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What factors should you consider when buying a new motherboard. ps/ltt-centrance EVGA link:.

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There are a LOT of specs when it comes to Motherboards and often this can lead to confusion when it comes to picking the right Motherboard. Hopefully this.


RT @motherboard: Watch these carbon nanotubes assemble themselves: https://t.co/iOxmmb7zgy https://t.co/GousW6W3vy
Watch these carbon nanotubes assemble themselves: https://t.co/iOxmmb7zgy https://t.co/GousW6W3vy
RT @motherboard: Physicists built an engine that runs on a single atom: https://t.co/eHHbkFtaSv https://t.co/dTotVZqzOC
RT @AnonyMobLife: Congress's New Encryption Bill Just Leaked, And It's As Bad As Experts Imagined https://t.co/C7TLijJqvl

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    Was it really only a little over half a year ago when the idea of landing a rocket that had been to outer space still seemed a little like the stuff of science fiction? Today, it's running the risk of becoming routine (and science, of course, is the

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Microsoft's Giving $10 to Gamers Who Downloaded 'Fallout 4' for Unencumbered - Motherboard

Fallout 4 is a business about surviving Boston in the wake of the nuclear apocalypse, and appropriately enough, Microsoft is showing itself adept at avoiding a different type of fallout after an associated wickedness on Thursday. Bethesda Softworks' open-world roleplaying game from last November usually costs $60 on the Xbox Breathe store, and purchasing all of its additional downloadable content will normally push you over $100. For a while on Thursday, though, Fallout 4 and... Once dialogue got out, players who've been on the fence about buying it naturally downloaded it by the horde. Image: Ryan Brown. Bethesda's marketing chief Pete Hines said as much in a tweet. Microsoft fast learned of it and ruined the fun by revoking all the licenses from people who'd bought it for free and restoring its proper wallet-burning price. But in a rare exhibit of goodwill, the company plans to credit everyone who downloaded the game while it was "free" with $10 for their trouble. Specially, Microsoft's rejoinder to Xbox One users read:. Image: NeoGAF New Threads. Not too shabby, although Microsoft's gesture almost certainly targets the few unassuming randos who legitimately came across it while browsing the shop and not the throngs sharing the link on Reddit and other sites. But the timing may also be key to understanding Microsoft's generosity. This weekend marks the start of E3, the flagship tradition of the video gaming world, where publishers, manufacturers, and developers announce many of the biggest upcoming releases. Bethesda itself has a big showcase tomorrow, and Microsoft's keynote oration will follow on Monday. The smoothover thus helped the both companies avoid unnecessary hostility (and it doesn't hurt that they come out looking like satisfyingly folks). Looking their best is essential right now. Even though Microsoft's Xbox One gaming console has been finding its stride in recent months, it seems sales are still considerably behind those of Sony's adversary PlayStation 4. Last April, the CEO of an eSports company let slip in a press release... As for the accidental free games, it's not the earliest time Xbox One users have seen something like this. Back in 2014, Microsoft was internally testing a feature that let players play choose games for free for 24 hours and accidentally pushed it live. Source: motherboard.vice.com

Physicists Put a spoke in someone's wheel Forgers with Unclonable Reflective Patterns - Motherboard

Just the huddle "security" has by now come to imply digital security. This world of high-value bytes—representing everything from bank accounts to industrial restraint and-or weapons systems—is protected by an ever-expanding suite of passwords, public keys, hash functions, biometrics, and unswervingly many more clever... Nonetheless, the Old World of physical objects remains much the same as ever and requires its own sophisticated not-so-virtual protections, only when those physical objects are highly valuable, as in the case of, say, diamonds or actual... One could argue that digital security is even a simpler be of consequence just because you have control/knowledge of the entire system to be protected. To address this problem of physical-world security, physicists from the Universities of Luxembourg, Ljubljana, and Vienna have developed a method for producing unique and unclonable patterns that can be applied to valuable objects for the... While even fingerprints can be copied and used to spoof biometric guarantee systems, these cheaply-produced reflective patterns cannot be faked. The general concept of physical object authentication is hardly new, of course. It's selfsame often realized by a collection of technologies known as Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs). The PUF basic idea is of some physical individual embedded within an object requiring verification that responds in a unique way to a particular outside physical input. This uniqueness depends on the introduction of unpremeditated factors into the PUF manufacturing process, leaving a marker that can be easily verified while being practically impossible to predict. PUFs are most time after time found in microchips, where they're used to verify that different silicon components have come from authorized factories. On a microchip, a PUF takes the form of an electronic border, where the desired uniqueness is the result of slight variations inherent in the chip manufacturing process—a transistor might have a slightly different voltage dawn or a logic... So, every chip is going to respond in a different way and these differences wind up functioning a lot like biometrics. The new authentication projection takes a much less common approach to PUFs. Rather than the more intrinsic properties of a circuit, the unclonable property is in the optical answer or reflectivity of cholesteric liquid crystal microspheres. Such microspheres have the neat property of periodic self-assembly, naturally forming into trippy helical crystalline structures that examine result in color in ways similar to those of butterfly wings or peacock feathers. Image: Lenzini et al. What the physicists behind the new paper found is that the spheres comprising such structures have the captivating habit of passing light back and forth amongst themselves. This inter-communication leads to very unpredictable results as light being shone at the meditating surface is varied. The reflective response of the material as light is shone at it from one direction does not provide sufficient information to predict the feedback if the light is shone from another, different direction. Because the spheres can be deposited on an authentication token in a randomized fashion, the resulting reflective patterns are unpremeditatedly enough as to be sufficiently unclonable for uses in physical object authentication schemes. "A PUF based on cholesteric liquid crystal shells would have a all the way spectrum of practical uses in security," the paper notes. Source: motherboard.vice.com

