Homemade Battery Charger - solar powered! - fast charge (AA,AAA,C,D sizes) - simple DIY

Homemade Solar Powered Battery Charger. only 3 items needed, 1 small solar panel, plastic battery cradle, rechargeable batteries.

Solar 4 AA, AAA, C cell & D cell universal battery charger on eBay.com

This is a short demonstration of our solar battery charger that charges 4 AA, AAA, C cell or D cell batteries. It also has a plug in wire that uses the solar panel to.

Solar Powered Battery Charger Review

A small solar powered battery recharger for your AAA, AA, C, and D batteries. Will also recharge handheld and portable devices.


@business Pack an extra battery or solar charger , it'd weigh a hell of a lot less.
This SOLAR BATTERY CHARGER will charge "AA", "AAA", "C", "D", and Prismatic (Gum) Batteries https://t.co/8QX2R32DPy via @amazon #preppertalk

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    Here's an interesting development reported over at Cleantechnica last week: Apparently the European Union has just approved regulations demanding that all new and renovated homes come with an installed electric vehicle charger by 2019. This could be

  • Elon Musk teases Oct. 28 Tesla and SolarCity solar roof, Powerwall and charger reveal

    09/22/16 ,via TechCrunch

    and founder said that he's planning an October 28, Bay area unveiling of Tesla and SolarCity's new solar roof product, which will be directly integrated with version 2.0 of the Tesla's PowerWall solar storage battery for the home, as well a Tesla

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    10/04/16 ,via EV World

    Shortly after I bought my first eBike, I found a colleague who built me a solar charger for it, which I connected to a pair of Harbor Freight 50W solar panels attached to the south side of our house. I'd remove the heavy lead-acid battery, take it down

  • Are you aware? Your smartphone may be carrying over 100 toxic gases

    10/21/16 ,via Economic Times

    With smartphones increasingly adding processing power and packing large batteries with fast-charging technology, users often face situations when their smartphones over heat during certain tasks. This may be during charging, playing/recording 4K

  • Tesla Aiming To Unveil New Tesla/SolarCity Solar Roof + Powerwall 2.0 Offering On October 28

    09/23/16 ,via CleanTechnica

    Tesla is aiming to unveil its new Tesla/SolarCity solar photovoltaic (PV) roof + integrated Powerwall 2.0 battery system on October 28th in the San Francisco Bay Area, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. We don't have much to work on this time, but here

All new houses must have galvanizing vehicle charger, say new EU regulations - Treehugger

Here's an riveting development reported over at Cleantechnica last week : Apparently the European Union has just approved regulations demanding that all new and renovated homes come with an installed thrilling vehicle charger by 2019. This... One of the most interesting things I have found since I started driving a Nissan Leaf is how few people know how they go, where to charge them, or even that they are a viable transportation option these days. By installing EV chargers in homes during construction or renovation, this will not just make the installation prepare cheaper and more efficient—it will place a prominent advert for the viability of EVs in homes of people who had never considered... And the more people start using these chargers, the more their neighbors and friends will see the estimable advantages of electrified vehicles. As Lloyd has reported on the impending carmageddon , electric cars do not rid us of many of the downsides of ubiquitous car savoir vivre. Is there a danger that mandating EV chargers in new homes will lock us in to a car dependent culture, even in communities where other alternatives might be preferable. Or—as I suspect may be the case—are moving cars and a less car dependent culture not exactly mutually exclusive. After all, assuming that we also put money into bike lanes, mixed use communities, telecommuting, transmittal and other cleaner options—many people will choose to walk, bike, carshare or stay home, regardless of whether they have a charger in their domestic. Source: www.treehugger.com

Elon Musk teases Oct. 28 Tesla and SolarCity solar roof, Powerwall and charger disclose - TechCrunch

