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LOUDEST Subwoofer to Ever Shake the face of the Earth! 32in MONSTER

Seen this and had to share it with all of you. Put a smile on my face and I know it will on everyone else :D Please give me a thumbs up and share this.


#subwoofer. I think that is #NAFFCO54s favourite word of all time. Sounds like luftwaffe but makes you think of #raving.
coppia subwoofer rcf tts18a con cover #strumenti #musicali #usati
Subwoofer Enclosure Box For Bmw E36 Convertible (custom)!! Last Second Ebay Bid ↺RT, Favorite, Share
@LycanBliss what kind of subwoofer you have

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    Market Research Report on Subwoofer Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Subwoofer worldwide. First of all, report on “Subwoofer Market 2016” provides a basic overview of the Subwoofer industry including

  • JBL introduces dual 10in install subwoofer

    JBL Professional by Harman has added the JBL Control SB2210 dual 10in compact subwoofer to its line of sound reinforcement solutions aimed at the installation market. “The JBL Control SB2210 is an update of our popular Control SB-210, offering a range 

  • Save 54% on LG Sound Bar & Subwoofer bundle – now just £49

    05/05/16 ,via TrustedReviews

    Sound bars are all the rage, so we're told by sound bar makers. If you believe the hype, here's a deal for you. The LG LAS350B 2.1 Sound Bar is currently discounted from £109 to just £49.98 at Currys PC World. That's an impressive £59.02 saving.

  • Review: Definitive Technology W Studio Micro 3.1 Soundbar and Subwoofer

    05/03/16 ,via Technabob (blog)

    The W Studio Micro is comprised of two main components – a downright slim soundbar that measures just 1.75″ high, and a wireless subwoofer that measures about 12.5″(w) x 12.5″(d) x 14″(h). The soundbar is about 43″ wide, so it fits neatly beneath 

  • Raumfeld WiFi Soundbar review: This speaker and subwoofer duo delivers a powerful 1-2 punch

    05/12/16 ,via TechHive

    Where most manufacturers either make you step up to a higher-end model to get a subwoofer, or have you buy one in addition to the sound bar, Berlin Acoustics includes one in the package. I'll discuss the sound bar first, and then go into the merits of

Complete Thing I Bought That New Subwoofer - High-Def Digest (blog)

Earlier this year, I upgraded the subwoofer in my where one lives stress theater to a more capable model, and have been very pleased with the results. This, naturally, forced me to decide what to do with the old one. Do I sell it, or do I try to integrate it into my system as a next sub. Until the recent upgrade, whenever someone asked what type of subwoofer I used in my home theater, I found it a little difficult to unravel. Most subwoofers are boxy in shape (though occasionally cylindrical) and have a single large woofer. Sometimes you might see one with two woofers on opposite sides of the compound. Regardless, when someone asks about your subwoofer, the first thing they expect you to tell them is the size of the woofer – from 8″ to 12″ being the most clich. Back when I lived in an apartment, I had an 8″ subwoofer. It was plenty for my small room at the time, but as soon as I moved to a house and built a proper core theater, it was clearly insufficient and needed to be replaced immediately. The model I chose at that time was the Cambridge Soundworks P300HD, an unusual wedge-like behemoth that weighs 70 lbs. and has six 6″ woofers, three to each side. Partially, I chose this because the slim profile was comfortable to tuck away out of sight in my room. Partially, I’ve just long been fixated on the Soundworks brand, even though the company went down the tubes several years ago and no longer even makes impress upon theater speakers anymore. One of the company’s final home theater products, I lusted after this particular model when I lived in an apartment, but could on no occasion justify it. However, at the same time I moved, a refurbished unit came up for sale at an excellent price and I... The P300HD has a 300W Class-D amplifier and is rated with a frequency feedback down to 25 Hz. Neither puts it among the ranks of world-class subs, but it seemed like plenty for my needs, especially for the give out I got on it. I bought and installed... The Need to Upgrade I first noticed problems with the P300HD about a year ago. Many of today’s action motion picture soundtracks feature incredibly powerful bass that digs deep into the infrasonic frequencies you can feel in your chest and your bones. When watching Blu-rays like ‘ John Wick ‘ and ‘ Mad Max: Rancour Road ‘, not only did my subwoofer boom during the action scenes, it emitted a very loud and disturbing thumping sound. The first era this happened, I assumed it was an intentional effect in the movie soundtrack and shrugged it off. I had exceeded the limits of my sub and the woofers farted when they received notably deep bass hits such as car crashes or explosions. ‘Fury Road’ is filled with so many moments like this that the soundtrack was as good as unlistenable. With some testing and experimenting, I found that I could consistently reproduce the problem at pretty much any scene where the bass went lower than 30 Hz. In organization to mitigate this issue as best I could, I recalibrated my receiver to... It also meant that my bass performance when watching movies was generally underwhelming. I needed a new subwoofer. Later, I got one. The SVS SB-2000 that I installed a few months back plays cleanly and powerfully during even the most punishing movie soundtracks. I’m very happy with it. When the Smoke Clears With the new subwoofer installed and working thoroughly, I disconnected the old one and hid it away in the back of the room. Source:

Loewe Subwoofer 300 drives ambience speaker system - What Hi-Fi?

