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  • Katie Price threatens to do pregnancy test live on air after fellow Loose Women stars joke about husband's tattoo

    05/23/16 ,via

    Katie Price threatened to do a pregnancy test live on air after her fellow Loose Women panelists mocked her for husband Kieran Hayler 's new tattoo. The women wished Katie a happy birthday after she turned 38 at the weekend and spoke about how Kieran 

  • Kim Kardashian West Explains Why She Shared Her Airplane Pregnancy Test: 'What Do I Care If I Was Pregnant Again?'

    05/21/16 ,via People Magazine

    "Let's discuss," she began an early morning Snapchat video (4 a.m., in London, with a case of insomnia). "Some people were asking me, Why would I Snapchat the pregnancy test on the airplane?" the reality star, 35, said. "And I just thought it was like

  • Kim Kardashian Explains Why She Posted Her Pregnancy Test on Snapchat

    05/21/16 ,via Celebuzz

    The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is finally explaining why she decided to share her pregnancy scare with fans on Snapchat. After documenting herself taking a number of pregnancy tests — and confusing the whole world — while on a flight from

  • Kim K chooses plane bathroom to take pregnancy test

    05/26/16 ,via The Hans India

    Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian is so worried about turning pregnant for a third time that she didn't mind taking a test while on a plane. On Thursday, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star was worried that she got pregnant again, so she

  • The First Response Bluetooth Pregnancy Test Is Terrifying

    04/29/16 ,via Glamour

    Today in tech "innovations" that stretch the meaning of the word: You can now download an app that will distract you while you wait for pregnancy test results. If there's one thing that was missing from the terror and/or anticipation of wondering

A denying test ... but baby on way - New Zealand Herald

A beginning-time mum-to-be is thanking her intuition after a negative pregnancy test at her local medical centre - despite being at least three weeks pregnant. Sarah Pethybridge, now 26 weeks up the spout and expecting a baby boy in September with partner Lewis Stevens, used a home pregnancy test the morning of New Year's Eve last year and returned a cheerful result. The 28-year-old repeated the test two more times to be sure and each test was positive. With the results in her bag, she went to the Ranui Medical Centre near her West Auckland home to sustain her exciting news. "They did several tests there and I was told I was not pregnant, even though I had taken in several positive tests from earlier that morning to show the nurse," Ms Pethybridge said. Ms Pethybridge queried the earlier opinionated results but the nurse said she didn't know. "They did not even offer me a blood test, which can check the levels and confirm pregnancy if suspected but not detected on a urine test. Dr Richard Hulme from East Tamaki Healthcare, which owns the Ranui Medical Hub, confirmed all 25 of its clinics use the EasyCheck cassette tests. The EasyCheck brand sparked warnings this week from the Health The cloth's Medsafe division, which had received several reports from health workers, district health boards and clinics about the EasyCheck Pregnancy Test Cassette. The problems recite to "false negative test results and technical faults". Dr Hulme said he could not discuss individual patients' care but invited perturbed patients to contact their GP. Brad Rodger from EasyCheck supplier, Phoenix MedCare, said the false negative results were in all probability due to incorrect procedural or... The company had 150 cassettes randomly tested by Labtec Scientific & Technical Services and the cassettes returned the put right result when instructions were followed. "We have only been able to replicate this issue by purposely following an incorrect testing method such as shaking the product after the test has been taken," Mr Rodger said. He said in Ms Pethybridge's instance the nurse should have done the test first thing in the morning when the pregnancy hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) levels are highest. "All urine pregnancy tests are screening tests only and if there is any qualm that there might be pregnancy the clinician should follow up with a first morning urine test 48-72 hours later or order a blood test," he said. Ms Pethybridge agreed that some tests in early pregnancy returned a false negative result and said the three positive results and the fact she had missed her era should have prompted the nurse to send her for further tests. Source:

