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Chinese man tries to set fire on board plane, threatens fellow passengers with a knife - TomoNews

GUANGZHOU, CHINA — Police have arrested a Chinese man for trying to set fire to the cabin of a plane as it was landing in China early Sunday morning.


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  • Christina Grimmie shooter had no known connection to singer, police say

    06/11/16 ,via The Guardian

    The man who shot singer Christina Grimmie dead on Friday night had no connection to the pop star but had plans to kill her, Florida police said on Saturday, as the music world mourned the young former contestant of The Voice. “At about 10.30pm last

  • When the senator stabbed the newspaper reporter

    06/11/16 ,via

    After the Senate adjourned for the day, Fields and a fellow senator set off on foot to go to lunch. As they "The best versions of the encounter," The Times-Picayune wrote in a story published in the next day's edition, "are that the senator branded

  • That suspected bear mauling in South Anchorage? Fish and Game now says it was most likely a moose attack

    06/11/16 ,via Alaska Dispatch News

    Over two days, the suspected cause of the man's injuries evolved from a knife attack to a bear mauling to a moose stomping. On Thursday morning, while a bear mauling was the current theory, Fish and Game biologists killed a black bear in the area, 

  • How the director of 'Scarface' and 'Carrie' became the greatest turntablist in movie history

    06/10/16 ,via The Ringer (blog)

    A De Palma signature since his earliest experimental films of the '60s, the split screen allows the eye to flick back and forth between two concurrent sets of images, creating a new timeline in the mind. Even the documentary made in his honor feels

  • Who Should Kill Ramsay Bolton?

    06/10/16 ,via The Ringer (blog)

    I don't know if a paring knife to the throat will suffice; I'm not sure if Sansa has the stomach for a hunt; I can't say if Ghost will lend a paw (and jaw) to the cause. But I'm certain that Winterfell She heeds the advice of her council, can

Christina Grimmie shooter had no known correlation to singer, police say - The Guardian

The man who endeavour singer Christina Grimmie dead on Friday night had no connection to the pop star but had plans to kill her, Florida police said on Saturday, as the music earth mourned the young former contestant of The Voice. “At about 10. 30pm last night we received multiple calls about shots being fired from confidential the plaza,” police chief John Mina told reporters. Inside, they found two people shot dead. About 120 people had been incarcerated the venue after the show, while Grimmie, 22, was meeting fans and signing autographs. A 21-year-old male approached Grimmie, Mina said. Barely immediately her brother Marcus Grimmie tackled [him] to the ground. Shortly after that, the suspect killed himself. Mina said it was unclear whether the nip that killed Grimmie’s attacker was deliberate or an accidental discharge during the struggle with her brother. The killer was armed with two small-calibre pistols, two additional well off magazines and a hunting knife, he added. “We believe he came here to commit this crime,” he said. The police chief described Marcus Grimmie’s actions as “totally heroic”, saying he “definitely could have prevented future loss of life there”. At the venue, the Plaza Live, unarmed security staffers restraint bags for weapons but do not pat down visitors, Mina said, meaning it was still unclear how the shooter entered the building, or whether he attended Grimmie’s concert with the federate... Nor could Mina shed light on any motive at the press conference. Investigators believe Grimmie’s killer travelled to Orlando from fa of central Florida to kill the singer. “We can tell you he came here to commit this crime and had plans to travel back to where he came from,” Mina said. The search now turns to the shooter’s cellphone and computer, he added: “Our lives are always now on our phones, so we’re hoping that that will perhaps lead us in the right direction to find a motive for this crime. He speculated the suspect’s computer could also provide clues to the murder, as the case may be through attempted contact on social media. “We’re hoping that that will maybe lead us in the right direction to find a motive for this offence. “We’ve never had an issue here that I’m aware of, especially anything of this magnitude,” Mina added. “But I think it’s important to note the type of crowd, callow kids – this isn’t a crowd that you would suspect would be carrying guns into a venue like this. Grimmie died at the hospital, her publicist Heather Weiss confirmed. “It is with a critical heart that we can confirm that Christina has passed and went home to be with the Lord,” she said. “We ask at this time that you respect the privacy of her family and friends in their outdated of mourning. Not long before the concert, Grimmie posted a video on social media encouraging fans to come to the performance. “Hey guys, what’s up. ” Grimmie said in the video. “We’re in Orlando today. Delight come to the show if you live near Orlando, Florida. We’re at the Plaza Live. Grimmie, who was born in New Jersey, finished third during season six of the US series of The Agency , competing on the team of the Maroon 5 star Adam Levine. We lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice,” The Voice said in a Excitement tribute. The band touring with Grimmie posted on Twitter: “Christina was such a loving,. Source:

