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If you park your motorcycle outside for extended periods and don't want your battery dead then you need this solar battery tender . Get Solar Battery charger .

Solar Charger for your motorcycle. Or whatever you want

This is how I keep my old ass battery charged till next riding season. Facebook: https://www.

Coleman (aka SunForce): 2.5w Solar Power 12v Battery Maintainer/Charger - Demo

Weak car/motorcycle battery, phantom discharge or failing alternator. As a ban-aid solution you could try a solar maintainer to help prevent battery from dying.

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  • Zero Celebrates Ten Years As Leading Electric Moto Manufacturer

    09/15/16 ,via Gas 2.0

    On national drive electric day, September 10th, Zero motorcycles celebrated their 10th anniversary. We've been covering their progress since the beginning. In fact, my first article for gas2 was a review of the 2009 Zero S. They've certainly come a

  • For refugees on Hungary's border, razor wire trumps tech

    09/14/16 ,via WCBI

    Sayed Mohsen Shah, the elected leader of the Horgos refugee camp, has his portable battery pack charged by the Serbian authorities each night. Shara Tibken/CNET. Shah is lucky. Dedicated solar phone chargers dot the tent labyrinth, but they're

  • These High-Tech Suitcases Shine a Light on Preventable Deaths

    09/12/16 ,via TakePart

    “Even though there is not good infrastructure [in the town] and no proper transport, pregnant women were traveling 25 miles, often on motorcycles, to go to the big hospital to have their babies.” The clinic in Buzilasoga is not an Although Solar

  • Noco Genius G750 Review

    12/03/15 ,via webBikeWorld

    It's kind of a strange fate that even after all of the many motorcycle battery charger and maintainer reviews published on , there has never been a full review of the Battery Tender Plus, three of which have kept the various

  • Zero Motorcycles Releases Supercharger Add-On For 1 Hour Charging

    10/17/15 ,via CleanTechnica

    I am about to release a new charger for Zero Motorcycles that fits into the tank, and lets you charge up the bike in about an hour. This is 7-10 times more powerful than the stock charger and results in charging a battery from 0% to 80% in under 1

Zero Celebrates Ten Years As Important Electric Moto Manufacturer - Gas 2.0

We weren’t allowed to bilk photos in the factory, but I’ll give you the highlights. The factory has moved to a much bigger facility than the one I visited in 2010, capable of building as many as 20 zeroes per day. Persuaded, that’s a lot less than the one car per hour Ford’s robots can build, but a lot more people drive cars in America. The most exciting thing I saw in the mill, aside from the mysterious empty space behind the battery on a 2017 model were the DC tools at every station. These tools are connected to a server and they’re programmed to reach the required torque site for the bolt being installed. If they don’t get torqued correctly, the builder is decommissioned. If a bolt is stripped or some other issue occurs, the bike leaves the piecing together line and goes to “the hospital” where specialists fix it. Every stage of the build takes about 25 minutes, and Zero has the capacity to build up to 20 bikes a day. One very cool trick they have is a UV treated waterproofing they put on all the bolts. This prevents the sort of failure that can really ruin an EV rider’s rainy day bump off. But the best advancement of all has been how Zero has been able to increase range and lower price over the years. Model Year 2016 bikes have as much as 16 times the bracket of MY07. Prices continue to drop while components improve. 2016 models are $1,000 less than models sold a few years ago. I was looking at buying a Brammo Empulse until I took a 2013 Zero FX for a spin. I waited that long because I wanted a motorcycle I knew could hold off its own in LA traffic. Previous model year Zeroes and the Brammo Enertia never had quite enough power to make me believe they could accessible in the urban jungle. The FX(S) is quite a different bike than the sportbikes I had been riding for years. At the Further with Ford conference, Dan Ariely claimed that EV’s are an clobber method of reward substitution regarding global warming because of the ego fix (aka “ the smug “) But for those of us who enjoy the sport of riding, or driving, it’s... We’ll have more rumour from Further with Ford in the days to come. Susanna Schick Susanna is passionate about anything fast and electric. She covers electric motorcycle racing events, trial rides electric motorcycles, and interviews industry leaders. Occasionally she deigns to cover automobile events in Los Angeles for us as happily. However, she dreams of a day when Los Angeles' streets resemble the two-wheeled paradise she discovered living in Barcelona and will not rest until she's converted the masses to two-wheeled cheer. very cool bikes. It is pretty amazing that they still have the field more or less to themselves (not sure one can really count Energica, with their $35,000 bikes that are most inclined to going to sell in homoeopathic numbers at best). I still think it is a great mistake on ZERO’s behalf to not have a cruiser in their line-up. BMW would be in a perfect world positioned to bring out an interesting electric bike, they have all the motorcycle designing and engineering prowess, the production facilities and all the electrical motor knowhow from the i-cars, with the addition of a steady supply of the... Source:

Zero Motorcycles Releases Supercharger Add-On For 1 Hour Charging - CleanTechnica

