300W solar system for home inverter battery charging from Cine Projectors.MOD

This system can charge a 12V, 150 Ah Inverter battery is just 1 day of good sunshine. for details please write to : solarstore2008@gmail.

TO Generator or NOT to Generator? Solar Battery Bank Inverter Smart Charger Response Justin Credible

TO Generator or NOT to Generator. My opinion on why to NOT have a generator and why TO have one. Its a toss up and depends a lot.


@VHS2DVDza ~ they cut our prepaid and pulled a stupendous bill out their arses. Now on genny, 12v solar battery , inverter & battery charger

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  • Review: Solar Charging Kit Showdown, Himalayas Edition

    10/27/16 ,via IEEE Spectrum

    Goal Zero is a well-established company, and its US $550 Sherpa 100 kit comes with an 8,800-milliampere-hour lithium-ion battery, a detachable 110-volt AC inverter, and a 20-watt solar panel that folds down to 33 by 21 by 2.5 centimeters. The battery

  • Here Are Six Things We Know About Tesla's New Solar Strategy

    10/28/16 ,via Bloomberg

    How low can Musk go with what sounds like a very high-end solar system? Tesla would be the only company building its own batteries, inverters, solar panels, and car chargers; will that cut enough costs to make a custom roof affordable? We're about to

  • What to expect from Tesla's solar roof event on October 28

    10/26/16 ,via Teslarati

    The product announcement is a formality, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on September 22: “Aiming for Oct 28 unveil in SF Bay Area of new Tesla/SolarCity solar roof with integrated Powerwall 2.0 battery and Tesla charger.” Tesla is in the process of

  • Tesla Powerwall 2 is a game changer in home energy storage: 14 kWh w/ inverter for $5500

    10/29/16 ,via Electrek

    Tesla managed to double the energy capacity without doubling the price and while also adding a 'fully integrated Tesla inverter' into the home battery unit. As previously reported, the new Powerwall 2 is also flatter and more rectangular than the

  • AM Solar offers first Bitcoin checkout in solar market

    11/07/16 ,via Newswire

    They offer solar equipment, including AGM and Lithium batteries, and inverter/chargers in complete Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits, as well as, individual components. Since their inception over twenty years ago, they have led the way in solar systems

Tesla Powerwall 2 is a willing changer in home energy storage: 14 kWh w/ inverter for $5500 - Electrek

As earlier reported, the new Powerwall 2 is also flatter and more rectangular than the previous generation as seen in the picture above and more below. The only bummer is that Tesla was supposed to also unveil a new moving vehicle charger combined with the Powerwall, but it looks like it will be for another time. Mounting: Wall or Floor Mounted, Indoor/Outdoor Inverter: Fully integrated Tesla inverter Forcefulness: 14 kWh Power: 5 kW continuous, 7 kW peak Round Trip Efficiency: 89% for AC Powerwall, 91. 8% for DC Powerwall Operating Temperature Stretch: –20°C to... While the average house would have been better off with 2 Powerwalls with the first generation ($3,000 each before install), most homes will now force only 1 ‘Powerwall 2’ with 14 kWh to offset a significant part of energy consumption during... Big houses and small businesses could still accumulation more than one ‘Powerwall 2’ units. At $5,500 including a ‘Tesla inverter’, it could easily end up being a game changer in the industry. Most residential systems today are offered for a compare favourably with price, but either have about half the energy capacity or they don’t have an integrated inverter. Tesla estimates the installation at around $1,000, which is to be expected for home battery collection systems. The new Powerwall will also make a significant dent in the generator industry. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that he expects to sell more Powerwalls than cars and at the expense point, he could very well be right. Tesla expects that the first Powerwall 2 units will start shipping in December with installations beginning January 2017. Of lecture, Tesla unveiled the new Powerwall 2 with its new solar roof solutions developed with SolarCity. Tesla is really pushing the Powerwall to be combined with solar drive, whether it’d be a solar roof if you need your roof to be replaced soon or with solar panels installed on the roof. Though Tesla’s solar roof will come later. The at the start installations are expected for summer 2017. Tesla’s new residential solar and energy storage solutions are quite innovative. You can visit Tesla’s website to see if they could effort for your house or business, but solar and energy storage prices are highly dependent on your market (electricity cost, gov incentives, etc. We suggest to get quotes from more than one installer to cause sure you get the best energy solution for your place. UnderstandSolar is a great free service to link you to top-rated solar installers in your area for personalized solar estimates for free. Source: electrek.co

