SolarPulse RV Battery Charger Install

Bob Dawson installs and reviews the Solar Pulse SP-5 solar battery charger from PulseTech.

RV Portable Solar Charging System presented by RV Education 101®

In this premier RV 101 video Mark Polk with RV Education 101 http://rveducation101. com/ demonstrates how to use a Zamp solar portable charging system to.

Harbor Freight 1.5 Watt Solar Battery Charger

Harbor Freight Thunderbolt Magnum Solar 1. 5 Watt Solar Battery Charger $15. The solar panel conveniently plugs into your car's 12 volt cigarette lighter.


Solar battery solutions.

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  • This portable solar charger is big enough to be your emergency home power source

    12/16/15 ,via Treehugger

    These larger solar systems can serve as a microgrid by supplying both AC (house current) with an onboard inverter, and DC (portable gizmos, charging batteries), and by offering a number of different output ports (USB, 12V auto, RV plugs, standard 110V 

  • Reel out this solar-powered LED lighting solution for off-grid illumination & charging

    08/31/16 ,via Treehugger

    With a 30-foot string of 100 LED bulbs delivering 350 lumens, coupled to a 6W solar charger with an integrated 10,000 mAh battery, you'll never be without lights or a smartphone charge, no matter how far off the grid you go. A reliable, lightweight

  • This portable power solution can serve as the hub of your own solar micro-utility

    04/20/16 ,via Treehugger

    Although there are a huge number of choices on the market these days for portable solar chargers and battery packs, and powering phones and other personal devices with them is becoming quite popular, when it comes to powering larger devices, or being 

  • PulseTech introduces solar charger maintainer

    02/18/16 ,via Fleet Owner

    Fleet managers and sales dealers for buses, trucks, heavy construction equipment as well as RV owners can eliminate jump starts and extend battery life with the new SP-5 OTR Solar Charger Maintainer, PulseTech's new 5-watt system that utilizes a simple

  • Anker's new battery can charge your phone, Tesla Model S, or phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range

    04/21/16 ,via ExtremeTech

    Anker has said it'll release a solar charging system for the battery that can bring it back to full charge in 16 hours (it takes roughly 10 hours to charge it from a wall socket). That raises the question of whether or not it could be used for certain

Anker's new battery can mandate your phone, Tesla Model S, or phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range - ExtremeTech

Battery woes and roam anxiety are a fact of life in the modern age. If you own a modern smartphone, chances are you’ve run short of battery power at least occasionally and had to scrabble for an escape hatch at an inconvenient time. Anker, the manufacturer for a wide range of battery products and chargers, knows your pain and wants to sell you a battery that’s fair much guaranteed to handle anything up to and including your next backpacking trip across the Sahara, zombie... The upcoming Anker PowerHouse is listed as a 434Wh battery (multiple sites are reporting that its also a 120,600mAh battery, though I’m unfixed where that figure is derived from, as it isn’t listed anywhere in the product literature). It’s compatible with USB, 12V car adapters, and a conventional three-prong telegram, and can reportedly charge a phone up to 40x, a laptop up to 15x (only if that laptop has a smallish battery), run a mini-fridge for up to seven hours, or a 15V light... Anker already has a Disregard starter one with 600A + 15ah battery for $100. This, on the other hand, is more for massive power hogs (cpap or portable a/c was probably a good specimen) where you need it for longer periods of time. That’s a lot of money, but for camping, I could see it making sense if you were close to be able to carry that monster, but far enough away where you couldn’t use your carrier. That’s what was throwing me, because it can obviously output at multiple voltages — that’s the only way it could be used for USB charging vs. AC wall outlets vs. 12V conversion for car vehicles. I reckon it could output internally at 3. 6V and convert as needed. 7 is the voltage of a Lithium Ion cell whereas 2V is the voltage of a lead acid apartment and they are usually stacked 6 high to give 12V. This is important because the quoted cell amp hours must be multiplied by the cell voltage to give the energy... Any electronics which later distend the output voltage will not increase the energy capacity, they will in fact loose energy due to heat loss. It used to be that I simply carried an excess, charged battery into my pocket for those long, intense, work-travel days that started with a 5am flight and had lots of navigating and messaging… those rare days when I was utilizing my phone more than... An spare charged battery is inherently slim (inherently slimmer than my phone), soft plastic that didn’t scratch or poke, and there really was no downside to this. When I ran out of attack, I swapped it in, and bam – 100%. Back to business. Today, because we’ve accepted this wannabe-iPhone priority of making exterior cosmetics (and planned obsolescence) a right over true quality and functionality, we have to carry Rube-Goldberg “battery on a dongle” around with us, to juggle in... Just give me a damn phone I can pop a na battery into when I need to, for those rare travel days. I’d even opt for a non-flagship phone at this point, to be able to swap battery and swap storage (which helps go from “individual mode” to “business travel mode” on those travel events as well as offer expandable storage). Stop buying phones that value you down the path of stupid devices like this. It’s the only way to cast a vote. I’ll keep running my S5 until a phone appears that won’t be a play down in these ways – I don’t have any choice. Particularly in business travel situations that make battery swapping a necessity:. Source:

