UB40 - Red Red Wine

Music video by UB40 performing Red Red Wine (2002 Digital Remaster).

UB40 - Red Red Wine

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Drinking red wine, listening to Guns N Roses, sobbing because I'm not at #Coachella2016 #novemberrain really was the best 9 minutes of 1991
A new study says a glass of red wine is the equivalent to an hour at the gym https://t.co/5xvBQ4w4Jb via @
I ❤️ red wine so much
RT @Nairalandnews: A Glass Of Red Wine is Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym, New Study Reveals – Nairaland News Across Nigeria https://t.co/…

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  • What's really causing that red wine headache

    05/25/16 ,via Chicago Tribune

    "You never hear about 'the salad-bar headache,'" said Freitag, who has studied, for nearly 25 years, why wine might cause head pain. Freitag said red wine headaches are likely linked to tyramine and tannins. Tyramine is a naturally occurring amino acid

  • These Health Benefits Of Red Wine Will Make You Immediately Pick Up A Bottle

    05/26/16 ,via Elite Daily

    You've heard them before, and you've even used them as excuses to drink . But what are the health benefits of red wine, really? It helps you slim down and can protect your body from disease, but how?

  • Viewers drink red wine in Morley Safer's honor

    05/25/16 ,via CBS News

    On Sunday's 60 Minutes, the broadcast saluted Morley with a look back at one of his favorite reports on one of his all-time favorite subjects: red wine. Morley passed away Thursday, May 19 and in his honor, viewers watching at home uncorked their own 

  • Grilling Guide: Reverse-sear New York Steaks with Red Wine Butter

    05/26/16 ,via Detroit Free Press

    Reverse-sear New York Steaks with Red Wine Butter. Serves: 4 / Preparation time: 15 Minutes / Total time: 2 hours (includes 1 hour standing time). 4 well-marbled New York strip steaks, each about 8 ounces and 11/4 to 11/2 inches thick or 2 porterhouse 

  • Anson: Fomenting a Spanish red wine revolution

    05/25/16 ,via decanter.com (blog)

    'The main issue for Spanish growers is that the country's wine is being sold too cheaply,' he says. 'We have to help growers get a decent return, but by focusing only on rescuing forgotten grapes and rejuvenating isolated regions we risk not being able

Asda's deal red wine for under £5 wins prestigious award – and crashes website - Telegraph.co.uk

icking up a container of fine red wine doesn’t have to be too costly thanks to an award-winning Chilean Malbec now available at Asda for a bargain £4. 37. The supermarket’s own pigeon-hole La Moneda Reserva Malbec, Central Valley, Chile 2015, has been... “Our team of wine experts are always striving to offer our customers the altogether best value and our award for Best Single Varietal Red under £15 award in particular demonstrates this,” he said. “At just £5. 75, the fashionable La Moneda Reserva Malbec is the perfect example of how we're able to offer shoppers exceptional quality at low prices. “The La Moneda Reserva Malbec is also currently on rollback at £4. 37, and as the skilled match to barbecued meats, we're expecting high demand in the coming weeks. The Decanter World Wine Awards 2016 chairman, Steven Spurrier said: “Pulling together a globally unrivalled elevation of the top wine experts, The Decanter World Wine Awards is a great example of international togetherness and spirit. Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

China uncorks new seasoned of world-class wine with £175-a-bottle red - Telegraph.co.uk