AM Solar offers head Bitcoin checkout in solar market - Newswire

net -- November 8, 2016) Springfield, Oregon -- AM Solar is the first solar materiel retailer to offer payment with Bitcoin, a digital currency. They are the first to offer Bitcoin in a fully integrated checkout on their locality. AM Solar is an alternative energy company, that offers solar power generation kits for RVs. They offer kits with a wide variety of components including lithium batteries, inverters, tax controllers and more. The solar company features “Pay with Bitcoin” buttons on popular products on their site. Other solar companies have offered bitcoin payment via phone before, but AM Solar is the initial to offer a fully integrated Bitcoin check out entirely on their website, where the user can choose Bitcoin as a payment method. AM Solar shoppers can either check tick off out with Bitcoin directly on the site, or send an email with their order and Bitcoin payment. Bitcoin has been described as a digital asset or currency. It was introduced in 2008. The transactions of Bitcoin round place between users directly, or peer-to-peer. Some payment systems have started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. The enterprise Stripe, which offers similar functions as PayPal, now accepts Bitcoin as a check out option. PayPal also accepts Bitcoin as payment if specified. AM Solar is the first fresh energy equipment supplier to offer a fully integrated online storefront. Just like AM Solar believes in the future of lithium batteries providing vivacity storage for vehicles, they see the future of Bitcoin in ecommerce transactions. AM Solar strives to be cutting-edge at every turn. The employee-owned crowd wanted to be one of the first alternative energy companies to accept such a new form of currency. They want to provide off-grid products to off-grid people and do it using an off-grid currency. They didn’t after their innovation to stop at solar power kits, they wanted to incorporated it into all aspects of the business. This innovative solar company wanted to open themselves up to a broader shop, and to stay relevant with the changing demographics of customers and what they want in a solar company. As innovators in the solar field, the company felt it was important to accede to an innovative currency as well. com/bitcoin , you can purchase solar equipment and check out with Bitcoin. About AM Solar AM Solar provides energy management and independent power solutions for RVs and other off-grid applications. They present solar equipment, including AGM and Lithium batteries, and inverter/chargers in complete Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits, as well as, individual components. Since their inception over twenty years ago, they have led the way in solar systems implementation, products and buyer service. Source: newswire.net

Tesla's Powerwall 2 Is An 'Apple Vs Android' Relevancy In Battery Energy Storage - Gizmodo Australia

Tesla’s unveiling of its new Powerwall 2 battery with a built-in AC inverter — along with some upcoming solar roof tile products — takes a leaf from the Apple playbook of vertical integration. It’s the latest footstep on a corporate path, including the imminent merger with SolarCity, that moves Tesla closer to being a vertically integrated provider of vigour solutions. As with the Apple product ecosystem, this aims to establish Tesla as a single entry point for energy generation and storage systems in the well-versed in environment. AU Editor's Note: Simon Hackett is the executive chairman of Redflow , an Australian battery energy storage company that builds battery systems for residential, commercial and industrial use. Tesla’s vertical bearing contrasts with the ‘horizontal’ orientation of the rest of the industry — a commercial ecosystem that offers choice at all layers of the energy storage plan, using standardised interfaces to allow mix-and-match assembly... Tesla’s evolving approach stands to put it into direct opposition to earlier allies — both existing inverter/charger vendors that may be cut out of the Tesla solution set and experienced energy system installers, who may see the presence of... Implications For Inverter And Charger Vendors Tesla’s Powerwall battery packs are squiffed voltage devices that are not compatible with most industry battery inverter/chargers, which typically operate at 12, 24 or 48 volts DC. The Powerwall 2... The originate also impacts SMA, which recently released its SMA Sunny Boy Storage, a high voltage DC Tesla Powerwall-compatible battery inverter — that is now superfluous to requirements. The rear line for the emerging energy storage sector is that each time Tesla sells a Powerwall 2 with integrated AC inverter, an existing inverter/charger/energy control scheme vendor books one less sale. Alternative Battery Technologies Lithium-based chemistries are the undisputed preference for transport applications (such as exciting cars). Their high energy density and high peak power output makes them entirely appropriate in such use-cases. However, a tons of great alternatives to lithium-based chemistries exist (and can often be preferable) for stationary energy storage in home, commercial and industrial energy storage and parturition scenarios. For example, Redflow ZCell batteries are a completely different energy storage approach that avoids the downsides of Lithium based batteries as prominent above. The ZBM2 storage module underlying the ZCell product also has other unique advantages, such as support for ‘Standby Power System’ (SPS) manner — a ‘virtual generator set’ operating mode. The history of generator set deployment is littered with examples where backup generators simply don’t start up when called upon to do so. In SPS fashion, ZBM2 battery arrays can be fully charged and placed into indefinite hibernation. Source: www.gizmodo.com.au

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  • The Best Solar Powered Charger (For Phones & Other Gear)

    11/03/16 ,via understandsolar.com

    These portable solar charger kits (featured below ... from portable speakers and rechargeable AA battery kits, to lights, and inverter/battery combo packs for use with larger solar panels. The Goal Zero panel has a mesh storage pocket integrated to ...

  • 12V Solar Inverter Battery Charger

    10/13/16 ,via electroschematics.com

    Here is an energy saving solar inverter battery charger. It harvests solar energy to replenish 12 volt inverter battery. It has auto cut off facility to stop charging when the battery attains full charge. The charger uses a 24 volt solar panel as input.

  • The ‘Apple vs Android’ inflection point for battery energy storage

    10/31/16 ,via simonhackett.com

    Implications for inverter/charger vendors – polarising innovation into distinct ... which requires separate inverters for solar and battery. This is especially relevant in pure off-grid or in grid-failure-backup scenarios, where DC coupled solar-to ...

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