6v Solar Panels Test/Review (for deer feeders)

Put the two solar panels this I picked up to keep the deer feeders 6 volt battery charged up. One Rayovac and one Wildgame Innovations. Drained two 6 volt.

Deer Feeder Maintenance & Trouble Shooting (Batteries & Solar Panels)

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Solar Chargers for Deer Feeders, Fish Feeders & Wildlife Feeders by Texas Hunter Products

Solar chargers by Texas Hunter Products include new high output technology for maximum battery charging power. Solar chargers provide a constant trickle.

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  • Big Oak Feeders - Don't Let the Great Looks Fool You

    A built-in solar battery charger ensures the BIG OAK FEEDER won't fail at critical times, and it requires less maintenance and monitoring. When it's time to add feed, easy top access makes filling the BIG OAK FEEDER a breeze, and you won't need a

  • Bear-human conflicts rise across Virginia as population grows

    03/01/15 ,via Roanoke Times

    Food: Bears are omnivores and opportunistic feeders. Up to 75 percent of their diet consists of plants, but they will eat meat, including insects and road kill. They can hunt live prey animals, but do so rarely. In years where natural foods are scarce

  • The Duwamish: River of no return?

    07/07/14 ,via Crosscut (blog)

    Standing water drips from oil drums clustered in the back alongside car batteries under ragged tarps. "This could . As children in the '50s, Clark and her brother caught salmon, perch and what she calls "junk fish," bottom-feeders and the like, and

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    You can rig anything from a one-strand rabbit barrier around the carrot patch to a "Down Under" multistrand, high-tension fence that carries enough voltage to keep a whole county of winter-hungry deer from your young fruit orchard. I'll tell you how to

  • What To Do With Invasive Asian Carp: Electrocute, Poison, or Bow and Arrow?

    02/18/12 ,via Discover Magazine (blog)

    They are bottom feeders, and cause far more damage by rooting up mud and plants like hogs. Common carp are common because people wanted to eat them and distributed them far and wide. The new carp are better to eat, so guess what? They will end up 

Big Oak Feeders - Don't Let the Abundant Looks Fool You - AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

For a wildlife feeder to be surely effective, it needs to hold enough feed to last. Nature Blinds BIG OAK FEEDER The BIG OAK FEEDER holds 200 pounds of corn or any pelletized eatables product and reliably distributes that product up to 20 yards – perfect for every woods or pond application. Best of all, the BIG OAK FEEDER is the only feeder that blends into the mise en scene, thanks to its ultra-realistic bark texture and tree-stump shape. The BIG OAK FEEDER looks and feels just like a mature oak tree case and instantly blends into any environment. Made from durable high-density foam – the same way trees and rocks are made for Hollywood movies, the BIG OAK FEEDER is no scant prop. Heavy-duty construction means the BIG OAK FEEDER will last for years, and the high-density foam protects food from the elements, keeping it dry and unusual from the first timed delivery to the last. A built-in solar battery charger ensures the BIG OAK FEEDER won’t fail at critical times, and it requires less maintenance and monitoring. When it’s days to add feed, easy top access makes filling the BIG OAK FEEDER a breeze, and you won’t need a ladder or step stool. And despite its low-to-the-ground use, the BIG OAK FEEDER’s unique upward-angled delivery system provides maximum dispersal and distance for corn and other pelletized feed. If you’re drained of constantly adjusting, filling and changing batteries on your wildlife feeder, check out the BIG OAK FEEDER from Nature Blinds. The BIG OAK FEEDER is the only blind that not only blends in, but also functions like a pressure of nature. Nature Blinds Big Oak Feeder Features: Optional remote Integrated solar battery charger Programmable timer Realistic Bark texture Made in the USA To learn more, content visit www. Source: www.ammoland.com

Corroborate-human conflicts rise across Virginia as population grows - Roanoke Times

mg admit of 020715 . Wildlife researcher Bernardo Mesa closes the cage after working with a tranquilized black bear at Virginia Tech’s Provoke Research Center. The North American black bear has made a significant population recovery in Virginia over the past few decades. The center, supported by the position Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, has conducted research on the species since the late 1980s. North American Black Brook. Virginia population: Estimated 16,000-18,000. Length: The black bear is one of North America's largest land mammals. In Virginia, moonless bear is the sole bear species. Adult bears in the state grow to five to six feet long and two to three feet large (when standing on all four paws). Weight: Males weigh between 175 and 400 pounds, and some may weigh in excess of 500 pounds. Grown up females generally weigh between 90 and 200 pounds, and rarely weigh more than 250 pounds. Bear size and clout vary widely depending on time of year and differences in habitat quality. An 880-pound bear harvested in eastern North Carolina during the 1998-1999 hunting salt is the largest black bear documented in North America. Reproduction: Females give birth to one to four cubs every other year. Provisions: Bears are omnivores and opportunistic feeders. In years where natural foods are scarce, bears can do crop damage and damage paraphernalia around homes. Garbage, bird and dog food and honey bee hives are major bear attractants. Leaving food items unprotected that could invite bears is illegal, as is intentionally feeding them. Hibernation: Virginia bears hibernate from three to five months, depending on edibles resources and weather conditions. In eastern Virginia, bears den mostly in the ground beneath brush piles, thickets and other dense vegetation. In western Virginia, bears mostly den in pointless trees. Other attributes: Black bears have strong, nonretractable claws on all four paws, which they use for digging, climbing and defense. They are cool tree climbers, can run up to 30 mph on the ground and are excellent swimmers. Bears see in color and have good hearing and an excellent sense of bouquet, detecting food sources up to several miles away. Bears can live about 25 years in the wild and longer in captivity. SOURCE: Virginia Sphere of influence of Game and Inland Fisheries, Virginia Cooperative Extension and North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. Black make allowances for misconceptions. Fact: Typically, a mother bear that feels threatened will send her cubs up a tree and divert attention by event away. Misconception: A bear cub found alone in a tree is an orphan. Fact: Mother black bears often put their cubs up trees when they atmosphere threatened and can leave them up to about three days in some cases. Misconception: A bear standing on its hind legs is ready to attack. Fait accompli: When a bear wants to better identify something in its environment, it stands on its hind legs to improve scent detection, hearing and notice. Misconception: Bears have poor eyesight. Fact: Bears see in color and have vision similar to humans, although bears may be slightly nearsighted to keep from them find insects and berries. Misconception: Shooting or relocating a bear that does property. Source: www.roanoke.com