That doesn’t to be sure mean we’ll see an unveiling on October 28. Musk has been known to miss deadlines in the past for announcements like this one. But it does confirm we’ll readily at some time see SolarCity’s solar roofing product, which Musk previously teased on a conference call for the energy company where he acts as board chairman. It also will be our firstly full-scale look at version 2. 0 of the Powerball, which Musk teased at an event in Paris earlier this year. The integration across Tesla and SolarCity’s products that Tesla hopes to show off here goes deeper than displaying a consistent synergy between related companies – Tesla is in the process of trying to acquire SolarCity. The merger is important for Musk’s “Master Procedure: Part Deux,” however, a vision of the future he revealed earlier this year that includes a fully self-sustaining solar-powered liveliness ecosystem that connects his zero emission goals between home and... A demonstration of how the whole system will work together, and what species of value it might offer potential customers, could help considerably in alleviating any remaining opposition to the union of Tesla and SolarCity. Tesla Motors was started by a accumulation of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and strives to create a revolution and accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility with a full lot of increasingly affordable electric cars. Tesla vehicles are EVs (electric vehicles), which are transforming the way people drive and move. Tesla has gone customers as of June 29, 2010 and has a market cap of $2. 47 billion … Elon co-founded Tesla and continues to oversee the company's product game -- including the design, engineering and manufacturing of more and more affordable... As Chairman and Product Architect, he helped design the tutor-breaking Tesla Roadster, for which he won an Index and a Global Green award, the latter presented by Mikhail Gorbachev. Source: techcrunch.com

Are you sensible? Your smartphone may be carrying over 100 toxic gases - Economic Times

LONDON: Not just bewitching up fire or exploding as you sleep next to them, dozens of dangerous gases are being produced by the batteries found in billions of consumer devices like smartphones and tablets, scientists have warned. The unite has identified more than 100 toxic gases released by lithium-ion batteries, including carbon monoxide , which can cause strong irritations to the hull, eyes and nasal passages and harm the wider environment. According to the researchers from the Institute of NBC Defence and Tsinghua University in China, sundry people may be unaware of the dangers of overheating, damaging or using a disreputable charger for their rechargeable devices. "Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are being actively promoted by uncountable governments all over the world. The lithium-ion battery is used by millions of families, so it is imperative that the general public understand the risks behind this vigour source," said Jie Sun, lead author and professor at the Institute of NBC Defence. The dangers of exploding batteries have led manufacturers to recall millions of devices. Dell recalled four million laptops in 2006 and millions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices were recalled in 2016 after reports of battery fires. For admonition, a fully charged battery will release more toxic gases than a battery with 50 per cent charge. The chemicals contained in the batteries and their capacity to manumission charge also affected the concentrations and types of toxic gases released. Almost 20,000 lithium-ion batteries were heated to the bring up of combustion in the study, causing most devices to explode and all to emit a range of toxic gases. The researchers now plan to increase this detection technique to improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries so they can be used to power the electric vehicles of the future safely. Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

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    The Solar Joos Orange is a portable solar battery charger. It's designed to charge cell phones ... to the luggage itself or to the upper part of of a top box is difficult. The charger really needs a few D-rings or some other type of attachment system ...

  • $4 Solar Battery Charger

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    as well as show you how to make a solar battery charger for all of $4. If you'd like some solar panels or solar kits I have quite a few on my gadget site, browndoggadgets.com or you can also buy them off ebay or various other websites.

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    The lights are a single string, running 39 feet long, with several inches at the end that lead into a solar charger and battery bay. The string is the ... Personally, I’d have preferred a toggle where I could slide it directly over to the preffered ...

Solar Battery Charger Portable Household AA AAA C D and 9V | eBay
Solar Battery Charger Portable Household AA AAA C D and 9V | eBay
Image by www.ebay.com
... about Solar 11-in-1 Battery Charger for AAA, AA, C, D, 7 GUM Sizes
... about Solar 11-in-1 Battery Charger for AAA, AA, C, D, 7 GUM Sizes
Image by www.ebay.com
Universal Solar Panel Battery Charger for AAA AA C or D Ni CD and Ni ...
Universal Solar Panel Battery Charger for AAA AA C or D Ni CD and Ni ...
Image by www.ebay.com