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The Andrew James Premium Coffee Maker with Integrated Grinder is a great and affordable bean to cup coffee maker. It sells in the UK for £79. 99 and can be.

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Coffee is best enjoyed when it has been freshly ground and brewed. With the Andrew James Coffee Maker and Integrated Grinder, your coffee is made for you.


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  • Meet the IronPigs' personal barista, grinding his way through the minors

    06/09/16 ,via

    Arencibia handed over his credit card to Perkins early in the season and told him to order what he needed for the pour-over process: the beans, the weight, the grinder, the coffee dripper and the glass carafe. "We were just talking about the

  • Maybe Just Don't Drink Coffee

    06/08/16 ,via Eater

    If you grind the coffee too finely in your no-less-than-two-hundred-dollar burr grinder, or make the water too hot, or let it take too long to brew, it will be bitter, because you will have committed the sin of overextraction according to the gospel of

  • This home coffee setup will get you brewing like a pro for less than $120

    06/09/16 ,via Tech Insider

    Coffee fiends get really into their gear. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a ceramic grinder that'll outlast your grandkids, or drop thousands on an espresso machine that'll make your coffee competition-ready. Or if you're like me, you just want

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    The ideas in this gear guide are somewhat random, and range from a $2.99 coffee maker to a $600 tent and a few dozen options in between. Most of these gifts revolve . Step up Dad's coffee game with some gourmet beans from Barrington Coffee Roasting

  • Drinks With: Indy's 'grande dame' of coffee

    06/02/16 ,via Indianapolis Star

    It says to put cold water in, but if you heat your water up first and put it in the coffee maker , then it doesn't have to work so hard to get it to the proper temperature, 198 to 205 degrees. So you can Grind it fresh before you make that pot of

This available coffee setup will get you brewing like a pro for less than $120 - Tech Insider

In that crate, you'll be happy to hear that you can spend less than $120 on a setup that'll make you drip coffee that's as good as the brew from your local cafe. Here are the best bib affordable coffee products to buy to create a full at-home setup. Once you've got this down, you'll swear off that daily $4 coffee forever. Source:

Drinks With: Indy's 'grande dame' of coffee - Indianapolis Comet

“Drinks With” is a monthly series in which beverage commentator Amy Haneline gets to know interesting Hoosiers through drinks — be it a cocktail or a cup of coffee (or a glass of water) — and documents the dialogue. She did not like coffee. “I went through college on Mountain Dew and iced tea,” Bj Davis told me as we sat down for drinks at Bee Coffee Roasters, the Downtown coffee workshop she now owns with business partner Andy Gilman. Davis' idea of a coffee shop experience was the Denny’s in West Lafayette where she attended Purdue University. Fleet-forward more than 20 years, and Davis is known as the "grande dame" of Indianapolis’ coffee scene, pushing trends and educating consumers about the magical beans. Here’s what she had to say about cream and sugar, making outstrip coffee at home, and the missing piece of Indy's coffee scene. Question: How were you introduced to the coffee business. Answer: I just landed at this coffee shop. It was cool, it was hip — it was called Coffee Zon (the betray is now closed). I was bouncing around from job to job, and ended up helping and getting a part-time job there. I still didn’t drink coffee. I was drinking iced tea, hot chocolate, things like that. Q: So when did your palate for coffee change-over. A: I found that I liked Jamocha milk shakes. So there was a little bit of coffee taste in that, but it was mostly chocolate. So I asked the manager (of Coffee Zon) to make me a coffee drink that I’d like. I told him that I wet one's whistle these milk shakes. … I went from that mocha to something even sweeter, the caramel and all that stuff in it. Then Ruth Norrington (the former P of Coffee Zon) really encouraged me to try different things. So I tried flavored coffee. I really liked the flavored coffee with cream and sugar. Then I tried the lighter roast coffee with cream and sugar. Q: How do you toss off coffee now. A: Now I drink black coffee. I do still start my day with milk and sugar, just because when I wake up, I want it to be gentle. I don’t want it to be a pounding on my taste buds. Q: You’re OK with cream and sugar. I expect drink coffee with milk and sugar or however you like to drink coffee, except for maybe those really tall frozen things. Just don’t drink things that are bad for you. Coffee is not bad for you, but as a matter of fact it is not bad for you black. It’s all the stuff you add to it. Q: A Twitter follower wanted to know how to learn to drink black coffee. A: My suggestion is to find a coffee that is not a dark roast, that is not flavored, but that has a lot of reasonable flavor. Like our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Wote Konga has a lot of very light, fresh flavors, and it is naturally sweet. Drop it before you add stuff to it. Every single coffee you make yourself or you buy, taste it before you start adding things. Then start with just a little sugar and see if you can drink it that way. If you still emergency your cream, just keep backing off until you’re not using very much cream or milk at all. You just have to keep trying it. Q: Do you see a correlation between the craft beer increase and an increase in local coffee roasters. A: Yes, because people are looking for craft products. So if you’re offering a craft product or a locally sourced goods, people are really into that. Source:

