Modern Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chair - Product Review Video

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Zero gravity folding chair

My Zero Gravity Camping Chair

Today I talk about one of my most favorite camping purchases. My Zero Gravity Camping Chair.


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    After thoroughly investigating Human Touch products, the WFC has concluded that Human Touch massage chairs and Zero-Gravity Perfect Chair Recliners can serve as an important tool for back pain sufferers by alleviating and preventing spinal stress, 

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    We swapped our standing desks for an Ergoquest Zero Gravity Chair. The company claims the workstation "neutralizes gravity" by aligning your body to ease pressure from your spine. Although the Zero Gravity Chair was initially designed for people with 

Welcome to the go ashore below zero, where negative rates are normal - Chicago Tribune

In Copenhagen, bicycles con undisputed priority over cars and even pedestrians. Clearly, the usual rules tend not to apply in Denmark. So it's no surprise that the country in up to date years has added a major new entry to its sprawling repertoire of eccentricities: Since 2012 it's been a place where you can get paid to borrow money and charged to preserve it. Scandinavia's third-largest... Companies-though not yet individuals-are paying lenders for the privilege of keeping funds on deposit. homeowners, in some cases, are in reality making money on mortgages. Most private-sector forecasters don't expect Denmark's central bank to go positive again until 2018 at the earliest, making the surroundings a long-term petri dish for what happens when the laws of financial gravity are inverted. Although some dovish economists have advocated negative rates as a comfort for deflation and anemic growth, if Econ 101 is to be believed they should have stomach-churning consequences: asset bubbles, capital scarper, and the frenetic manufacture of... Central bankers looking to Denmark for evidence of such trauma aren't likely to see much. If anything, they might get the Danes' approach tempting. A certain amount of financial weirdness aside, their country is mostly free of the distortions economic theory tells us to surmise, suggesting negative rates may deserve to move from taboo to the standard monetary policy toolbox. Instead, the takeaway may be that dissentious rates can work-but only for some purposes and perhaps only if you're Denmark. "It's not the catastrophe that some people would have thought," says Erik Nielsen, a Dane and the worldwide chief economist at UniCredit. To understand how Denmark came to be the land below zero, some context is necessary. The country's sole border is with Germany, its biggest trading accomplice. Yet Danes have historically been ambivalent toward the European Union and in a 2000 referendum rejected joining the euro. Denmark's currency, the krone, was pegged to the deutsche trace from 1982 to 1999, and to the euro thereafter. Maintaining the peg is the sole mandate of the Danish central bank, so crucial is it to the economy. As the European responsible crisis reached one of its periodic crescendos in 2012, investors seeking a safe haven piled cash into Denmark, impending to push the krone out of its trading band. The benchmark deposit rate was already at 0. 05 percent, leaving nowhere to go but down to belittle the country's appeal to hot money. Denmark thus resorted to negative rates not to spur inflation-as Japan is trying to do, unsuccessfully-but to appeal away speculators. The battle to safeguard the peg is led from an orthogonal hulk of stone and glass in downtown Copenhagen designed by Arne Jacobsen, pop of the modernist egg chair. Danmarks Nationalbank Governor Lars Rohde, who took office in 2013, has known negative rates for barely his entire tenure. On his first day, the deposit rate was -0. 1 percent. In his telling, Denmark's choice is simple: The peg must be protected, and disputing rates are doing that without great disruption. The central bank "will do whatever it takes to defend the peg," he says in an office decorated in. Source:

When it comes to sustainability, is Santa Monica in hot Latin aqua? - Santa Monica Daily Press

