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com/gmcr/brewers So you're not quite sure which Keurig Coffee Maker is right for you. Each of the Keurig Brewers has.

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10 Tips and Tricks Every Keurig Coffee Maker Owner Should Know - by http://www. com Tip 1: Use Coupons when you buy Keurig K-Cup packs or.


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  • Keurig axes unpopular Kold machine, offers customer refunds

    06/08/16 ,via Fox News

    Keurig Green Mountain, best known for its single-cup coffee machines , is discontinuing the first generation of its Keurig Kold, a home soda machine system that fizzled out after less than a year on the market. On Tuesday, Keurig announced that it will

  • “Oh, it was so gross! It was just awful!” Woman finds ants living in her coffee machine

    05/16/16 ,via

    Gross. Horror story. You never want to hear those words to describe making coffee. But that's how one woman in the Town of Somers is talking about her coffee maker . As the only coffee drinker in her household, Paulette Hackbarth purchased a Keurig

  • The Keurig Of Marijuana? CannaKorp Banks On Pods Filled With Pot

    05/29/16 ,via Forbes

    Bourque teamed up with Dave Manly a former vice president at Keurig Green Mountain GMCR +% Inc., maker of the pod coffee machine and James Winokur, a technology executive and now the company's CEO. The trio dreamed up a machine similar to the 

  • There's Actually A Keurig Machine For Marijuana And It Could Change Everything

    05/23/16 ,via Elite Daily

    When Michael Bourque first smoked a joint at the age of 40, he hated it. He sought out cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals to help ease his anxiety, and while he enjoyed the benefits, he didn't necessarily like the intake methods available

  • SodaStream Goes After Keurig With Offer of Free Soda Machine

    06/10/16 ,via Eater

    The carbonating-beverage-machine world just got a little feisty. Earlier this week, Keurig announced it would discontinue KOLD — the company's proprietary appliance that made single servings of seltzer water, iced tea, and sodas such as Coca-Cola

Keurig axes unloved Kold machine, offers customer refunds - Fox News

Keurig Verdant Mountain, best known for its single-cup coffee machines , is discontinuing the first generation of its Keurig Kold, a home soda machine procedure that fizzled out after less than a year on the market. On Tuesday, Keurig announced that it will be laying off 130 employees, most of them workers at the Kold pod manufacturing fixtures or support team members located in Vermont. “We learned a lot — including that consumers are willing to embrace the concept of a system that delivers unorthodox-made, cold beverages in the home — and we’ll build our learnings into future beverage systems,” Keurig said in a statement. Keurig Kold, which launched in September , retailed for nearly $370 with each soda pod costing more than a dollar. Upon its debut, the home soda-making machine raised questions about its affordability for the typically consumer. SodaStream, for example, offers similar products ranging from $80 to $200. The Kold machine is also significantly larger than the slimline SodaStream systems — a problem for customers with close kitchens looking to save counter space. The company had high hopes when its Kold machines debuted, suggesting they could later be bigger than its coffee brewers (and help declining sales of its hot brew machines), which it said at the time were in about 17 percent of U. S. households. Keurig’s partnership with Coca-Cola allowed the Keurig Kold to proffer consumer favorites like Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite—but the brand name edge wasn’t enough to appeal to the so so consumer. “There are several reasons why the Keurig Kold faced an uphill challenge to adoption, including the very large physical size of the appliance and the less long time required to produce a single 8oz serving of soda,” Howard Telford, Senior... Not only was the price nub too high, but, says Telford, “it was an attempt to create a market for at-home single-serve soda consumption at a time when retail, packaged soda consumption is in alarming decline. Consumers are seeking healthier beverage options in the home. Telford called Keurig’s foray into the cold beverage furnish an “ambitious experiment” and though it failed this time around, the beverages analyst says the insights gained could lend itself to a more successful outcome in the future. If you happen to be one of the few customers that purchased a Keurig Kold, the company is now offering refunds through Aug. If you purchased a machine through the presence directly, Keurig will be contacting you directly. com to submit a request and make sure you have a legible photo of your machine's serial number. If you received a Kold as a benefit, you can still submit a refund request online. Once submitted, the company says it will take an estimated two to three weeks for a refund agree to be issued. Source:

“Oh, it was so disgusting! It was just awful!” Woman finds ants living in her coffee machine -

"My husband does not imbibe coffee and it's just me. And if I make even a small pot — it's too much," Hackbarth explained. Nine days after she started using the machine, Paulette went to clean it and encountered something creepy and crawly in her coffee maker. The ants came on-going out with their eggs. It was just awful," Hackbarth said. She moved the machine outside. So I, right away, took it outside and put it on the table in the front," Hackbarth recalled. When FOX6's Telephone 6 arrived, the ants were still calling her coffee maker home. " Hackbarth wondered. It turns out, Hackbarth is not alone. A quick web search reveals tons of people have pest problems with their coffee makers and it's not just Keurigs. Ants in a kitchen — very common," said Steve Counsell of Batzner Noodge Control. Counsell says kitchens and appliances like coffee machines are the perfect environment for ants. "They're attracted to some of the heat sources. There's water that's ample. There's really everything they need in order to establish a colony," Counsell explained. Counsell says cleanliness is. Ants can be attracted to even a touch of leftovers like coffee residue. "In this case, with the coffee maker would be a reason why they'd be attracted to the drip tray," Counsell said. Contact 6 reached out to Keurig to ask about the tough nut to crack. They advise people to:. Contact a pest control professional Clean the brewer: Follow the descaling instructions that come with the machine Wipe all the surfaces favoured and out with a soft cloth or sponge and warm soapy water As for Hackbarth's... "They're actually, in the scope of insects, they're very scour pests. Hot, soapy water — you're good to go," Counsell said. Even with that advice, Hackbarth is returning her machine. "I don't want it. " Hackbarth said. She's got alternatives and plans to use until she knows the ants have moved out. Hackbarth did connection Keurig after discovering the problem. Since then, Keurig has sent her a new machine. What do you think you’re actually “drinking” when you are drinking coffee. Do you honestly think bugs like roaches and effects don’t get into the mix of beans when they grind everything up. Most pre-ground coffee has roaches in it… look it up if you don’t believe me. I’ve never drank coffee and never will. Source:

There's In fact A Keurig Machine For Marijuana And It Could Change Everything - Elite Daily

Now, as the cofounder of CannaKorp Inc. , Bourque hopes to facilitate a make up for medicinal marijuana more accessible for the increasing variety of consumers. It’s impossible not to compare CannaKorp’s vaporizer to a Keurig coffee maker , mainly because it comes with individually packaged pods of weed. The vaporizer heats the weed just enough to tolerate the compounds to release without actually burning the plant. And with a sleek, modern design, these vaporizers could very well become the coffee pot of marijuana devices. Evidently, that Keurig comparison is no mistake. CannaKorp’s chairman, Dave Manly, was the vice president at Keurig Green Mountain Inc. Manly spoke on the most trite reaction to his explanation of a Keurig-like vaporizer,. Source:

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  • Keurig discontinues expensive Kold soda maker, offers refunds to consumers

    06/08/16 ,via Digital Trends

    15Leading to more than one hundred layoffs at the Vermont-based coffee maker company, Keurig has discontinued the Keurig Kold soda maker. As noted by the Associated Press, the Keurig Kold lasted less than one year before the company decided to shut down ...

  • Where does Keurig Kold’s failure leave the mix your own category?

    06/09/16 ,via FoodBev

    Just nine months after launch and after an investment of well over $1 billion, US-based coffee pod machine maker Keurig Green Mountain has pulled the plug on Keurig Kold – its mix-your-own carbonated soft drinks maker. The much-hyped launch was delayed ...

  • The One Simple Reason That Keurig Kold Failed: No One Makes Soda at Home

    06/09/16 ,via Yahoo Finance

    At the time of the Keurig Kold’s debut, the company stated that Keurig coffee makers were in about 17% of U.S. households. Keurig Green Mountain did not provide a specific reason for why it is discontinuing the Kold, but it is rather apparent why this is ...

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