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com - Winter brings cold and flu season. Many parents want to know if it's helpful to their child's health to have a humidifier in their child's.

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From performance to efficiency to safety, Consumer Reports tests the most important things to consider when shopping for a humidifier. Check out http://www.


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  • Put It to the Test: Ultra Personal Humidifier

    05/26/16 ,via MYFOXZONE.com

    Hate waking up to dry air and a scratchy throat? Using a humidifier is one way to save your sinuses – but they can be a pain to fill up and empty out. Now one product promises to make humidifier problems a thing of the past. Quita Culpepper puts the

  • Oxy failed to test humidifier disinfectant apparently due to internal problems: prosecution

    05/25/16 ,via The Korea Times US

    SEOUL (Yonhap) — Oxy Reckitt Benckiser, a British firm at the center of a burgeoning humidifier disinfectant scandal, sought to conduct a test on its product's potential health risks in the early 2000s, but the plan foundered apparently due to an

  • The Annbully Car Charger Humidifier gives you aromatherapy while driving

    05/27/16 ,via Coolest Gadgets

    This Annbully Car Charger Humidifier will help you to not only freshen up your car's interior, but will make it easier to breathe when the air is dry. This plugs into your cigarette lighter, and the tank can hold 50mL of liquid at a time. When it's

  • Seoul municipality to launch full probe into humidifier sterilizer case

    05/23/16 ,via Yonhap News

    SEOUL, May 24 (Yonhap) -- The Seoul metropolitan government on Tuesday said it will conduct a full-scale investigation to see if any city-run preschools and nursing homes have used a set of allegedly toxic humidifier disinfectants, as part of its

  • Air Humidifier Market 2016-2021 Global Research Reports

    The Global Air humidifier market 2016 report is a professional and in-depth study that provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. The Air humidifier market analysis is

The blameworthy tale of killer humidifier sterilizers - pulse

The if it happens of humidifier sterilizers sold exclusively popularly in Korea from 2001 to 2011 and responsible for lung ailments for 530 people including 92 deaths has built up explosively to grace the biggest and most shameful consumer-related... If authorities regulated and stopped a toxic chemical originally developed to clean-cut carpets from going into a product people inhale daily, if research institutes did honest job in safety tests and manufacturers and retailers purposely halted... Like the Sewol ferry disaster, the humidifier sterilizer case stems from poor public safety awareness, shady collusion between trade and bureaucrats, poor government supervision and regulation, unethical business practices, and indifferent... An estimated 250 deaths are feared to be connected with humidifier sterilizer over the 22 years since the products went on sellathon and over 1,500 are pained for life to live with lung ailment. Politicians are poised to launch a hearing separately with the prosecution plumb, and retailers have joined consumers in boycotting produces of Reckitt Benckiser, which is believed to be accountable for 70 deaths from its most universally-sold... A product to sterilize water stains and other germs in humidifiers was first developed by Korean chemical ensemble Yukong Bioteck in November 1994. The company said it invested 1. 8 billion won to develop the product. The company said its new merchandise can remove all bacteria in the water. But the product’s main ingredients - CMIT and MIT - harbored a fatal risk. CMIT and MIT prohibit growth of bacteria and they are widely used in bathroom products like shampoo and body wash because they have no skin toxicity. No other markets use them in inhaling consumer products. Korean authorities were not apprised of the potential damage. CMIT and MIT were applied to consumer products without safety test because they had been in use before the Toxic Chemicals Control Act enacted in 1991. ◆ In 1998. The U. S. Environmental Haven Agency published a Registration Eligibility... But it took more than 10 years for Korean environment authorities to pay attention to this foretoken. The poor health awareness became lethal after use of humidifiers became commonplace at homes and offices from 2001. Oxy, then affiliated to Oriental Chemical Industries, launched its own merchandise called ‘Oxy Sak Sak. ’ Coincidently, Oxy was acquired by U. K. ’s home and living supply company Reckitt Benckiser that year. The main ingredient of the Oxy output was polyhexamethylene guanidine (PHMG). According to the Ministry of Environment, PHMG developed by Oriental Chemical was approved for use in carpet cleaning and sterilizing, but Oxy didn’t hassle to alert the authorities in its application on humidifier sterilizer. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety was responsible for disinfectants, but there was no policy regarding humidifier sterilizers. Even the administration awarded one PHMG product reported as a cleaning agent with Korea Certification Mark in 2007. When Oxy products sold justly, other company turned out copycat. Source: pulsenews.co.kr

Oxy failed to check humidifier disinfectant apparently due to internal problems: prosecution - The Korea Times US

