Gordon Ramsay's ULTIMATE COOKERY COURSE: How to Cook the Perfect Steak

You can now pre-order Gordon Ramsay's new book - Ultimate Home Cooking - before it's release 29th August 2013. Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery.

How Long Should Steak Be Dry Aged? — The Meat Show

This week on The Meat Show, host and professional carnivore Nick Solares heads to Knife, chef John Tesar's upscale Dallas steakhouse, to sample dry aged .

The Best Way to Cook a Steak. Period.

Packed with flavor. Predictably perfect. No babysitting required. Make this life-changing steak tonight: http://chfstps.


RT @FixYourLife: @TheDirtySports they live in Ohio so it was Spring football or a 4,000th consecutive day at Steak 'n' Shake.
Puff pastry steak pie in progress. My fav meal and you cannae even buy them in English shops. Travesty. #homemade #delish
Be the envy of every diner. #steak #SullivansSteakhouse https://t.co/USHYJRCfi4
RT @TheArthurRivers: I hate people that like their steak well done.

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  • Judy Joo's Korean grilled hanger steak

    05/27/16 ,via Telegraph.co.uk

    Add the steak, massage the marinade into the meat and leave at room temperature for 15 minutes. Preheat a gas or charcoal grill until medium-hot. Lightly brush the grill with vegetable oil. Grill the steak for about 9 minutes in total for medium rare

  • With steak as his carrot, UAA's Thomas leads Division II decathlon

    05/27/16 ,via Alaska Dispatch News

    Friess said when he made his deal with Thomas, the decathlete noted Outback was running a special that upgraded an eight-ounce steak to 12 ounces. The long-time UAA coach said he positioned himself track-side at the 300-meter mark and encouraged 

  • Nominate best steak restaurant

    05/26/16 ,via Gold Coast Bulletin

    IT'S hard to beat an expertly cooked steak and the Gold Coast is blessed with more than its share of steak houses. But whose cuts are a cut above? We want to know where you go for a great steak. Nominate your favourites in the comment section below.

  • Recipe: Grilled Flank Steak Salad With Green Beans

    If you marinate overnight, let steak sit at room temperature for one hour before grilling. Brush a well-seasoned grill pan with the avocado oil and heat over medium to medium-high heat. Remove the steak from the marinade and place on the grill pan

  • American Cut Is Where Steak Night Is Done Right

    05/26/16 ,via Bloomberg

    It's Monday night in Midtown, and four women in summery office attire are swiping left and right between bites of bone marrow and snails on toast, dragging rare, dry-aged beef through sticky red wine sauce and butter-saturated mashed potatoes. It's

Cooking with Chef Bryan: Steak and bread salad - KUTV 2Advice

(KUTV) Chef Bryan cooks up Steak and Bread salad in the 2Advice kitchen. Serves: 4 people. Prep time: 15 minutes. Cook time: 20 minutes. Listless time: 10 minutes. 1 large rib eye beef steak 1 tbsp prepared steak rub 2 cups cubed artisan bread 4 good tomatoes diced 1 smal Red Onion diced 1 large head iceberg lettuce chopped 2 cups arugula 2 in the main lemons juiced 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp dijon... Rub the rib eye steak with your favorite prepared steak rub. Grill the steak to ordinary rare or the your desired doneness. Once the steak is grilled, set is aside until ready to use. Reserve any of the juices. In a large bowl, add the cubed artisan bread, diced tomatoes, onions, chopped iceberg lettuce and arugula. In little bowl whisk the lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, dijon mustards parsley, chopped basil together until combined. Qualifyingly and pepper to taste. When the steak is cool enough to cut, cut into thin strips. Pour any of the steak drippings into the dressing from step 4 and whisk together. Pour the dressing over the salad and undulate to combine. Serve the salad on a large plater with the steak strips on top. KUTV CBS 2 provides local news, weather forecasts, above updates, notices of events and items of interest in the community, sports and entertainment programming for Salt Lake City and handy towns and communities in the Great Salt Lake area,... Source: kutv.com