'Hamilton' Is Revolutionizing the Art and System of Broadway Sound Design - Motherboard

For Steinberg, a 49-year-old Harvard graduate who was a associate of the famed Hasty Pudding Theatricals , Hamilton presented a unique set of challenges—and opportunities—in part because the musical is essentially a examine in thematic, idiomatic, and... Over the course of two hours and forty-five minutes, including intermission, song genres interchange on a dime, and the music explores extreme contrasts in volume and lyrical density. “This is what a sound designer lives for,” said Steinberg, who leads Hamilton’s five-yourself production and day-to-day sound design staff. So when the material has that kind of dynamic range, sound designers get to see how far we can go. Lin likes to say that Hamilton is the loudest and quietest show on Broadway. We unusually have worked to the very edges of loud moments and quiet moments in a Broadway theater, in service of telling a story that is unbowdlerized of chaos and violence and enthusiasm, and also full of quiet introspection. In one early moment, King George III (played until recently by Jonathan Groff) channels the “British Aggression” pop melodies of the 1960s, complete with nods to The Beatles’ Getting Better and Penny Lane. ) A short time later, Daveed Diggs, who plays both Lafayette and Jefferson, spits turbocharged raps at nearly 200 words per r during the frenetic number Guns and Ships. Thundering ensemble pieces like Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) , which features booming explosions and gunfire, give way to crystalline ballads like Burr’s Valued Theodosia , performed by Leslie Odom Jr. , during which the entire audience... The main line arrays above the position feature newly-designed d&b Y8s—Hamilton is one of the first Broadway shows to use them. Photo: Jackson Krule/MOTHERBOARD. Hamilton’s sound process, which Steinberg said cost “seven figures” to put together, is formidable, to say the least. Some 172 individual loudspeakers, more than Steinberg has everlastingly used before on Broadway, are placed throughout the 1,319-seat Richard Rodgers Theatre. The speakers are located above, around, behind, and even below the seats, enveloping the audience in a plush sonic environment in which sound seems to come from all angles. The system is precisely tuned so that each of some 20 zones in the theater receives its own customized mix—each one meticulously calibrated by Steinberg during the show’s previews—depending on their finding in the venue. The main line arrays above the stage feature newly-designed d&b Y8s — Hamilton is one of the first Broadway shows to use them, Steinberg said—and are augmented by L-Acoustics ARCs on the proscenium. Six Meyer Resound subwoofers, including two extreme low-frequency 1100-LFC subs—Steinberg calls them “monsters”—provide the rib-cage-rattling low-end needed for the bass-burdensome hip-hop numbers. Steinberg said the two big Meyer Sound subs, which are located off stage left and right, are virtually unprecedented for Broadway shows. “They’re designed for use with monstrous-scale arena and stadium sound systems,” he said. “One of the things that’s interesting about Hamilton is that we have elements in the styles of music and the orchestration that are getting so low that we beggary that kind of power. The show’s mixing console is a powerful DiGiCo SD7T "control surface," which is also state-of-the-art for live music production. “We needed something that has a tremendous amount of aptitude, both on the input side and the output side,” said Steinberg. Source: motherboard.vice.com

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  • Hacker Offers Millions of MySpace Passwords and Emails for $2,800

    05/29/16 ,via hacked.com

    A hacker who claims to have stolen more than 164 million LinkedIn users now claims to have 360 million MySpace passwords and emails, which would rank as one of the largest password heists ever, according to Motherboard. Evidence suggests the data has ...

  • Hackers selling 117 million LinkedIn passwords

    05/29/16 ,via Valley News Live

    said Brad Taylor, CEO of cybersecurity firm Proficio. Hackers are selling the stolen LinkedIn database on a black market online called "The Real Deal," according to tech news site Motherboard. For its part, LinkedIn offered the same, go-to statement used ...

  • That North Korean Facebook Clone Has Already Been Hacked

    05/29/16 ,via tech.slashdot.org

    "McKean was able to become an admin for the site just by clicking on the 'Admin' link at the bottom of the site and guessing the username and password," writes Motherboard, which adds that the password was "password". McKean says the breach "was easy ...

Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop Motherboard LGA775 DR845 WX729 5711045079085 ...
Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop Motherboard LGA775 DR845 WX729 5711045079085 ...
Image by ebay.com
oem motherboard includes motherboard and i o shield 2 intel pentium 4 ...
oem motherboard includes motherboard and i o shield 2 intel pentium 4 ...
Image by ebay.com
Details about NEW HP Z800 Workstation Motherboard Dual LGA 1366 ...
Details about NEW HP Z800 Workstation Motherboard Dual LGA 1366 ...
Image by ebay.com