There’s no confusing stimulating stuff or anything … I guess if someone wants it professionally installed by a dealer it should be pretty cheap. With some experience, they should be able to instal it in under an hour. A place that knows the bikes like Hollywood Electrics could do it in maybe 30 minutes. There’s apparently a smartphone app that goes along with the new Wonderful Charger, since I got a screencap from Brandon’s phone that shows off some pretty serious charging power …. … I’d be lying if I said I knew what all of that meant just by... You can meet approval out Brandon’s official press release, below, and check out DigiNow’s website for pricing and availability. If you have time, let us know what you think of this latest charging effect for electric bikes in the comments section at the bottom of the article. DigiNow is Pleased to Announce the Release of the First Production On-scantling/Off-board Super Charger Compatible with Zero Motorcycles. The Super Charger is the result of the collaboration between DigiNow and eMotorWerks, an experienced and effective duo of power electronics engineers. We have been able to produce a Super Charger which can drop perfectly into a Zero’s Tank area and charge a Zero in most use cases in under an hour. Hollywood Electrics has also played a significant r in making this charger a reality. Their support and excellence in everything electric motorcycle related has been extremely valuable since the first DigiNow charge tank iterations in 2013. With the DigiNow Wonderful Charger Charge Tank, an owner has the ability to charge their... This is 7-10 times more powerful than the stock charger and results in charging a battery from 0% to 80% in under 1 hour. The Wonderful Charger comes with a swappable J1772 connector in North America, and a Mennekes Connector in Europe. This will allow users to utilize the largest EV charging infrastructures in the exactly. With the included J1772 connector, riders will be able to utilize the full power of virtually any J1772 charging station. This means a rider is qualified to remove their onboard charger to save weight and increase range and still charge at 7. 5 kilowatts. The Super Charger is half the weight of the Zero Power Tank and provides the talents to be used both in the tank and in a tail case. This means that a rider could have both a Zero Power Tank and the DigiNow Super Charger installed on a bike for a correctly touring electric motorcycle. Which is exactly how electric evangelist Terry Hershner @electricTerry will be using this charger. The Super Charger can also be used as an offboard charging passenger station. Plug it into any NEMA 14-50 power outlet and enjoy up to 10kW continuous output power. Many locations have these outlets already, or can have the loophole easily installed. This means that dealers, homeowners and popular riding destinations can install these chargers developing the potential for an electric motorcycle Wonderful Charger Network. The install for a Super Charger is as simple as dropping it in the tank area or tail box and plugging it into the auxiliary charge port. Source:

Bleeding Battery Syndrome Plagues Zero Electric Motorcycles In Hong Kong - Gas 2.0

According to the South China Morning Post , a burn that broke out at Ngau Tau Kok police station early Friday. Two of the electric motorcycles were being charged at the time when one burst into flames. The ardour engulfed the other bike and spread to a police van parked nearby. It is the first fire reported during the two years the machines made by Zero Motorcycles have been in use in Hong Kong. A proem investigation blames the fire on a suspected short circuit. Whether the fault was in the motorcycle or in the charging equipment was not immediately clear. The the gendarmes, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, and the local agent for Zero Motorcycles are jointly investigating the incident. A source says all 40 Zero motorcycles have been enchanted out of service as a precaution until a precise cause of the blaze can be determined and corrective action taken. An initial investigation exact the motorcycle that caught fire had been functioning normally prior to being connected to the charger. In December, a $1,000,000 prototype electric bus destined for road trials in Hong Kong was destroyed by flames after its battery caught passion. Investigators later determined the battery was manufactured improperly, allowing water to seep through the battery casing and leading to a short edge. Hong Kong authorities allege that technical staff where the bus was manufactured mislead officials about the problem before the bus was delivered to Hong Kong. Chance of fire is always present with today’s lithium ion batteries. Battery fires make the news because they are new technology. Fires in gasoline powered cars stopped making headlines during the Nixon Conduct. So, still much lower rates of fire than gasoline cars and gasoline motorcycles, then. There are an average of 57 gas-car fires per billion kilometers driven, in the US deserted, as of 2010. (Higher elsewhere. Electric cars reached about a billion kilometers globally a year and a half ago, and I think we’re still in the distinguish digits for fires. Source:

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    Service was good as always from Motorcycle-Superstore, and the Battery Tender solar charger was easy to mount and is taking care of my battery. I write this as I work in the Gulf of Mexico for 2 weeks at a time. So when I get back home the battery will be ...

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    Motorcycle helmets are becoming so smart with Bluetooth, sensors, cameras and more that they are a drain on battery power, but not this helmet with a solar panel back-up. The Cranium iC-R motorcycle helmet is loaded with features including twin rearview ...

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Motorcycle Solar Battery Charger | eBay
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Solar Battery Charger Cars Motorcycle Boats ATVs Caravans Gunson 77108 ...
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