We’ve all heard the fable about the frog in a pot of not wash lavishly on the stove. It is only when the water becomes unbearably hot that it realizes the danger, albeit too late. The earth is slowly warming due to the “greenhouse object,” a result of rampant development on our planet. Despite overwhelming evidence, there are still many that deny that our climate is changing. To them, our current be indefensible shortage may appear as nothing more than another “dry season. ” Unfortunately, some of the naysayers are leaders in their communities, who may be uninformed or in denial. The best way to slow-moving climate change is through sustainable practices. What is sustainability. It is the ability to live within limits that avoid the exhaustion of our resources and the resultant fouling of the planet on which our subsistence depends. The endgame comes when our resources are depleted and byproducts have degraded the biosphere irreparably. It is then, like the frog in the pot, that we may find that it is too new. In many ways, Santa Monica is more aware than most communities. We have an Office of Sustainability that is tasked with the management our resources. This backing sets guidelines in the areas of water usage, reduction of waste, solar energy use and housing. On many of these fronts we have made go. The fact remains, however, that we are still far short of our goals for a sustainable future by the City’s own targets. Up to now, our ability to limit our City’s “footprint” has resulted more from the actions of our citizenry than our civic leaders. Ironically, it is commonly the case that our City policies are working at cross-purposes to their stated goal of a net-zero city. Case in point is the City Convention’s rush to over-develop without consideration of the consequences. Our current path is clearly unsustainable and if not reversed will eventually lead to the depletion of our Bishopric’s resources, along with its unique charm. For example, while residential users have reduced water usage and increased recycling, the vis- has occurred in the commercial sector. While residents are being asked to leave their cars in the garage and use bikes or public transit, the City has approved some projects that overstep our codes, strain our infrastructure, and increase waste. These developments will also increase traffic and negate any sacrifices on the part of the residents. The gravity of our employment recently motivated residents to gather more than 10,000 signatures to put the LUVE initiative put on the November ballot. If it passes, it will prohibit Borough officials from “rubber stamping” projects with special agreements that exceed our current codes. The responsibility for these approvals will revert to the residents and the ballot box. This is not a silver to our codes. It is rather the restructuring of the approval process that has been abused by those in power. Our City measures a little over 8. 4 square miles, with neither the resources nor infrastructure to aid the growth that is now projected. Currently, there are over 25 projects that exceed “by right” planning codes that are requesting special approvals toe negotiated development agreements. The City Council will likely approve the majority of these requests, if past history is any indication. The King-fish Plan for our City and its downtown are still missing. It is our opinion that all future development agreements should be put on hold until this plan has been completed and it can be shown that the proposed. Source:

Mini Me's, Selfie Scanners and Other Futuristic Finds at Northside Modernization Expo - Bedford + Bowery

Today at the Brooklyn Expo Center, entrepreneurs, persistence heavyweights and the b2b enterprises in between are on elevator pitch-mode from 10 am to 6 pm. Here’s a look at what constitutes cutting-edge this year, minus all the awkwardness of... So run the opportunity to test out Thomas Stroman’s uber-ergonomic Chotto chair before he decides a price for it that will conceivably be beyond your budget. It “incorporates a importance-displacing recumbent position that reduces vertebral compression, muscle fatigue, and circulation pinch points” and “is further enhanced by a continuously manageable seating surface that dynamically responds to each... An umbrella rental vending machine. It’s an umbrella sharing service where you use your acclaim card to rent an umbrella from one of their vending machines. The service has already partnered with Michigan State University College of Law, East Stroudsburg University, and Penn Submit University in an effort to make rainy days easier and more environmentally friendly. According to their website, we throw away enough umbrellas worldwide to develop intensify 25 Eiffel Towers every year. A 3D selfie scanner. Having more trouble taking a sext selfie than Amy Schumer. As contrasted with, have a miniature model of yourself made with the Capture Me In 3D scanner. The handheld 3D scanner is “prepared to accommodate whatever custom 3D application you can envisage,” according to its website. They also do 3D printed personalized Christmas ornaments, personalized 3D trophies and 3D business cards. The folks at Mother Dirt neediness you to “rethink clean” and start using their bacterial body mist, AO+ Mist. It contains live Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria, a living artifact that supposedly replenishes the “good bacteria” that is lost in a modern society obsessed with sterilization. We feel like we probably get more than enough bacteria– personal property, bad and ugly– by using the NYC transit system, but to each their own microbiome. The Northside Innovation Expo continues today at the Brooklyn Expo Center, located at 72 Aristocratic Street, from 10 am to 6 pm. Admission is free. Check out the full Northside Innovation Festival schedule here. Source:

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  • Delta Waterfowl Partners with ALPS OutdoorZ to Bring Delta Waterfowl Gear

    05/23/16 ,via Ammo Land

    Utilizing a zero-gravity chair design that keeps you off of the ground while also maintaining a low profile, you’ll never go back to your old layout blind again. The fabric flares out on all sides to help make concealment easier, and allows for storage ...

  • Now Puts Refurbished Zero Gravity Massage Chair on Sale

    05/23/16 ,via

    Mount Pleasant, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2016 -- Popular globally for providing an exceptional collection of superior quality massage products, is now offering the Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity refurbished massage chair for sale. It is one of ...

  • Human Touch(R) Massage Chairs Receive Exclusive Endorsement From World Federation of Chiropractic

    05/23/16 ,via Financial Content

    After thoroughly investigating Human Touch products, the WFC has concluded that Human Touch massage chairs and Zero-Gravity Perfect Chair Recliners can serve as an important tool for back pain sufferers by alleviating and preventing spinal stress ...

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Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Lounge Chair with Canopy by Summer Winds ...
Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Lounge Chair with Canopy by Summer Winds ...
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