The Duwamish: River of no indemnification? - Crosscut (blog)

On the warm-hearted of sunny August day that rain-soaked Seattle lives for, Michael Jeffers pulls his white Ford Ranger into a waste lot surrounding a cinderblock cube of a building in the city's Mount Baker neighborhood. The anonymous garage is nominally a car wash, with a hose and some sponges but no fervency. Standing water drips from oil drums clustered in the back alongside car batteries under ragged tarps. "This could be interesting," Jeffers says wryly as he climbs from his business. "There have been problems with drugs here in the past. Jeffers isn't the kind of cop who looks for drugs, though. The lean, gray-haired 53-year-old, who wears a grin like it's part of his uniform, is a stormwater inspector trying to help Seattle get a handle on the stuff that gets swept into roar drains by the region's famously heavy and frequent rain. All those little spills add up to big pollution problems in the Duwamish River, four miles away. Today, he's already verbal to Russian mechanics and a "bad-credit-no-credit-no-problem" car dealer. Here, he finds a Vietnamese man, who explains in broken English that he does oil changes and takes cast-off sludge to an auto-parts store for disposal. Satisfied, Jeffers gives the man an urban hydrology pamphlet, which he only glances at momentarily. Just as Jeffers completes a circuit of the property, the owner, a tall man named David, arrives on a green Huffy bicycle decorated with a dreamcatcher. " he exclaims before Jeffers can say hello. Jeffers explains calmly that if hydrocarbons and other chemicals washed from vehicles run directly into the lay siege to drain, they end up in the river, and David could be fined. Same with those oil drums and batteries. In reality, fines are rare, Jeffers later tells me, because the metropolis would rather help businesses comply: "It's just a matter of pushing them in the right direction. " Jeffers recommends that David found a dirt berm to direct runoff into a sewer, feeding it into a wastewater plant for treatment. David begins to relax: "It's just right now, we're scarcely getting business," he confides. The men shake hands, and Jeffers returns to his pickup. "The message we try to get across is, ‘We're spending all this money cleaning up the [river],' " he says. " ‘We don't stand in want to pollute it again. Seattle is proud of its green reputation. The city recycles more trash than it puts in the landfill and is within sight of two national parks. Yet the Duwamish, a in the twinkling of an eye-vibrant river that historically hosted at least 17 fishing villages belonging to the eponymous Duwamish Tribe, along with the conurbation's first white immigrants, is one of Washington state's most polluted rivers. The Duwamish helped Seattle become the Pacific Northwest's pecuniary powerhouse, its fertile soils and harbor access the first seeds from which the city's prosperity grew. But that prosperity has nearly killed the river. For more than a century, morose industry has pumped it full of carcinogens and metals. its immediate watershed is now a 32-square-mile expanse of paved urbanization, its tributary streams replaced with williwaw drains that swallow whatever garbage and chemicals the rain washes from industry lots, businesses like David's and sidewalks... These days, the Duwamish's fish are too toxic for kindly consumption. Yet fishing continues. The industrial buildup that poisoned the river also made the land around it. Source: crosscut.com

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    This is the price (excluding shipping and handling fees) a seller has provided at which the same item, or one that is nearly identical to it, is being offered for sale or has been offered for sale in the recent past. The price may be the seller's own price ...

  • Moultrie 30 Gallon Classic Tripod Deer Feeder w/ 6V Battery & Solar Panel

    09/03/16 ,via www.amazon.com

    Moultrie 6 Volt Rechargeable Feeder Battery (1) Moultrie 6 Volt Solar Power Panel (1) Moultrie 6 Volt Battery Charger\n----- The Moultrie Deer Feeder Classic keeps feeding simple, reliable and economical. Thanks to Moultrie’s exclusive Quick-Lock ...

  • Sunforce 50022 5-Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger

    09/13/16 ,via klookl.com

    Maintenance free and easy to install, this solar charger offers an ideal way to maintain and charge 12 Volt batteries for your car, boat, RV, electric fence, deer feeder and more! Made with a durable aluminum frame and amorphous solar cells, this solar ...

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