar Panel With 1 Meter Wire ...

Solar Car Battery Charger Bundle with Cigarette Lighter Plug, Battery ...
Solar Car Battery Charger Bundle with Cigarette Lighter Plug, Battery ...
Image by www.ebay.com
... Thin Film Solar Panel RV Battery Charger Kit w Alligator Clips | eBay
... Thin Film Solar Panel RV Battery Charger Kit w Alligator Clips | eBay
Image by ebay.com
... & Solar > Alternative & Solar Energy > Other Alt. & Solar Energy
... & Solar > Alternative & Solar Energy > Other Alt. & Solar Energy
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