SEOUL (Yonhap) — Oxy Reckitt Benckiser, a British steadfast at the center of a burgeoning humidifier disinfectant scandal, sought to conduct a test on its product’s potential health risks in the early 2000s, but the layout foundered apparently due to an... Just one month after Oxy rolled out its humidifier sterilizer containing “polyhexamethylene guanidine,” a hazardous chemical, in October 2000, the corporation asked two laboratories in the United States and Britain to conduct a test on it. The labs... Prosecutors suspect that the test was not carried out because Oxy, sometimes the affiliate of OCI Company Ltd. , was undergoing a major upheaval in the process of merging with Britain’s Reckitt Benckiser in March 2001. Following the fusion the company underwent major shifts in terms of personnel, management structure and other operational matters. But its product in question was still being sold in defiance of the potential health risks. Meanwhile, the prosecution is considering leveling fraud charges against the former chief executive director of the company, Shin Hyun-woo, and several other officials, as the company’s product in point initially carried a message indicating that... Shin, who led the assemblage between 1991 and 2005, is suspected of leading the entire process of development, sales and marketing of the toxic products. The humidifier disinfectant pack, one of the worst scandals involving a consumer product using chemicals, came to light after four pregnant women died of lung problems from uninvestigated causes in 2011. A government-led investigation confirmed a... Among them, 177 had used Oxy products. Out of 90 deaths, 70 are believed to have been caused by products made by Oxy. Source: www.koreatimesus.com

[Column] Twin standards in policy paved way for humidifier disinfectant crisis - The Hankyoreh

Kim Deok-jong, framer of a boy who died due to humidifier disinfectant (second from the right) and Choi Ye-yong, director of the Asian Citizens‘ Center for Environment and Health, who recently visited the offices of Reckitt Benckiser in the UK and... After being added to the Dow Jones Sustainability Clue (DJSI) and the FTSE4Good Index in short order, Reckitt Benckiser was a household products leader on the “Global 100” shopping list of the most sustainable corporations selected by the World Economic... What is even more shocking about the scandal over humidifier disinfectants sold by Reckitt Benckiser’s Korean sprig is the unusual degree of responsibility for its products that the company’s home office has shown its customers. And last year, it created an R&D team called Consumer Refuge and Medical Oversight with the goal of promoting customer safety by being transparent about product information. How exactly was it that managers with such strong convictions about how companies should be socially stable could have sold no fewer than 4. 53 million units of a humidifier disinfectant with lethal effects on the human body over the past... To cut to the run after, this was largely the result of the double standards that the multinational corporation Reckitt Benckiser applied to its home office and to its branch patronage in South Korea. What this means is that the systems and principles that multinationals from developed countries use in their home offices are different from those that they use in their branch offices in other countries. These understudy standards arise because each country has different standards for handling chemicals, and multinationals choose the standards that are advantageous to themselves. When the Hankyoreh Budgetary and Society Research Institute examined the sustainability report published by Reckitt Benckiser in 2015, we were able to discover such stand-in standards in all areas related to corporate social responsibility, including... At its home office in the UK, Reckitt Benckiser abides by REACH (Registration, Determination, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), a regulation adopted by the EU in 1998 in order to prohibit the sale of unregistered chemicals. In South Korea, however, the establishment sold the humidifier disinfectant under the protection of South Korea’s Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances, which prior to its revision made it definite to hold companies liable for... The home office and the branch office also had different standards for disclosing the raw materials that went into house products. In its 2015 sustainability report, Reckitt Benckiser’s UK home office announced that it would make public all of the raw materials toughened in its products by 2020, but this only applies to certain companies. While the company sells products in around 200 countries around the exceptional, it only operates websites listing the raw materials in its products for Europe, North America, and Australia. Reckitt Benckiser’s double standards are also plain in its governance structure. Source: english.hani.co.kr

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  • The Annbully Car Charger Humidifier gives you aromatherapy while driving

    05/27/16 ,via Coolest Gadgets

    It’s hard to find any semblance of mental peace when you’re blasting down the highway and are suddenly stopped in standstill traffic. While music can help you calm down, your seat is only going to be so comfortable, and all your mind is focused on is ...

  • WEEKEND: Breakfast, outdoor music and peonies to see on the Peninsula this weekend

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    Participants will be shown how to use a simple technique for flattening papers that have been rolled, crushed or folded for long periods of time using an ultrasonic humidifier and pressure. For information, contact Brooke Weber at 360-385-1003 or brooke@ ...

  • Li Xuanjin: Innovative Entrepreneur in New Era

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    At the party, Lady Link came into being. Li introduced to the party three high-tech products – an intelligent lamp, a smart bracelet and intelligent humidifier – which she thought were all closely related to women's life. The debut activity made a ...

Ultrasonic 360° Cool Mist Humidifier from Safety 1st
Ultrasonic 360° Cool Mist Humidifier from Safety 1st
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New Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier w Night Light Model V745A Home Room ...
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Sunpentown Warm Mist Humidifier w Aroma Diffuser Mister Air Cleaner ...
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