When the senator stabbed the newspaper newscaster -

Affinity for David Ewing, for instance. The son of a longtime New Orleans City Council member was a law student at Louisiana State University and moonlighting as a correspondent in The Times-Picayune's Baton Rouge bureau in the summer of 1916. Ewing wrote a story about a series of government... Harvey Fields of Confederating Parish. One story on the inquiry, published in The Times-Picayune on June 14, 1916, had no byline, but it was apparently written by Ewing. He wrote that the senator had failed to uphold allegations of impropriety by former Gov. Later that day on the Senate floor, he called the story "unethical and false," according to a report in The States newspaper. Ewing didn't hold kindly to that. After the Senate adjourned for the day, Fields and a fellow senator set off on foot to go to lunch. As they walked down Third Street in downtown Baton Rouge, a man approached them. It was Ewing. He confronted Fields and told him in so multifarious words that he wasn't pleased with the critique. "The best versions of the encounter," The Times-Picayune wrote in a story published in the next day's version, "are that the senator branded the writer of the story a falsifier at the same time having in his hand an open knife. The knife did not deter the young reporter, who instantly smashed the senator in the fa. "The solon, who is heavier than the newspaper reporter and 34 years old, backed into the street. The newspaper man followed, landing another stiff blow to the mug. The senator then lunged at the reporter with his knife. "At this point the two mixed it heavily, the reporter striking the senator rapid-fire blows to the nose, gob and jaw and the legislator using his knife arm on the arms of the reporter. A passer-by who broke up the fight described Ewing, blade protruding from his arm, bashing Fields in the go again and again. "On being separated, the two exchanged compliments," the Picayune reported, and that was that. In 1873, the editor of The Daily Picayune fatally shot a former assess during a duel in Bay St. Louis, Miss. And in 1885, the Orleans Parish registrar of voters was shot dead after he and a friend stormed the shtick indulgence of the "scandal-mongering" weekly paper called the Mascot and attacked the editor. Neither Fields nor Ewing was badly injured in the 1916 kerfuffle. The senator suffered only "a puffy countenance," according to the Picayune. Ewing needed stitches to close his wounds, but he was released later in the day and taken back to the fraternity house where he lived. Both men were charged, Fields with "frigid and wounding" and Ewing with assault and battery. It's not clear whether they ever went to trial, but the New Orleans States later reported that "nothing came of the charges, and the mostly affair blew over long before the session ended. " (Fields, who claimed self-defense, had told a reporter for the States: "I had a minor knife in my hand, whittling a match or cleaning my finger nails. Fields served just one term in the Legislature. He died in 1961. Ewing joined the Army less than a year after the stabbing. He was killed in manner in France on July 27, 1918, at the age of 25. "News of the death of Lieutenant David Ewing, while in action, came as a great startle to the state legislators, many of whom recalled him with love and affection," the States... Source:

That suspected stand up to mauling in South Anchorage? Fish and Game now says it was most likely a moose attack - Alaska Dispatch Rumour

The man, who has not been identified, remained in judgemental condition Friday, police said. Without a witness, they were left trying to solve the mystery of what happened to him based on his wounds and averment left in a wooded, bloody stretch of land next to a long, unpaved, private drive. The 911 caller was driving on the gravel track running through Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area, the city's newest park, to a home on five acres at the greensward's eastern edge. The driver called a 911 dispatcher shortly after 9 p. m. and said that an injured man was lying on the ground with multiple wounds. The fall guy was "bleeding heavily," said Jennifer Castro, Anchorage Police Department spokeswoman. The driver told the dispatcher the man was unresponsive and may have been cut with a knife, Castro said. "At that regarding in time, we do a search and an investigation," Castro said. " It appeared the man had crawled or rolled to the drive where police found a large accumulate of blood, she said. The private drive is off Selkirk Drive, a short street lined by homes that ends at the estuary woodland. An ambulance brought the man to the hospital, where medical staffers said his injuries likely came from a bear — not a knife. The man had injuries to his chest, throat and stop, Castro said. On Thursday, she said the man had injuries primarily to the front of his body and did not appear to have any of the defensive wounds that might indicate a man protecting himself against a knife-wielder. She said the cops found markings in the dirt that "looked like he had been dragged by something large. On Thursday morning, Fish and Game biologists went to South Anchorage to probe the possible bear mauling. The drive where the man was found winds through thick brush and trees, partly within the Campbell Creek Estuary Unaffected Area. Castro said the drive is roughly a quarter-mile long. A path off a Campbell Creek estuary See train leads toward the middle of it. Ken Marsh, a spokesman in Anchorage for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said the pools of blood were found in the woods across the hustle. He said biologists did not know what the man was doing in the wooded area. Neither do the police, Castro said. Both Marsh and Battle said Thursday that they were not trusty the bear was connected to the man's injuries. But because of the reports that a man was hospitalized over a suspected bear mauling and the bear appearing to be unafraid, the animal was a custom safety concern, Marsh said. They had no choice but to put it down, he said. Source:

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  • Woman charged with assaulting man with butcher knife

    06/09/16 ,via Enid News

    Lovell set bond for Neilson at $10,000 ... Officer Bart Arnold told Neilson it was odd she said she threatened to stab the man with a knife and he had a slicing cut on his arm. Neilson told the officers it did sound bad but she never cut her boyfriend ...

  • $500K bond set for man accused of stabbing roommate, driving off and crashing vehicle

    TRAVERSE CITY — A $500,000 bond was set for a Northport man accused of stabbing ... who said he had been stabbed with a knife, authorities said. The wounded man said he fought with Quain, who drove away and crashed his vehicle in Leelanau Township ...

  • Hempstead man arrested in knife-point robberies held without bail

    06/09/16 ,via Newsday

    The Hempstead man accused of committing more than two dozen knife-point robberies had a pair of mismatched ... Tuesday’s attempted robbery set off a course of events that resulted in the arrest of House on Wednesday morning. About 15 minutes after ...

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