Let’s Actually Talk About Birth Control

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If Birth Control Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads

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  • Doctors talk myth that birth control causes infertility

    05/27/16 ,via Fox17

    HOLLAND, Mich– Sixty two percent of women between the ages of 15 and 44 use some form of birth control , whether that's a pill, or something like an intrauterine device (IUD). That's according to Dr. Laurie Birkholz, a women's health physician at

  • It's Still Hard To Get Birth Control Pills In California Without A Prescription

    05/26/16 ,via NPR

    It has been more than 18 months since California's governor signed a law that allows pharmacists to distribute most types of hormonal birth control methods without a prescription. That means that while women in the state still have to see a doctor to

  • NuvaRing's offensive birth control ad

    05/27/16 ,via Fusion

    I have so much on my mind it becomes overwhelming. In fact, I'm so busy thinking about hair appointments, cupcakes, puppies, and whether or not my boyfriend will propose that I don't even have time to take my birth control. What's a girl to do? At

  • Bayer donates mosquito nets, birth control to Puerto Rico for Zika fight

    05/26/16 ,via Washington Times

    Pharmaceutical giant Bayer has given Puerto Rico a “very substantial donation” to help it fight the Zika virus, including thousands of mosquito nets and units of birth control for women who want to avoid pregnancy during the outbreak, the philanthropic

  • Voluntary Birth Control To Stop Climate Change - Or Else

    05/27/16 ,via Science 2.0

    Food is no longer an issue, science took care of that despite the protestations of Holdren and fellow doomsday prophet Professor Paul Ehrlich, so culture moved onto something new that would require social engineering and selecting who gets to give

Damn near 9 in every 10 Americans consider birth control as 'highly acceptable,' survey shows - ChristianToday

Although some Christians are on tenterhooks that it might lead to a culture of promiscuity especially among the youth, the use of condoms, pills and other contraceptives seems to be a non-issue for a huge number of Americans. Barely nine in every 10 residents of the United States regard birth control as "highly acceptable," a recent survey by the research-based consulting guests Gallup revealed. "Birth control is the issue that the largest percentage of Americans approves of, with 89 percent deeming it morally acceptable," Gallup said in a affirmation posted on its website explaining the results of telephone interviews it conducted on 1,025... The respondents identified eight issues—most of which run chip to Christian teachings—as "largely acceptable. Among these issues is divorce, which 72 percent of the survey respondents say is morally sufficient. On this issue, the gap across political lines is more evident: 67 percent of Republicans agree with divorce while 83 percent of Democrats bear this way of ending marriages. Another "largely acceptable" issue is sex between an unmarried man and woman, considered to be not problematic by 67 percent of Americans. The same interest of respondents also consider gambling as acceptable. Having a baby outside marriage is also considered as morally acceptable by 62 percent of the respondents. Fifty-nine percent of the look at participants likewise say the death penalty, as well as buying and wearing clothes made of animal fur, ought to be allowed. Source: www.christiantoday.com

Beyond condoms, vasectomies: New manly birth control options in the works - Tampabay.com