6 Gadgets That Make out a head for Vegan Meals More Exciting -

Vegan kitchens get a bad rap. Most people expect the vegan diet is full of bland, mushy foods, but the opposite is in fact true. A balanced vegan diet is filled with all sorts of colors, textures and flavors. By captivating advantage of this, a well-crafted vegan meal can visually and flavorfully top a tender steak with a baked sweet potato any day. It is submissive to fall into the rut of eating the same simple meals week after week. Try shnazzing up your mundane diet with some of these awesome kitchen tools that arrange feeding yourself way more fun. Eating vegetables is never more fun than when they have been spiralized. Spiralize beets, zucchini, sweet potato, squash—go wild. Spiralizing makes it easier to add more veggies into your meals while adding a flourishing dose of fun. Frozen dessert maker. I know a lot of people who love ice cream. But, both vegan and traditional ice creams alike are often actually expensive and sometimes a bit heavy-handed with the sugar. The solution: make your own. Making frozen desserts at home is really untroubled if you have an ice cream maker. If you’re vegetarian, you can go ahead and make creamy, traditional ice cream. But, if you’re vegan (or an unbiased lover of tasty things), it’s epoch to get experimenting with non-dairy ice creams. You can also easily make healthy sorbets, too. Whether you opt for an affordable hemp bag or go all in with a cool, automatic sprouter , your being will never be sproutless again. I’ve been growing pea sprouts in my hemp bag in the road, which has salvaged me from a near-vegetable-less existence. Sprouts are extremely nutrient dim-witted, and sprouting your food is a great way to reduce the plant’s natural anti-nutrients like phytic acid (the last emotional attachment a seed wants is to be eaten, so they try to resist pests and digestion through the use of... Sprouting therefore allows you to absorb the most nutrition from your meals. Start out by sprouting stark seeds like pea or mung, and then move on tasty options like legumes, nuts, radish, broccoli, and, if you’re up for a challenge, fun experiments like chia. And don’t just opt for a jar—they are qualified to get moldy that way. If you get in the habit of eating sprout salads everyday—which you will, because they are delicious—I personally recommend trying these superfood raw salad oils from Jonathan’s Sprouts. You won’t sorrow it… sprouts drizzled in Sweet Mustard, yum. Food processor. If you are vegan or Paleo, 80 percent of recipes call for a eatables processor at one point or another. Sure, you could go for a Vitamix—and who doesn’t want one. — but no one needs a Vitamix. That thing could liquify your smartphone if you wanted it to. For those of us on a budget, a plain food processor is more than adequate for most kitchen tasks. From making dough to pureeing sauces, I find my food processor to be the most lettered and useful item in my kitchen. Here are 5 food processors that Consumer Reports has reviewed , all $100 or less. Think of all the killer vegan chocolate mousse you could form…. Spice grinder. You know your old blade grinder that you used to use for coffee. Buying whole spices and grinding them just before using allows them to retain a lot more flavor than the pre-ground trash most of us buy. It becomes an easy way to experiment with new flavors and will encourage you to use spices more liberally in your cooking. Spices can be, after all, incredibly. Source:

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  • Meet the IronPigs' personal barista, grinding his way through the minors

    06/09/16 ,via Lehigh Valley Live

    Arencibia handed over his credit card to Perkins early in the season and told him to order what he needed for the pour-over process: the beans, the weight, the grinder ... baseball player was a first-time coffee maker. He enjoyed it so much he plans ...

  • The coffee maker… all in one cup! Mug comes with a built-in grinder to make your drink as fresh as possible

    02/27/15 ,via Daily Mail

    ... the go with freshly ground beans after the world's first coffee cup with its own grinder was launched. The Cafflano claims to be an all-in-one portable coffee maker allowing coffee fans to grind their own beans moments before using them to make a cup.

  • Coffee drinking has a long and rich history

    06/01/16 ,via InsideHalton

    Whether you’re in the market for espresso machines, coffee makers , juicers, blenders, grinders, fresh coffee or other accessories such as electric milk frothers and travel mugs, boasts a truly impressive selection for the discerning ...

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