10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil!

10 reasons why coconut oil is the bomb diggity. Do people say that anymore. All points are listed below with additional and important details.

30 Life Hacks Using Coconut Oil! | 30 Ways to Use Coconut Oil!

Today I'm going to show you 30 uses for coconut oil. I was going to do 50 ways to use coconut oil, but I couldn't find that many haha 1. Use coconut oil.

11 Amazing Reasons To Use Coconut Oil Every Day - Saturday Strategy

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  • The Science Behind the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

    05/25/16 ,via EcoWatch

    This is partly due to the widely-publicized benefits of coconut oil, a rich source of them. Many advocates boast that medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) can aid in weight loss. In addition, MCT oil has become a popular supplement among athletes and 

  • Opinion: And yes they lied about coconut oil (the tree of life)

    05/27/16 ,via YNaija

    But in recent years it has been proved that coconut oil doesn't cause any heart diseases, instead it is of enormous benefits to our body both internally and externally. Widely consumed in Asian countries like the Philippines and India as a super food.

  • Coconut Oil Nutrient Ups Risk for Ulcerative Colitis Flares

    05/22/16 ,via Medscape

    SAN DIEGO — Patients with ulcerative colitis could be more likely to experience a flare if they eat a diet high in coconut oil, according to a prospective multicenter study presented here at Digestive Disease Week 2016. "We identified multiple

  • 8 Ways To Use Coconut Oil On Dogs

    For most dogs, a small amount of coconut oil twice daily delivers plenty of benefits. Emphasis on the small — even a big dog shouldn't ingest more than a teaspoon of coconut oil at one time. Always consult your veterinarian before using coconut oil or

  • Coconut oil and a beautiful you

    05/25/16 ,via Vanguard

    Looks like your grandmother was right after all, and all those years you resented her rubbing local coconut oil into your face and hair were not wasted years. It's now been proven, and universally so, that coconut oil is the 21st century's answer to

How Coconut Oil Affects Your Focus Health - Refinery29

Whether it's universal in our cookies or on our faces, we've come to accept coconut oil as a many-headed beast, offering myriad health benefits. But coconut oil's reputation as a miracle commons is overblown at this point, we're sad to report. The major issue is that coconut oil is about 90% saturated fat, which is much higher than most other plant oils, explains Holly Andersen , MD, a cardiologist at New York Presbyterian Convalescent home. Even butter is "only" 64% saturated fat. This is worrying because eating too many saturated fats has been linked to higher risks for heart murrain, as opposed to consuming more mono- and polyunsaturated fats, like those found in nuts and olive oil. Andersen says saturated fats are composed of chains of individual carbon bonds, which gives them a molecularly flatter shape. "We think that flat fat gets laid down in the arteries much easier than fat that is crumpled up," she says. Eating saturated fats also causes your liver to assemble more of both your "good" and "bad" cholesterols ( HDL and LDL , respectively). It's thought that LDL cholesterol helps create plaque that builds up in your arteries, increasing your chances for generosity disease. It’s the question that has been plaguing Google search engines basically ever since Google search engines became a sentiment: "Why is my poop green. Source: www.refinery29.com

Coconut oil has healthiness benefits - Forsyth County News Online

\x3Cp\x3E\x3C/p\x3E\x0D\x0A\x3Cp\x3EThese days, it seems virtually every food is a \x26ldquo\x3Bsuperfood,\x26rdquo\x3B but in the case of coconut oil, it truly is. \x3C/p\x3E\x0D\x0A\x3Cp\x3ENutrition \x26ldquo\x3Bexperts\x26rdquo\x3B used to... The fat is not the nice of saturated fat in steak or cheese. It\x26rsquo\x3Bs actually made up of medium\x2Dchain fatty acids that are metabolized differently in our bodies. \x3C/p\x3E\x0D\x0A\x3Cp\x3EDid you recognize that populations who consume mass quantities of coconut and coconut oil are incredibly healthy. Their diets consist of 60 percent coconut and coconut oil. \x3C/p\x3E\x0D\x0A\x3Cp\x3EThere is also evidence that consuming coconut oil can support burn calories more efficiently. In addition, it can help kill harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Other studies say coconut oil improves blood cholesterol levels and strengthens your protected system. Coconut oil also improves the digestive system, helping the body absorb fat soluble vitamins like calcium and magnesium. \x3C/p\x3E\x0D\x0A\x3Cp\x3ECoconut oil is also touted as an saving except product for your dental health. Have you ever heard of oil pulling. This is when you take a spoonful of coconut oil and swirl it around in your mouth before spitting it out. I have knowledge of that sounds weird, but studies show is can kill harmful bacteria in your mouth and improve your dental health overall. \x3C/p\x3E\x0D\x0A\x3Cp\x3ECoconut oil is also a terrific moisturizer. It seems exceedingly oily when you first apply it. The first time I used it I thought it was never going to be absorbed and I was going to feel like an oil unctuous all day. It actually absorbs into your skin fairly quickly and leaves your skin baby soft. It\x26rsquo\x3Bs also great for shaving. I like to mix it with many essential oils. It\x26rsquo\x3Bs also great for removing eye makeup. \x3C/p\x3E\x0D\x0A\x3Cp\x3EThere are also studies suggesting coconut oil can boost brain function in Alzheimer\x26rsquo\x3Bs patients, supplying force for their brain cells. It makes me so happy when scientists study natural ways of healing and helping those who are ill, rather than just testing with drugs. When is the keep on time your doctor suggested you try eating or drinking something natural to help your medical condition. \x3C/p\x3E\x0D\x0A\x3Cp\x3EIf you have never cooked with coconut oil, you might about all\x26nbsp\x3Bof your food is going to taste like coconuts. I recommend using the extra\x2Dvirgin, organic coconut oil for maximum quality and healthfulness benefits. \x3C/p\x3E\x0D\x0A\x3Cp\x3EIf you are new to coconut oil, begin by adding it to your smoothies. Saute vegetables in some coconut oil or use in your favorite salad dressing. For those of you who are more adventurous, try my homemade lotion recipe. You can make shea butter online or find at some specialty stores. I love giving homemade lotion as a gift. Please email me your coconut oil stories. \x3C/p\x3E\x0D\x0A\x3Cp\x3E\x3Cstrong\x3EAdlen Robinson is creator of \x26ldquo\x3BHome Matters: The Guide to Organizing Your Life and Home. com/section/72/article/30327/ Homemade liniment. 1/2 cup coconut oil. 1/4 cup almond oil. 3 tablespoons shea butter (optional). 2 teaspoons vitamin E oil. 15 drops indispensable oil (lavender, orange, tea tree, eucalyptus or other favorite). In a heatproof glass dish, combine coconut oil and shea butter. Bring excellent to a gentle boil and stir a few times until coconut oil and shea butter are melted. Stir in almond oil and vitamin E oil. Source: www.forsythnews.com