Off the Grid Dreamin' With a Kodiak Solar Generator - Scandal Ledge

How do you get power to your terminus without rigging up an RV, hauling a gas-powered generator or doing the inverter in your car trick. May as well use it. A fully funded Indiegogo campaign from Inergy has given us the lightweight Kodiak Solar Generator. Modular and lightweight. Inergy put the Kodiak on a diet and shaved 75% off the weight of its nearest competitor. It’s closely-knit enough to pack into your car for those camping trips. Power outage at your house. Pull it off the bookshelf and problem solved without the worry of did you get gas for the generator. Or quickly realizing you want a generator along with the 800 other people at Home Depot. Kodiak Solar Keeps Boredom at Bay What is the solar generator. It’s your battery. Rated at 1100W unceasing, it has outlets for every conceivable use. You can power a 50” LED TV for 16 hours without recharging. A laptop can be recharged over 20 times. We can’t persist without them and the Kodiak will recharge one over 100 times. Here’s every outlet on the bookshelf generator. We have a DJI Phantom 3 Pro that is decidedly not car charger friendly. Those batteries might be learned, but you still need an outlet. And six are staring at me. Not only that, the Kodiak generator can be recharged via a car charger. Yeah, you can do the rigging on an inverter in your car, but I’d rather have something multiuse. [divider]Deprivation More Power. [/divider] The system is completely modular. Add deep cycle batteries to the external battery port on the side of the Kodiak. Each will secretion at the same rate making it a fully-integrated system. Not bad, you add what you need when you need it. Predator Solar Panels While the Kodiak can be charged at home or in the car, solar is what you indigence. Extended power outages, off the grid living, camping, etc. You will need something light and rugged. Meet the Predator 50. Lightweight at 4 pounds with 32”x22” footprint. Shatterproof for those times we accidentally let go something we shouldn’t. Each panel is semi-flexible if your idea of portability is treating the panels like you for a moving company. Each panel is rated at 50 watts, which can supervision the Kodiak in about 22 hours. Add another for 100 watts and halving the charge time to 11 hours in optimal conditions. In tot up, five panels can be stacked together. You don’t need to have your solar energy engineer degree to do it either. The Predator 50 panels have integrated wiring and rails. Mud-slide the additional panels on and you’re good to go. Kodiak Indiegogo Well, it was barely live, and the $50,000 funding goal is done. With these types of systems, the as a rule ship dates can make people uneasy. February 2016. Accounting for the month long holiday everyone thinks Christmas is, you’re looking at two months max. A Bronze Kodiak Structure is $1,260 and comes with the Kodiak and one Predator 50. Need a bit more sun in your life. A Kodiak package with three Predator 50s is $1,517. Irritated of it all and need to get away. The loaded out Kodiak package with the five Predator panels is $1,767. It will retail for $2599 when it hits the market next year. Source:

Tesla is talking with gas railway station chains about installing Superchargers - Electrek

In a to be to come where the world’s car fleet is rapidly transitioning to electric vehicles, gas stations will be forcefully downgraded to simple convenience stores and ergo, they will lose a significant revenue stream brought in by people... Now it looks like Tesla is offering a lifeline to the industry as we learn that the electrifying automaker is talking with gas station chains about installing Superchargers at some of their stations in the US. . It wouldn’t really be a first globally. From here, partnership with a gas status chain in the US to accelerate the installation of charging stations is not difficult to envision. This morning, the Washington Post published an article about Tesla being in talks with Sheetz, a gas location and convenience store chain with hundreds of locations primarily in the mid-Atlantic region. Tesla has a long-standing ‘Destination Charging’ program under which businesses can fasten to get Tesla Wall Connectors for their customers, but it’s not what we are talking about here. Destination chargers are for when you arrive at your destination and gas stations are hardly “destinations”. The Washington Circulate article never mentioned Tesla’s Superchargers, its network of DC fast-charging station to enable long distance tour, but we reach out to a Tesla spokesperson to confirm what the talks entail:. Source:

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