he coterie behind Dom Pérignon and Moët & Chandon has launched what it hopes will be the first world class red wine to be produced in China, as the domestic sedulousness tries to recover from a corruption crackdown with the help of luxury foreign brands. The £175-a-bottle red is already seen as a new hope for China’s great-end wine makers, who are desperate to raise their profile overseas after a loss of business at home as a result of President Xi Jinping’s four-year war on graft. The value wine comes from a remote, rural backwater nestled 2,700 metres (8,900 ft) above the Mekong River on the edge of the Tibetan upland in the country’s southwest, thousands of miles from China’s traditional wine regions of Shandong and... Among the crops of tomatoes, and the periodic hashish plant, is a grape that has excited experts at Moët Hennessey, which is part of LVMH, the world’s biggest luxury union and owner of more than 70 brands including Louis Vuitton, jeweller... “As soon as I started to study the potential of the vineyards and wines, I knew that this wine would rate an international audience,” Moët Hennessey's Estates and Wines president Jean-Guillaume Prats told the South China Morning Put. oët Hennessey bosses also said they launched the new red – which has been seven years in the making – in response to rising interest from global wine connoisseurs for a top-end commodity from China, as well as expected demand in the domestic market. ” said one enthusiastic headline in a Chinese news story in the run up to the official launch of the wine that was held at the French Embassy in Beijing last week. The red blend is called Ao Yun, which translates to "roaming cloud" in Chinese. It has already been considerably praised by respected wine experts including Elin McCoy and Jancis Robinson. Four villages in Deqin, Yunnan boondocks, were chosen for the new project after MH tasked Australian wine scientist Tony Jordan with finding the ideal spot for a quality red. Ningxia, in China’s north, was considered too biting in the winter. Shandong, the country’s other major wine region in the north-east, was ruled out because of excessive rainfall. A total of 24,000 bottles will initially be sold, but it is notion that figure could rise to 50,000 in the next five years. China boasts the second largest clutch of vineyards in the world by integument area after Spain , with 799,000 hectares (1. 97m acres) dedicated to growing graps, according to the Paris-based International Organisation of Vine and Wine (IOVW). rench wine experts have been operating in the provinces for decades, but local connoisseurs believe the involvement of some of the world’s top luxury brands could help China elbow its way to the top table of wine producers. The owners of Château Lafite Rothschild are also hoping to imagine a top-end red for export at a wine estate it established in Shandong with CITIC, one of China’s top trading companies. “With more foreign winemakers coming to China, there is more communication on wine making practices, so China should be competent to take more strides in catching up with other countries,” said Liu Zhendong, the deputy chief editor of Huaxia Wine... “The domestic excited-end market is bad,” Mr Liu told The Sunday Telegraph. Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Ask Dr. Vinny - Wine Watcher

Normally I go back straight away red wines that have even the slightest fizziness, but on a couple of occasions I've been told to let the wine breathe, and the fizziness went away. Is fizziness a fault in a still red wine. Esteemed Carlos,. Sometimes a fizzy note in what is supposed to be a non-fizzy wine is a flaw—like the wine is refermenting in the bottle. But sometimes it’s only a temporary setback, as per usual caused by some extra carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the cause of fizz, and it is a natural byproduct of fermentation, and some styles of wine—singularly those made in a reductive style—can retain higher levels of carbon dioxide. Sometimes winemakers add an extra dose of carbon dioxide put before bottling, to help freshen a wine, make it appear like it has a lively or crisp edge, or protect it against oxidation. If the wine isn’t too stinky, I’ll give the wine a roll, wait a moment and hope the spritziness blows off. The carbon dioxide dissolved in a wine can sometimes dissipate with swirling and some air, and if a wine is chilled, the carbon dioxide will also grow less soluble as it warms up. —Dr. Vinny. Source: www.winespectator.com

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  • Wine Time: Purple Heart Red Wine 2013, Napa Valley

    05/27/16 ,via The Augusta Chronicle

    WHAT: It’s not every day you can honor a veteran by drinking your favorite beverage, but thanks to a new wine just released you can do that this Memorial Day weekend. Purple Heart Wines is a new label created to honor the men and women of the U.S. military.

  • The 25 Best Rosés Under $25

    05/27/16 ,via Bloomberg

    Other regions in France, Italy, Spain, Austria, and, above all, the U.S. are making super interesting pink wine with plenty of personality. This savory, red-cherry-scented, Rhone-style blend is made by a young Sonoma winemaker dedicated to preserving ...

  • China Sets Sights Higher with Wine from 'Towering' Winery

    Dodging controversial matters, Ma says the project helps to preserve the environmental and cultural quality of Danba, and though the company, Kangding Red Wine Company, is only making a meager 3-percent profit, bigger plans are in the pipeline. Owned by ...

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