Coconut Oil: 40 Ways It Will Expropriate You Lose Weight And Feel Like A New Person - MTL Blog (blog)

unseal('http://twitter. url=http://www. com/2016/06/coconut-oil-40-ways-it-will-help-you-lose-weight-and-feel-like-a-new-person/&verse=Coconut Oil: 40 Ways It Will Help You Lose Weight And Feel Like A New... src='http://platform. ga('send', 'anyhow', 'Share Buttons', 'Share', 'Twitter, Article Top'). " title="Share This on Twitter"> I could without a doubt scream and shout about Coconut Oil and how amazing it is for hours on end. And if you don’t yet know what this fantastic natural oil can do for you, then you are missing out. Not only does it match food perfectly and make my Sunday morning eggs drop amazing, the health benefits and uses are endless. As it becomes more and more renown for its powers some people are going to the extent of eating 1 to 2 spoon fulls a day. Now I am not secure if I have quit reached that stage yet but one thing is for sure, that I try to integrate it and use it in alternative to other things as much as possible. So if you are still in the dark on this magical substance or not fully sensible of all the super things it can do, look at my list below, highlighting just a few things Coconut Oil can be used for. It can increase your sex drive, because it contains antioxidants which break down direct radicals that can lead to a lowered libido and overall drive. It can combat tooth decay, by helping stymie the growth of the bacteria to blame for tooth decay. It can naturally moisturize and fight signs of aging on your skin. It can lower cholesterol through regular consumption. It can clearly condition your hair. It can improve immune function and the body’s resistance to both viruses and bacteria with regular consumption. It can cook at a higher temperature than other oils, and therefore less proper to burn. It can reduce risks of cancer by replacing your current less healthier and more toxic oil with coconut oil. It can help with weight loss, as the avenue chain triglycerides in coconut oil have been shown to increase 24 hour energy expenditure by as much as 5%, potentially leading to significant weight loss over the large term. It can boost your metabolism to burn more calories naturally, as Coconut Oil is considered to be good fats providing the body what it needs to run correctly. It can fighting Jock Itch And Athlete’s Foot, by applying directly to the affected area several times a day. It can fight of Candida Yeast Infections by consuming it orally. It can servants treat certain STDs, due to the antimicrobial nature of coconut oil it helps with some STDs that are bacteria based, such as chlamydia. It can specifically decrease belly fat. It can wake up the healthy function of the thyroid. The fatty acids in coconut oil are effective at getting the thyroid going, which in turn keeps your body more indefatigable. It can improve digestion. It can detoxify the body. It can dissolve kidney stones and break them down so they are easier to pass. It can help repair bruises faster, by causing the tissue under the bruise to repair at a quicker rate. You can apply it directly to the bruise as well as gulp down it orally. It can be a natural lubricant for shaving, with an added detoxifying effect. It can be used as a massage oil and help relieve stress. It can old-fogyish down aging. It’s a healthy fat, filled with antioxidants, and it helps your cardiovascular system. An improved cardiovascular system coupled with sport-looking skin is a sure way to turn back the clock, or at least slow it down. It can help get rid of cellulite. Source: www.mtlblog.com

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  • Opinion: And yes they lied about coconut oil (the tree of life)

    05/27/16 ,via YNaija

    News flash: it is a known fact, that nothing concocted in a laboratory can have enormous value or replaced with something found in nature. Mother Nature has been generous to us in Africa, providing us with loads of fruits and vegetables for our usage, to ...

  • Consumers crazy about coconut, but are they nuts?

    05/27/16 ,via Nutra Ingredients

    This represents an increase of 64% (52 w/e 26 March 16) over the previous year. The market insights provider also reported that coconut oil has seen a 112% increase versus last year and is now worth more than £14m (€18m) per year in sales to UK ...

  • Consuming aloe vera gel can help remove spots on your body

    05/27/16 ,via KhaleejTimes

    Coconut oil or vitamin E oil helps fade dark spots. Apply this onto the marks left on the back of your leg twice a day. Leaving it on overnight works best. It would also help to consume one tablespoon of aloe vera gel every day. It is quite tasteless ...

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