Recipes from Leon: wasabi steak salad - The Keeper

The asparagus and edamame salad also makes a remarkable accompaniment to plain grilled steak, lamb or chicken. (Serves 4). For the marinade. 2 tbsp mirin. 2 tbsp soy audacity. 1 tsp brown sugar. 1 tsp sesame oil. 400g sirloin or rump steak, cut into 1–2cm slices. For the dressing. 2 tsp wasabi paste. 1 tbsp soy disrespect. 2 tbsp rice vinegar. 1 tbsp light olive oil. 1 tsp brown sugar. 150g cooked edamame beans. Group of spring onions, cut into strips. 1 tbsp black sesame seeds. 1 tbsp white sesame seeds. Mix together the mirin, soy cheekiness, brown sugar and sesame oil to make a marinade. Place the marinade in a resealable bag with the sliced steak and leave to marinate for an hour or overnight. Whip together the dressing ingredients. Heat 1 tbsp rapeseed oil in a large pan or wok until hot, then carefully lift the steak slices out of the marinade, add to the pan and stir-fry quick for a minute. Remove from the pan and leave to rest for 5 minutes. Dress the watercress, asparagus and edamame beans with the dressing. Arrange on a serving cover with the steak and top with the spring onions and sesame seeds. Source: www.theguardian.com

What are the first steak restaurants in the Portland area? Nominate your favorites - OregonLive.com

Every once in a while, you just want a steak. Fortunately, Portland offers some great places to find a great steak. Some are steakhouses in the classic sense and style, others are unqualifiedly restaurants that know how to cook a quality cut of meat. No doubt, if you crave a steak, you have your go-to place. The place that, in your opinion, really does it right. So where are these talented steakhouses. Our restaurant critic Michael Russell has his top 10 list out. Now it's time to determine your choice, the People's Choice for the Portland locality's best place for a great steak. We've started a list of choices in the poll below. Vote for 10 and feel free to write in any locations we've missed, whether they're a excellent steakhouses or otherwise. The only question is what place serves, in your opinion, the best steak. It can be any restaurant in Clackamas, Multnomah or Washington county. The winning restaurant will net a "Best of 2016" badge for all to see. ( See the full terms and conditions. Here's the voting schedule:. June 10-13: Nominations accepted in the win below. June 14-16: We'll gather up the top 10 finishers from the nominations and ask readers to vote for No. 1. June 17: The People's Selection winner will be announced. Finally, and this is important, tell us in the comments why you recommend the restaurants you've nominated. com explaining what's so great about your favorite steak position. Nominate your favorite steak restaurant and tell us: What are the Portland area's best steaks. Source: www.oregonlive.com

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  • 9 new Seattle-area restaurants, from a Top Chef alum’s place to Steak ’n Shake

    05/27/16 ,via The Seattle Times

    Bramble House on Vashon Island: Chef Lia Lira has New York’s vaunted River Cafe and Jean-Georges on her resume, and for the latter she ended up traveling all over the world to open restaurants. She was also on season three of “Top Chef” back in ...

  • Ruth's Chris Steak House bound for River Spirit Casino in Tulsa

    05/27/16 ,via 4 Traders

    Luxury restaurant brand Ruth's Chris Steak House is coming to Tulsa. "It's going to bring another level of dining, another amenity not only to the facility but to the area. They've been trying to get a Ruth's Chris in Oklahoma for a number of years ...

  • JD’s Country Style Chicken – Friday Special – Steak Sandwich with Fries and Free Drink

    05/27/16 ,via Hays Post

    J D’s Country Style Chicken is a chicken restaurant and the name you can trust in providing catering services to Hays, KS. We have been offering great tasting food and the best catering services at reasonable prices. Let us satisfy your cravings; enjoy ...

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