The Loewe Subwoofer 300 delivers 75W to each very channel, so you can configure a 3. 1 system (with the TV acting as the centre speaker) using external left and right speakers hooked up to the sub. Or if you Non-Standard real want to go for it, how about two subs to create a 5. 2 cinema system with one sub driving the front L/R speakers, and another the rears. Audio decoding of your well-spring material is handled by the sub, which uses one active driver delivering 150W of built-in amplification, plus two passive radiators, to transfer the bass (the. In addition, the company says its audio engineers have “paid meticulous attention to creating an harmonious sonic remainder between the Subwoofer 300 and other Loewe speakers. There are analogue line-in and digital audiolink connections on the back, with cables supplied, plus left and fitting speaker terminals. The Loewe Subwoofer 300 is available now for £595. Source:

RSL Speedwoofer 10S Subwoofer Examination - Audioholics (press release) (registration) (blog)

The folks at RSL were lyrical frank about their goals when they developed the Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer, available for only $399 with free shipping. They looked to the competition, starting with the best subwoofers in the $500 rank and “didn't stop building until we had one that substantially outperformed the rest. ” The result is a serious contender for being the best value sub within reach today. What our YouTube video review below before reading on to see the RSL 10S in action in our own listening room. RSL Speedwoofer 10S Subwoofer Review. It's What's Inside That Counts The Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer has all the DNA of a great-performance subwoofer including a cast-basket 10” driver, well-braced cabinet, and an appropriately beefy 350 watt amplifier. Additional serviceable standouts include a full-compliment of crossover and phase controls, and inputs/outputs including speaker-level. There’s even a wireless audio receiver built-in for hawser and clutter-free connection with the optional $50 wireless sender. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, the Speedwoofer 10S is a compact cube measuring about 16 inches, finished in a principal black vinyl with square edges. The face does add a little gloss black around the slotted port and some curves in the removable grill, but looks aren’t customary to be what helps this subwoofer stand out from the pack. No, where the Speedwoofer 10S pulls away from the competition is in the price to performance ratio. At a hair under $400, the Speedwoofer 10S offers a reliable foundation for music or movies that, as you can see from the measurements below (provided by Brent Butterworth, brentbutterworth. RSL Speedwoofer 10S CEA 2010 Measurements 2 meter, RMS. RSL Speedwoofer 10S with Unmandatory Wireless Transmitter. What this means is that the Speedwoofer 10S is an easy recommendation for folks looking to put together a value system with components that won’t be easily outgrown. In act, the low price of the Speedwoofer 10S makes one of our favorite audio upgrades, multiple subwoofers, even more attainable. We tested the Speedwoofer 10S in both a single and dual-sub configuration. Our benchmark distinguish sub is a high-value model that retails for about $800. If pressed to decide between a single $800 subwoofer, or two $400 RSL Speedwoofer 10S, we’d lean promoting the multiple RSL option. Heck, at this price, you could buy four, and thanks to the wireless capabilities and analog inputs/output, have a lot of fun stacking or splashing these subs in your rooms corners or partition off midpoints to really smooth out multi-seat bass response and... Two RSL Speedwoofer 10S stacked for +6dB of gain in a small footprint. It is attentive to have a good sub in the $400 range to recommend, where until now there was only the Hsu STF2. Placing subwoofers in the front corners, while many people still like the look of them that way, is not the conquer placement for the most uniform bass response across multiple seats. com/subwoofer-setup/multiple-subwoofer-setup-calibration-1. It is to the fullest extent to place them diagonally opposite across each other in the room. The best location in a rectangular room is at the midpoints of opposing walls. Since the subwoofers are under age this shouldn't be difficult to do for WAF. Source:

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  • LG 55" 4K LED LCD Smart TV w/ Soundbar/Sub

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    BuyDig via eBay offers the LG 55" 4K 2160p WiFi IPS LED-Backlit LCD Ultra HD Smart Television, model no. 55UH6550, bundled with the LG 2.1-Channel 320-watt Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, model no. SH5B, for an in-cart price of $799 with free ...

  • The New Volkswagen Up! Goes on Sale, German Configurator Is Online

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    Beats edition which is priced from €13,150. It comes with an 8-channel amplifier, seven high-end speakers, two tweeters, two woofers, two broadband speakers and a subwoofer. Frankly, we don't know why you would want to listen to cool music in a tiny city ...

  • A Review Of The Braven BRV-XXL – An Immense Speaker With Portability To Match

    05/27/16 ,via Techgage

    There is even a USB output port that delivers 1A of power to charge up your devices. The audio is delivered to your ears with 4 HD drivers, and one subwoofer. This speaker has a simple, elegant, yet rugged design. The unit has two main colors ...

Pyle PLPW12D 12" 1600W Car Subwoofer Sub Power Woofer DVC 4 Ohm Audio ...
Pyle PLPW12D 12" 1600W Car Subwoofer Sub Power Woofer DVC 4 Ohm Audio ...
Image by
... Single 8 Ohm 800W Max Car Subwoofer New KFCW112S 019048178503 | eBay
... Single 8 Ohm 800W Max Car Subwoofer New KFCW112S 019048178503 | eBay
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... RMS and 500 watts of peak power, the subwoofer will knock you out
... RMS and 500 watts of peak power, the subwoofer will knock you out
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