The Centers for Cancer Control and Prevention reported that among women 19 and younger, four out of five pregnancies are unintended. In our country, where birth control options are unhesitatingly available, roughly 62 percent of women of reproductive age use contraception, according to the CDC. Currently, men have two birth control options: condoms and vasectomies. Condoms can have a triumph rate of 98 percent, but they often are used incorrectly. Further, a recent survey of high school students found that 41 percent of them did not use a condom the endure time they had sex. Vasectomies have been used as a contraceptive since the 19th century. Finding a male birth control option besides vasectomies and condoms has proved straitening because men are capable of producing an astounding 1,500 sperm cells in a single second. A healthy sperm count can range from 15 million to 200 million sperm in every milliliter of semen, according to the Mayo Clinic. Scientists have been researching man's birth control ideas for some time, and it seems several new options may soon be available. More than 250 men have undergone reverse inhibition of sperm under guidance, or RISUG. Mortal trials of RISUG, which can provide contraception for up to 10 years, are moving forward in India and have shown promise. During the procedure, a thick signification is injected into a man's vas deferens, the duct that carries sperm from the testicle to the urethra, rendering sperm infertile. Inspired by RISUG, the Parsemus Foot, a small funder with an interest in the male contraceptive advocacy movement, began working on a reversible and surgery-free birth control way out similar to a vasectomy: a jelly called Vasalgel that is... As with RISUG, Vasalgel can be dissolved with an injection of a separate solution, making the progress reversible. Vasalgel may be on the market as soon as 2018. The Population Council has been working on a male contraceptive option called MENT, a one-year insert that is placed under the skin of a man's upper arm. The implant releases a synthetic steroid resembling testosterone, which affects sperm cell happening. The Population Council also is working on topical gels that inhibit sperm production by releasing hormones that reduce sperm staging by nearly 90 percent. In 2001, the National Institutes of Health began exploring a male birth control pill called Gamendazole. The pastille allows for normal ejaculation but creates nonfunctional sperm. During clinical trials, the pill caused 100 percent infertility in man's rats. Therapeutic ultrasounds also have been shown to reduce sperm count. A man's testes need to be slightly cooler than his body temperature to decorously produce sperm. When heating the testes to body temperature and above, sperm counts decrease. Therapeutic ultrasounds earnestness the testes. In studies conducted with rats, two consecutive 15-minute ultrasound treatments drastically reduced the rats' sperm counts, making them infecund. For reasons still unclear to researchers, therapeutic ultrasounds provide contraceptive effects that are more substantial than heat alone could provide. Researchers also have been exploring the "clean sheets bore," a hormone-free method of male birth control. Source: www.tampabay.com

Actress Olivia Wilde Supports Abortion as Birth Control “to Select When to Become a Mother” - LifeNews.com

Wilde recently served as the landlord of a pro-abortion event in New York City while she was five months pregnant with her second child, according to Romper . The actress referred to her unborn tot as a “child” at the same time as she advocated for... The event recognized abortionists and other “reproductive health” service providers in the New York Urban district area, according to the report. As the host, Wilde praised them for providing women with access to abortion so they could control the timing and size of their families. “As a beneficent being, a mother, and a pregnant lady who loves babies, I am deeply inspired by everyone I met tonight,” Wilde said. After the event, the actress told Cosmopolitan :. In terms of access to abortion, I feel so auspicious that I was able to choose when to become a mother, and that in between my two children, I was able to plan that I didn’t want to have one right away. I had access to contraceptives to advise me make that decision, and [I could decide] when to make the next move for what’s best for my body and my family. These are all things that we take for granted and yet, tonight, I conceive of how many people rely on those physicians in that room to help maintain some modicum of control over their own bodies. Pushing abortion, especially as a means of birth control , is not popular magnitude the general public, and Wilde said she has faced some backlash on social media. She admitted to the magazine that her abortion activism has alienated some fans. In 2014, she said pro-way of life politicians espouse “women-hating politics. Wilde called herself a “voice for the voiceless” (meaning women, not their unborn babies) and vowed to endure her pro-abortion activism. After the event, Wilde posted a message on Instagram: “NO MATTER WHAT YOU BELIEVE, here’s the thing: abortion isn’t going to stopover. So let’s not let ideology get in the way of evidence. Let’s take care of each other and work hard to stop the stripping of our reproductive rights. But Wilde is the one letting her pro-abortion beliefs get in the way of the evidence surrounding abortion. Numerous studies have pointed to abortion hurting women physically and psychologically. And every year in America, abortions brutally despatch more than 1. 1 million unborn babies and destroy their right to life. Source: www.lifenews.com

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  • Abortion-rights backers attack Colorado GOP legislators

    05/28/16 ,via Durango Herald

    One of those bills, which would have allowed women to receive a 12-month supply of birth control , had bipartisan support in the House, with Republican Rep. Don Coram of Montrose co-sponsoring it. But the bill died in a Republican “kill committee” in ...

  • The Men of the Hillsboro School Board Vote to Deny Students Access to Birth Control

    05/26/16 ,via WWEEK

    Sorry, sexually active youths of Hillsboro who aren't hoping to appear on Sixteen and Pregnant: The four dudes on the Hillsboro School District Board just voted not to allow Century High School's health clinic to offer birth control . The three women on ...

  • Male Members of Oregon School Board Vote To Deny Contraceptives In High School Clinic

    05/26/16 ,via theslot.jezebel.com

    Yep, that checks out, doesn’t it? The Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center wanted to offer birth control services on the Century High School campus. Century is currently able to refer students to other health clinics for birth control, but the argument ...

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