Maker defends under-analysis pregnancy test - Radio New Zealand

The EasyCheck Pregnancy Test Cassette is management-subsidised and is used in hospitals, medical practices and by Family Planning. Medsafe said in a safety alert it had received several reports from clinicians, neighbourhood health boards and community providers about either false negatives or technical faults. The medicine and medical device authority said it was monitoring the reports. But Phoenix MedCare said the commodity was regularly tested by independent labs and was performing well. Its managing director, Brad Rodger, said since last July Phoenix had distributed half a million tests and only heard of two the right stuff cases of false negative tests from Medsafe and a handful of inconclusive results. That was well below acceptable levels for erroneous tests per volume, he said. But Auckland Women's Health Council wanted the tests recalled immediately, saying any doubt about the quality was too much. "It's denying women while to make choices about whether they continue to drink alcohol, and whether this pregnancy is welcome or not welcome," she said. "They may be thinking of terminating the pregnancy so there is a penury for women to be given reassurance that the testing kits are more reliable than this one seems to be. ". Family Planning uses the tests, and said it has had a inadequate number of... Its medical advisor, Christine Roke, said most of those have been about the results being unclear, rather than wrong. But a wrong negative result would be a serious problem, she said. "All tests do have wrong results occasionally so it is important for people to be aware that if they have a follow-up that they don't think is right, then they need to think about whether to repeat the test or seek some help about it," Dr Roke said. Mr Rodger said it was realizable for the tests, which measure hormone levels in urine, to deteriorate or for people to use them wrongly. "If you're testing later in the day and there has been a lot of fluid intake, for exempli gratia, that could dilute your urine and if you are very early on in pregnancy, say 10 days or show, it could show a negative result. Source:

Bachelorette Sam Frost takes a 'pregnancy test' continue on air - Daily Mail

Sam Frost has dismissed rumours she is in the club her first child by taking a 'pregnancy test' live on air. The former Bachelorette star repeatedly told her co-host Rove McManus she was 'not in the pudding club' after he questioned her about a magazine cover reporting her 'baby shock'. But Rove would not back down and insisted that she should have a verbal consultation with Dr Heather during their 2DayFM show on Tuesday. But I'm not suggestive. It comes after NW Magazine published a story on Monday claiming it had the 'cute first pics' since the couple confirmed the news. Rove told on the show that they needed some masterful medical advice to clear the issue up. He questioned Dr Heather about what tests she would run if a woman thought she was pregnant. The radio host then joked about whether just saying '- pleasantly things' about Sam automatically made her pregnant. Following the consultation, Sam said: 'Alright I'm getting drunk'. Sam famously selected Sasha to be her boyfriend over 14 other men on The Bachelorette in October 2015. . The brace spent weeks having to keep their relationship under wraps having filmed the finale but waiting for it to air on television. Sam was previously mannered to dispel pregnancy rumours in October last year. 'I can confirm, I'm not pregnant, confused or had a change of heart,' she wrote on social media. Source:

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  • Pro-Abortion Play “Remarkably Normal” Tries to Make Aborting Babies Look Perfectly Fine

    05/27/16 ,via Life News

    The Texas Observer recently published a review of the play: Remarkably Normal features five actors who perform the true stories of 11 people — from patients and partners navigating their way from a positive pregnancy test to abortion, to providers who ...

  • 'Panic attack!' Kim Kardashian takes SIX pregnancy tests

    05/28/16 ,via Quadrangle

    After giving birth to her second child late past year, Kim Kardashian has said that she does not want to risk another pregnancy after she had complications with her first two childbirths. "The reality TV star took to Twitter to share the image with the ...

  • B&B Recap: Thomas says goodbye to Douglas, and Sasha takes Maya’s pregnancy test challenge

    05/27/16 ,via

    Summary for Friday May 27, 2016: Caroline learns of Ridge’s plan, Rick and Eric butt heads over Ridge, and Sasha finds a way to keep her deception going. At Forrester Creations, Ridge continues to pressure Thomas to make the right choice for himself and ...

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